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ECO FRIENDLY FILM Our Shrink Packaging Machines manage the balancing act between efficiency and environment-protection Environment protection has to be seriously considered nowadays.
The only difference between “oxo-biodegradable” plastic and petroleum based plastic is the presence of an oxo-formulated additive in concentrations of 1-3% (metal salts) within the petroleum based plastic.  This additive allows the petroleum based plastics to degrade in the presence of oxygen, light, heat and moisture. Oxo-biodegradable plastic is designed to degrade in the open environment and this short timeframe of biodegradation is not necessary. Well-known American consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recently released North America Biodegradable Packaging Market Analysis Report.
Biodegradable Materials be able to break down rely on the role of micro-organisms, it is used for the packaging materials can significantly reduce the volume of trash. Since 1990, the global production of biodegradable plastics increased rapidly, about 60% biodegradable plastics were used in packaging industry. Expected by 2011, biodegradable plastic packaging production will reach 116,000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of 22%. Biodegradable plastics are so important to the reduction in the amount of trash that we generate each year. We are glad that so many industries are working on biodegradable and sustainable plastic materials. Recent Commentsgayatri on Biodegradable plastics became popularAppleton Papers on Little thing causes great influence on environmentJohn Spevacek on Shocking! Oxo Biodegradable (OXO) plastic is polyolefin plastic to which has been added amounts of metal salts.
OXO plastics will not degrade in a landfill environment due to insufficient oxygen present below a depth of approximately 15 cm.

Oxo treated products do not degrade rapidly because they are stabilized to control the service-life of the product. 391 Green Book Reviews, 479 Green Videos, 205 Green Tips and 1633 Go Green Ambassadors in 114 countries. Materials that do not possess the characteristic of being biodegradable stay in the environment for a long time and contribute to pollution.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Consequently we are supporting the usage of the new packaging film PLA (Poly Lactid Acid), which is being manufactured from corn flour and which can be composted industrially.
Furthermore, a high rate of conversion is not desirable because the conversion to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide contribute to the warming of the atmosphere, hole in the ozone layer and depletion of carbon available for the soil. Sustancia que se descompone o desintegra con relativa rapidez en compuestos simples por alguna forma de vida como: bacterias, hongos, gusanos e insectos. As people attach importance to environmental protection and health, bio-degradable plastics in the packaging area of growing demand, manufacturers will also be resulting in new capacity. Because of a good fresh-keeping effect, about 41% of biodegradable packaging being used for food preservation. These catalyze the natural degradation process to speed it up so that the OXO plastic will degrade resulting in microfragments of plastic and metals which will remain in the environment but will not be seen as a visual contaminant. They will nevertheless degrade more quickly than nature's wastes such as twigs and straw (10 years) and much more quickly than ordinary plastic (many decades). It is made from material that is eco-friendly that can decompose in landfills and other environments.

Besides those positive properties PLA shows some disadvantages, for example an increased risk of tearing. Expected over the next few years, the demand for biodegradable packaging materials will continue to grow. Conventional polyethylene and polypropylene plastics will typically take hundreds of years to degrade. Some manufacturers now create the outward impression, a safe processing of PLA film would only be possible on their machines.
But oxo-degradable products utilize a prodegradant to speed up the molecular breakdown of the polyolefins and incorporate oxygen atoms into the resulting low molecular mass.
Biodegradable products do not possess harmful chemicals, plastic coatings, or the need for excessive energy to create them. Natural materials that come from plants and other natural fibers, animal's natural fibers, and materials manufactured with a chemical base are all sources that contribute to a product being biodegradable. Here we can throw light on: Since decades now our machine constructions allow a very gentle processing of films of all kind, such as all common bio films. Some substances that are biodegradable include: food scraps, cotton, wool, wood, tree leaves, grass clippings, and manufactured products.

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