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For over 35 years, in edition after bestselling edition, Principles of Biochemistry has put those defining principles into practice, guiding students through a coherent introduction to the essentials of biochemistry without overwhelming them. Given the overall importance of modern biochemistry (broadly writ), this is a worthwhile objective. Like its predecessors, Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Sixth Edition strikes a careful balance of current science and enduring concepts, incorporating a tremendous amount of new findings, but only those that help illustrate biochemistry’s foundational principles.
The fourth edition of Lehninger draws on a successful history initiated with the first edition which was a landmark text in its time.

The 28 chapters follow an expected and logical progression from discussion of the fundamental molecules involved in cellular events through metabolism to the latest aspects of molecular biology. It can also be used as a means for producing the bacterial lawns needed for antibiotic sensitivity tests. In an attempt to capture as broad a student audience as possible, discussions of both photosynthesis and metabolic diseases are offered.
As with other representatives of this text style, the typical student is likely to have some difficulty assigning relative importance to a given item considering the overall depth of coverage of topics.
I did my Master's Degree in Medical Microbiology and currently working as a Teaching Assistant at St. Nevertheless, careful reading with some guidance will be rewarding for most scholars and the book will serve as companion text for the usual biochemistry course.

The bibliography is not as complete as some, but will provide pointers to additional material. If a leg wound is cultured and it is put on a nutrient agar, Selective agar and Differential Agar what are expected to show?Reply Abongile April 23, 2016 at 4:38 PM What is the principle or action of nutrient media?Reply Seyitan Moritiwon February 21, 2016 at 3:43 PM Hi !
I streaked out from sweet potato steep water and I had both red colonies and white colonies that turned nutrient agar kind of green.

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