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Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Obi-Wan may have been remarking upon Vader's lost humanity more than anything else, but it got me thinking about Vader's physical being anyway. But things may have changed for Vader in the years between Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi, such as organs failing and needing to be replaced, as well as improvements to his technological components.
At the time that Obi-Wan made his comment (which was in Return of the Jedi ), what was the ratio of man to machine in Vader? I took that statement to mean he had been augmented for so long, he had lost touch with his humanity, which, having regained it during the Emperor's final battle, proved there was more man than machine no matter what the ratio of meat to metal. Data on relative volumes of limbs is hard to come by, but I'll assume that all body parts are roughly the same density and use this data for body part weight percentages. This answer is good but doesn't including anything about his burnt skin, From the two pictures in the OP, it looks like the only thing not completely burnt looks to be his face. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged star-wars darth-vader or ask your own question.
When Jedi lose parts of their body, does their midi-chlorian count and strength in the Force diminish?
If Bernie Madoff had invested in Berkshire Hathaway, would the ponzi actually have succeeded? The Complete Reference Guide To EKG Technician, provides the information about the Electrocardiogram, EKG Technician Salary, EKG Technician Certification and other details.
The very first question which we often get, when any heart specialist refers to EKG is “what does EKG stand for” ? EKG or ECG, expands to Electrocardiogram, is a test to ensure that the electrical activity of your heart is working properly without any issues.  In case of any problems, it does report the issues by translating the electrical activity of the heart into line traces that are displayed. EKG Tech or EKG Technician or Electrocardiogram Technician is a cardiology technologist with specific learning or better say training, to operate the special operating equipment which is used to quantify a patient’s heart operation.
An EKG technician (also called an electrocardiogram technologist) is a cardiology technologist with specific learning using gear used to quantify a patient’s heart operation. The EKG technology typically works in practices and hospitals within a health team managing an individual. EKG tech’s are usually used in personal cardiology practices, hospitals, and labs, and usually work regular 40 hour work weeks with all the casual weekend.

Many of the EKG technology jobs will undoubtedly be present in hospitals, but some this position is also staffed by doctor ‘s offices. The total amount of an EKG technician salary is mostly dependent upon a variety of variables.
In common, the median nationwide wages of an EKG technician or say EKG technician’s average salary is noted to be around $34,000. An EKG technology working for individual organizations have a number of the best wages in the occupation. Similar to most professions, the number of years of expertise can help determine the wages of an EKG tech. Some EKG specialists will consider an one year certification system, which could replace on-the-job-training, and might also be favored by some companies. For better spend and greater livelihood prospects, you should think about pursuing an associate degree in cardio vascular technology You’ll usually locate this kind of program in a residential area college. The CET test comprises 110 multiple-choice questions, and also the taker could have a small less than two hrs to finish it. An EKG wages isn’t a high pay kind and you would not become wealthy as an EKG technology. You may also check out best  paying jobs  for more information related to the EKG Technician and their career. By weight, he could easily be much more machine than man, but by volume will be another story. If this is true, it could maybe put him to about 35 or 40%, but even with that I'm not confident he's "more machine than man" in a literal sense. If you were to include the robotics from needing his skin and related tissues replaced, I'd expect him to be over 50%. He does wear a suit that protects him, but I wear pants and I don't think anyone considers my legs to be partially non-human because of that.
Ratio by weight is fine, but so we are saying that about 30-35% of his body weight was replaced with machinery? Simply, electrocardiogram technicians monitor and often test the performance of the patient’s cardiovascular. Tech’s used by research labs may perform longer hours and be asked to keep on call at weird hours.

EKG techs usually work typical 40 hour months, even though the occasional weekend may also be needed. The best or top ten percentile earns about $26,000 and the very best 10th percentile about $43,000 per yr.
It’s one of few professions where females make a greater wages than their male counterparts.
With regard to proper schooling, the absolute minimum of a high-school diploma or its equivalent is needed.
EKG technicians may also find it useful to at least have some history in wellness and science -related classes in high school. Make use of the tools we’ve got on this web site to discover a school that provides such a plan. You must concentrate on sophisticated pulmonary pathophysiology, individual evaluation, pulmonary diagnostic screening and cardiac electrophysiology. Getting the identification of EKG Technician Certification can substantially increase the odds of occupation.
The red (burgundy) colour of the colonies indicates that this strain has an extended spectrum of betalactamase (ESBL), which means that it is resistant to different penicillins and many cefalosporins. EKG specialists working in laboratories often put in more working hours and might be on-call.
Agreeing with the study, feminine EKG specialists made an average wages of $32,500 per yr as well as their male counterparts made around $28,500 on average annually.
Apply for and make your Nationwide Certification Vocation Organization (NCCA) certificate to become and accredited EKG tech. So that you can keep the CET appointment, you must finish 10 constant educational credits annually and spend a yearly fee of a small under $80. It has now been reported from two different European National Reference Laboratories for Escherichia coli (in Rome and Berlin) that this new variant, in addition to the gene for Verotoxin 2, also has the aggR gene, which helps this bacterium to adhere to the host cells. According to the  National Reference Laboratories for Escherichia coli at the National Veterinary Institute in Sweden, this E.

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