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500,000 to 700,000 of bioluminescent dinoflagellates ( a plankton) per gallon, Mosquito Biobay in Vieques has even more, so when you wave your hand through the water you trigger so many of them that your hand lights up with a thousand tiny stars.
FAJARDO BIOBAY KAYAK TRIPS There are at least 10 companies, this is one of the best: Reserve in advance. There is no public transportation off of Vieques Island after dark, so you must spend the night to see the Vieques Biobay.
Bioluminescence and also read about the Vieques Biobay on the Golden Heron Ecotours website. Picture a pool of water illuminated by blue glow sticks: a pond so magical that people come from all over the world to run their fingers through her enchanting waters. A unique feature of the country, Puerto Rico is home to several bioluminescent bays and lagoons. I traveled to Vieques’ famous Mosquito Bay for a look at what guidebooks were calling a “must see Puerto Rico adventure” in this “Island of Enchantment.” It is said that not only does Mosquito Bay have the highest concentration of phosphorescence in Puerto Rico, but the world. Since it’s a protected wildlife preserve with a delicate ecosystem, gas-operated boats are not allowed in this section of the bay (the engine pollution threatens to kill the organisms that create the phosphorescence). Paddling at night, by the light of a waxing moon, my kayak glided silently through the hypnotic blue waters. Surrounded by mangrove forests, this bioluminescent bay is famous because it contains millions of single-celled dinoflagellates, unique microorganisms that emit a phosphorescent glow when they sense motion. Eddie Bauer's world-class team of sponsored guides, athletes and adventurers share their epic stories and powerful images from their trips, travels and explorations with a daily shot of adrenaline on the Live Your Adventure Blog. Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic Paupa unlock the Iso Gorge in New Guinea’s New Britain Island—complete with uninhabited wilderness, mandatory helicopter access, armies of Avatar fruit bats and one of the largest underground river systems in the world.
Make powerful images from epic Eddie Bauer adventures part of your daily desktop or laptop experience.
There are many companies that offer kayak trips into the bioluminescent lagoon from the small fishing village of Las Croabas. A perfect addition to swim in turquoise waters with white coral sands, Please note: * Most Operators do not work on Sundays but If Sunday is your only possible biobay excursion date there may be someone who will do this. Maybe it’s the ease of travel, the short flight or the domestic identification for American tourists, yet it doesn’t resonate through travel mags and Lonely Planet demographics like some of its Caribbean neighbors.
Places like La Parguera’s Bahia Fosforescente, Laguna Grande, Reserva Natural Laguna de Joyuda, and Bahia Mosquito in Vieques, a sleepy island off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico, offer travelers the chance to see a unique natural phenomenon.

I signed up with one of the many adventure tour companies operating in the region for a two-hour nighttime kayaking tour. It was a beautiful, serene setting that made me feel at peace with nature, with the world, with myself. A fish sped past our kayaks, leaving a lightning-bolt trail of turquoise light across the water. This magical bioluminescent bay (bio bay) has been officially declared the brightest recorded in the world by Guinness Book of World Records 2008.Please don’t leave Isla de Vieques without taking a tour of this magnificent and magical natural wonder. But our Eddie Bauer adventure travel guide found eco inspiration in stunning locations such as Bio Bay when she traveled to the island on a domestic flight with no need for a passport. I dipped my hand in the bay’s bright blue waters and looked on in complete awe as my fingertips sparkled with what looked like diamond-infused body glitter.
I was told that, for the best results, I should schedule my kayaking trip during a new moon, when the bay glows brightest. Each time I dipped my paddle, or my hand, in the warm water, there would be a swirling burst of glowing electric-blue light. Paddling out by moonlight and by kayak, she immersed herself, figuratively, in a protected bay with the highest concentration of phosphorescence in the world.
Reveling in this unbelievable sight, there was clearly only one logical explanation: I was in the presence of fairies. I let out a childish laugh and embraced my inner four-year-old, remembering what it was like to see the world with fresh eyes.
It is best experienced during a “New Moon” phase, so we’ve included an interactive moon phase calendar below to help you plan your trip accordingly. In her second dispatch from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Dimon shows us one reason why the island shines. Playing with the water, slapping and twirling it around to see its magical properties, I felt like a kid again!
In the waters of Mosquito Bay there are organisms named Pyrodinium bahamense, Dinoflagellates (dinos). When the “dinos” come into contact with another organism or shaken they produce a bright burst of blue light.Puerto Rico was blessed with 3 bioluminescent bays, the brightest is Mosquito Bay here in Vieques, the second brightest is Laguna Grande in Fajardo, and the least bright is in La Parguera in the town of Lajas due to tourist exploitation and poor conservation efforts. It will bring you back to your early days, when making mud pies and jumping in puddles was the ultimate in thrills.

Below is a nice video from CNN to give you an idea of what it’s like…in person is like magic. Mosquito Bay is the perfect environment for these dinos. The Bay is small and shallow and the mouth of the bay is small, so the bright tiny organisms are trapped and protected in the bay, making it very, very bright. Interactive Moon Phase CalendarUse the following interactive calendar to plan your trip around new moon phases, when it is darkest at night, so you can maximize your bioluminescent bay experience. It contains up to 160,000 microscopic dinoflagelates per liter of water.When agitated, these microscopic organisms (Pyrodinium bahamense or swirling fire) reacts emitting a blue-green light for about a decimal of a second. Millions of “stars” (actually, they’re microscopic organisms in the water) light up with a stunning blue-white glow, and scatter with every splash you make.
With each paddle stroke, the girls stir up millions of tiny dinoflagellates (dy-no-FLAH-juh-luhts).
Their combined light creates spectacular evening shows.On the island of Vieques off the coast of Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay’s dinoflagellates give off their bioluminescent (by-oh-loo-mih-NESS-ent) light from dusk until dawn.
They dip their hands in the water, leaving greenish-blue trails of their own.Mosquito Bay’s displays are threatened, however. Pollution, destruction of mangrove trees, dredging, land development, and overuse of the bay’s water can kill the fragile dinoflagellates. Every one of us can do a little to ensure that our children and the next generations can enjoy this natural wonder.Do not swim in the bio bay.
Tour guides that allow you to swim are breaking the law and not showing respect or love for the island, please do not go in the water just because they let you in, you can choose to protect the bio bay for future generations.No trash or any objects on the Bio Bay – Please refrain from throwing any type of objects on the water during your tour. The smallest object, can or piece of trash can kill thousands of the precious little “dinos” that create this night show.Have a wonderful time at the Bio Bay, it will be one of the most memorable moments of you life. Any changes in the delicate ecosystem can diminish the healthy balance of the bay.Tour Guides for Bioluminescent BayFriendly and knowledgeable tour guides await to give you an unforgettable experience at the Bio Bay, you can explore it on a kayak tour or an electrically powered double pontoon boat.
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