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Natural Marketing Institute’s (NMI) Health and Wellness Trends Survey (2008 HWTD) reported that U.S. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in your gastro intestinal tract. A healthy lower intestine should contain at least 80-85% friendly bacteria or probiotics to prevent growth of disease causing micro-organisms like E.
Poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress, use of antibiotics, medical treatments can destroy the gastrointestinal micro flora and allow harmful bacteria to multiply.  Thus, make the body susceptible to yeast and bacterial infection and other disorders including gas, cramping, or diarrhea.
Probiotic supplements contain millions to billions of live bacteria to bolster and replenish levels of health promoting good microbes in your digestive tract.
Probiotic products are available in different formulations with Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Enterococcus faecium and other beneficial bacteria.
The most numerous probiotic bacteria normally present in the small intestine are species of Lactobacilli.
Probiotics are already present in our normal digestive system and generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
Before launching ofActivia probiotics were known by a small percentage of the population and natural product shoppers and healthcare professionals.But this is a good product for general good health. Dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis) is a condition in which the balance of microorganisms in the digestive system: predominant pathogenic species with a shortage of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
Dysbiosis can result in allergic reactions, slow weight gain, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain, nausea, regurgitation.
Dysbiosis is often perceived as an independent disease requiring special treatment – but, as a rule, it only relieves the symptoms. If you suspect a dysbacteriosis and detection of characteristic symptoms (changes in stool, abdominal pain, dermatitis and so on) doctor recommends to make feces bacteriological analysis. In children under one year old symptoms of dysbiosis are often associated with artificial feeding, too early or incorrectly lure, infectious diseases, medication (especially antibiotics), as well as the ailments on the background of teething and allergic reactions to food. If you cannot breast-feeding it is better to choose the adapted mixture with protective factors.

First of all, you need to find out the real cause of the disturbance of the intestinal microflora and fix it. Combining fructooligosaccharides with resistant starch could produce gut health benefits beyond the mere sum of the parts, suggests a new study from Spain. Scientists from the University of Granada report that findings from their rat study indicated that the combination of the ingredients not only boosted levels of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the animals’ intestine, but also improved intestinal function.
Study detailsGalvez and his co-workers investigated the effects of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and resistant starch in healthy rats and rats with reduced intestinal function and therefore an altered immune response. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Conducting a clinical trial in the health nutrition industry can be an intimidating process. Watch this free webinar about patented ingredient, BioCell Collagen®, a clinically tested ingredient for promoting healthy joints. Causes of dysbiosis can be: poor diet, antibiotics, and diseases of various organs and systems of the body, stress.
To effectively deal with the dysbacteriosis can, identifying the true cause of the disturbances in the intestinal flora, and the method of its correction based on the child’s condition and the overall clinical picture. Almost always dysbacteriosis (or dysbiosis) is a consequence of other diseases with characteristic symptoms (abdominal pain, any violation of the chair, food allergies, skin rashes and so on) If you do not resolve the root cause of goiter, treatment will not be effective. It can be as dairy blends and mixtures containing live bacteria or prebiotics (substances that contribute to the reproduction of beneficial intestinal flora). The colonization of the intestine by various microbes begins with lactobacilli from kin ways mother and bifidobacteria. Correction of disturbances of the bowel may be only part of the complex treatment of the underlying disease.
For example, fermented foods such as Yoghurt and Kefir are sources of beneficial bacteria, a probiotic, which your body requires for health. This approach is also not true: you need a comprehensive treatment aimed at eliminating the cause of dysbiosis, and simultaneously restoring the balance of microflora in the intestines of the child.

The analysis is not always able to show an objective picture of the state of the intestine: the microflora of individual variable and depends on various factors. Then appear opportunistic microbes from the environment and food, it is therefore important for the stomach and intestines of the child first got the colostrum.
For normalization of the intestinal microflora doctors use drugs, containing beneficial bacteria, as well as tools that serve as a nutrient medium for their growth and reproduction (pre – and probiotics, synbiotics). For a right dose and selection of probiotics, I would encourage you to discuss with a personal health professional. In addition, the analysis usually ignores the microflora of the small intestine, changes which affect the condition of the digestive tract. Starting from the second month of a child’s life can hand over the analysis on a dysbacteriosis, to determine the ratio of bacteria. Animals receiving resistant starch only experienced increases in bifidobacteria, while animals receiving FOS experienced increases in both sets of bacteria.
The doctor may prescribe additional tests (General and clinical blood analysis, urinalysis, tests for worm eggs, consultation of the gastroenterologist, the gastrostomy). However, the process of the establishment of the intestinal microflora can last up to six months, and during this time, the analysis may be misleading. In the animals with colitis, Galvez and his co-workers noted that the combination of the fibers produced an upregulation of certain genes that are linked to improved intestinal barrier function. If future studies support the apparent benefits, it could see the combination ingredient enhancing the prebiotic market.

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