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Charcoal forged classical tanto & fusion style takedown knives crafted by hand from reclaimed steel and natural materials using traditional techniques. The simplicity of the design of the version 1 retort allowed us to start making charcoal very quickly, but the toll of high heat on the components, the inefficient use of fuel, and the inconsistency of the finished batches left much to be desired. The two areas of weakness in the first design were the loss of heat and the inclusion of oxygen into the retort.
Version 2 is a slightly more sophisticated design partly inspired by the work of Baja Rob and Biochar Costa Rica, though they focus more on controlled low temperature burns and extraction of other by-products for small-scale farm applications. The design uses three nested cylinders, the central to contain the charcoal wood, the second as a combustion chamber, and the outside to add an insulating air layer. The first run used some reclaimed scraps of old growth fir that had already been reclaimed for another project via Demxx and provided by Peter and Denise. After the success of the test run, three retort loads of cedar scraps from Dave Bull’s mill on Chatsworth provided a good stock of charcoal for the next few weeks. Enter your email address to receive news and inside info from the forge via our newsletter.
Follow the stages of hand forging and mounting an aikuchi tanto using reclaimed materials and traditional methods. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Either forestry Biomass, or C&D waste, is first dried to an appropriate moisture content, ground down to 3mm (minus) in size and fed into a Bio Oil Pyrolizer.
Either forestry biomass or Urban BiomassTM (including food, yard andgarden waste) is ground down to 6mm (minus) in size and blended for homogeneity and moisture content. This material is then fedinto a Hydrogen Gas Pyrolizer for the production of hydrogen and, after cooling and bio-char removal, it enters into the distilling reformer to react with the Bio Oil. During the reaction, Bio Oil is reformed, dewatered and deoxygenated (into Green Diesel) and can be dispensed from the distilling reformer. Watch the video "The End of Waste" to learn more about the growing trash problem and the zero waste solution we offer. Recent advancements in green fuel production, combined with unique circumstances that exist in British Columbia, have resulted in an unprecedented opportunity to create clean, renewable, green diesel that will entirely replace the petroleum based variety currently used in diesel engines.
The heat loss was mainly out the single side walls of the retort chamber and up the chimney due to combustion occurring too late in the flow.
The central cylinder is fairly well sealed except for a pipe out the bottom with a valve to direct the wood gas into the combustion chamber. The finished charcoal was very clean without any white ash which indicates reasonable isolation from oxygen and the inside of the retort chamber was very sooty and free of tar which indicates a reduction environment with high burn temperatures. Facilities can be designed to accommodate forestry Biomass or forestry and Urban BiomassTM dependent upon regional availability.

After cooling and removal of the bio-char, the Bio Oil enters into a distilling reformer where it will react with hydrogen gas. The increasing oxygen problem was due to heat damage to the lower lid and support bars that opened larger gaps into the retort chamber each time the unit was fired.
The major improvements are that the retort chamber has a tighter seal and a much larger surface area exposed to the heat. Heat damage was worse than expected because so much forced air was required to get the retort up to temperature due to the heat loss issues. Another addition is a simple heat shield to protect the bottom of the retort chamber from direct flame. The valve (fabricated for a forge blower by Lester of Dragonfly Iron) was intended to control the steam output near the beginning of the cycle but is more useful in sealing off oxygen during cooling.

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