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As many of you know, from previous newsletters, this last year I experienced some radical changes to my digestive system.
When I took a trip this last October to the Pacific Northwest for my own meditation retreat, I experienced something profound that has radically changed my identity and the way that I consume food.
As I took this first bite of a piece of apple… my awareness soaking into the sensations, the flavors, and the feelings… I noticed I started falling whole-heartedly and completely into the experience.
If you could imagine floating on the surface of the ocean, and as I went into the experience… it was like sinking straight to the bottom of the ocean.
As I was doing this, I could feel my jaw bones re-adjusting… and then my neck started to reorganize and realign. Hours passed by… there was no reason to move or do anything… absolutely nothingness in this peaceful ease. Since that moment, and in the days and weeks that followed… I found something radically curious about what was showing up when I went to eat food. Previous to this, I had been subscribing to this idea that I absolutely needed to eat meat in order to sustain my energy and keep this ship cruising.
Every time in the past when I didn’t eat meat, my adrenals would tank and my body would start to lose weight, as my body would waste away.
Not only was I experiencing very, real direct physiologic changes from eating meat… but a part of my identity had also become wrapped up in it. Sooooo… as this new found, curious phenomenon started to show up following this deep, healing experience….
Am I some how advocating eating no meat, or some intense raw food diet that we SHOULD all be on? Even some strict vegetarians may be inadvertently harming themselves by adopting a diet full of “shoulds” based on mental concepts, either their own or someone else. The first nutrients came through a tube directly into your umbilicus (belly button), and upon being birthed into this world that tube was sealed off permanently. As the body craved nutrients, and the suckling relieved this tension in our system, we quickly started attributing a release of tension as having great value in our lives.
Fast-forward to your present age, and you may start to see how your relationship with food has changed much over the years. In working with people in my office and 3-day retreats, I’ve noticed that some people eat in order to suppress sensations in their bodies, emotions, thoughts, etc. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they are on a cleanse, and my whole body starts to cringe. There have been so many times when I’ve had to emphasize to someone that their cleanse they are on is doing more harm that good in their body. In the past I’ve put numerous people on customized cleanses and programs for detoxification, and this takes a ton of clinical knowledge and finesse of working with someone intimately. The liver has over 200 different functions, and by over-eating, eating late at night, and other challenges lead to chronic health degeneration of this beautiful amazing organ that has so much going for it. So after reading all the ingredients, reading about the company, the products, and the owners… I was finally ready to at least give it a try. But honestly… anyone can do a cleanse and feel good, as long as they don’t have anything big going on their lives, right? So now that I’ve fully test-driven this retreat… I can safely recommend that every may try it… I’ve noticed huge changes in my body.
Does this cleanse take the place of working with someone one-on-one to form a special customized diet, detox program?
But I know many of you want to clean up your bodies, as they struggle to keep up with the big changes happening in your soul, spirit. I really just want to share with you my own experience, and give you a little motivation to try it out yourself. Even if you want to support someone else by using their information and link to the website… go for it.
If you need additional support in working with this cleanse, please reach out to me to help balance it for your specific needs. Travel can be overwhelming. Around every street corner, through every door dwells something that might inspire you, enlighten you, or change you. Travel is important because it removes us from our routines and comforts, hurling us into a world and experience that often feels utterly out of our control. Having a few simple practices, rituals, and routines while travelling can make all the difference when trying to navigate the inevitable surprises and mysteries that travel puts in front of us. Perhaps even more importantly, these practice will help you sink more deeply into where you are. When times get tough, your intention can be something to fall back on, and help you clarify why you are traveling in the first place.
Travel with a few power objects that remind you of your intention that you can carry with you. Speak your intentions out loud, either before your trip, or while your already on your journey. Create a mantra that you can remember throughout your trip, something that encapsulates your journey and motivates you. Perhaps no group of people – Buddhist monks aside – know impermanence more intimately than travelers.
One exercise I recommend is to find somewhere you feel drawn to, maybe a plaza or a park or even a busy street corner, and pick someone to focus on. A similar, but slightly different practice is called a “sit spot.” I was introduced to this practice during a mystical course I took in college. On my first trip through Australia, a friend who had traveled around the world many times herself, introduced me to this concept: When you arrive to a new country or continent, take something of yours that has some significance to you, and bury it in the earth.
It becomes both an offering to that land, and a way to energetically connect yourself to that place. Indigenous cultures in both North and South America, as well as Africa, traditionally used sacred plants such as tobacco or coca for their offerings. A colleague of mine recently introduced me to the idea of a gratitude album: take 1 picture a day of something your grateful, which you can revisit later.

Traveling is a potent opportunity to redefine our relationship to technology, and become more mindful and aware of our surroundings. Try going out for the day and leaving your tech behind. My first visit to Zanzibar, I would always go to the same street food vendors for lunch and dinner.
If you stay in one place long enough, I’ve found that routines often form organically over time. When the world seems to be passing you by at light speed, daily rituals and routines can bring a sense of calm and stillness in an otherwise chaotic world.
One of the only regrets I’ve had throughout my travels is not spending more time in certain places.
I’ve met people all over the world who have managed to make travel work for them, their families, and lives back home. Whatever you do, and wherever you go, just allow yourself enough time to experience the world around you.
Words that come to mind when first seeing the Sea Shepherd logo are 'tough', 'brave' and 'possibly illegal' and this basically sums Sea Shepherd up. There are different types of buddhism philosophy out there - Zen, Tibetan and the Theravada tradition. For quite a while I've seen organic 'Wheat Grass shots' in organic cafes and wholefood stores and wondered what it is that makes this blade so healthy. Odds are that if you have found your way to, or are a regular visitor of my website—that you are an environmentally responsible individual, who understands the need for concern regarding global warming and climate change. Nowadays we are pushed to eat unhealthy foods from the TV, the radio and of course our friends and family, and the reality is it has a really bad impact over every aspect of our lives.
After 4 full on days in Cambodia we had one last sightseeing day - a trip to Battambang to see the ‘killing caves’ by motorbike and to ride the historical Bamboo Train. Subscribe NOW to get Luke's email updates & FREE Superfood Recipe Book with 26 YUMMY Recipes!
Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only. Suggested UseTake 1 capsule in the morning after breakfast and another capsule may be taken after lunch or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Other IngredientsMicrocrystalline cellulose, HMPC (capsule), ascorbyl palmitate, silica, and medium-chain triglycerides. WarningsChildren and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened spontaneously out of this practice recently. Chewing slowly… my eyes closed… as each time my teeth came down on the apple I was met with this rich, deepening of my spirit into the experience. I want to emphasize that all of this was spontaneous, and required no effort of my own in directing what was happening next. Whether I was going to start dropping weight… whether I was going to be exhausted and eventually crash from not giving my body what I “thought” it needed.
I believe that you should honor where you are at on the path with a great awareness for your own body and souls needs. If you’re on a stressful diet filled with should, I hope you may reconsider treating your soul with more kindness for it’s own right timing and rhythm.
Any and all food you consume can be imbued by your loving, tender, kind awareness over this very special system. The body had to learn to switch to this other form of taking in nutrients from the outside world into the body.
We may have started to notice that this form of food came in it’s own package of a breast, and started to assign great value to this experience.
My first question to them is usually… “well what are you cleansing in your body?” Most people don’t have a satisfactory answer to this one question. I have to admit, I took one look at the brochure, and was convinced it was a scam, and definitely not for me.
The way the cleanse works was not intended to actually make you lose weight, but that the loss of weight was a result of getting healthier.
I also noticed my body was experiencing more heat than usual (a health challenge that I managed to balance earlier this year). Probably one of the most surprising ones was that I had a cavity in my mouth that was giving me some trouble.
You can use them to purchase the 10-day detox program I was on, or simply order something else. You can also have Ken Busto at Makawao Community Acupuncture make recommendations to you, especially if you have a tendency of running too cold in the winter. Martin is a Board Certified Chiropractor, and has been bringing Network Spinal Analysis to thousands of people over the last 9 years. Constantly confronting the unexpected is perhaps one of the most electrifying and spiritual aspects of world travel. This is a good thing. Yet any traveller will tell you that at some point during your journey, there will come a time when the going gets rough. These secrets have been passed on to me from some of the most devoted and well-travelled nomads I’ve met from around the world. Like a seed sown into soil, the intentions of your trip will grow and blossom to become something you never could have imagined.
Without purpose, without intention, travel can become a hollow pass time, a constant party, or just another thing to consume.
My first transformational travel coaching client told me that when she found herself floundering, lonely, or at a loss of what to do during her own 6-month odyssey, she would come back to her intention like a mantra. Travelers lose things that are precious to them, have plans fall apart, and make profound friendships with people they may never see again. Through mindfulness and meditation, you can learn to weather this storm like a pro, and soak up every precious minute.
In travel and in life, there is rarely an ideal time or place to practice this amazingly simple act. The truth is that no matter how long or far your journey takes you, it will, at some point, come to an end.

Ask any serious nomad what they love about travel, and people watching is often high on their list. Having a sit spot, whether it’s a park bench, or an epic mountain view, will deeply connect you to the time and place you find yourself in, and to yourself.
Maybe a stone from your home, or a bracelet you’ve worn – as long as it has some connection to you. If you want to make an even deeper connection, go on a hike to somewhere beautiful in nature to make your offering. If this tradition speaks to you, experiment with offering these plants to the earth when you climb a mountain, sit by a stream, or at any point during your journey.
If I’m in a town or city long enough, I’ll often find a cafe that I love, and walk there nearly every day to have a coffee and write. Rapid-fire tours through multiple countries in a ridiculously short amount of time is a style of travel that has somehow become popular today. If you care about the environment it's important to support organisations that really do protect and benefit wildlife, rather than just pretend to. Cows are free-range, fed only with natural grass, and are not administered any synthetic hormones. I just wanted to share some more recent developments that have been spontaneously showing in my life. I have seen countless amounts of people go on fad diets, cleanses, and raw food retreats and they end up so much weaker, less vibrant, and ultimately sick at ever deeper layers. They just understand the importance of cleansing, and are doing their best with what is out there in the nutritional world. It placed the body in a more anabolic state, and not one of breaking down or wasting away like so many others.
I deeply, intimately know that most people don’t give their livers a chance to ever catch up on the load of stuff we put into our bodies. I simply wanted to grow the love I was already experiencing in this rebirthing of my digestive health. I can’t tell you how amazed an grateful I was to experience such a lift and boost from this cleanse while on this retreat.
After the cleanse, my teeth are whiter and the little brown cavity has started to fade and no longer feels painful. By following my link, you do allow me to have a small discount on my own detox… but it’s not my intention for sharing it all with you.
Another great resource would be Naturopathic Doctor, Bonnie Marsh, or Medical Doctor, Joel Friedman. Sometimes, despite the amazing place you may find yourself, you simply can’t motivate or find the energy to do anything. Whether you want to relax on a beach In Thailand, learn the ancient art of Japanese archery, or visit Machu Picchu, any intention is valid. Meditation will help you be more present on your journey, and help you to slow down, notice the details, and navigate the ups and downs that are inherent in world travel. The easy part is that you can do it anywhere! Maybe leave your phone behind, use Internet once a week, or have a specific time of day where you go online. I remembered their faces, the locations of their stalls, and of course, their amazing food. Even something as simple as a few basic practices every morning can ground you and help you to be more mindful as you venture out for the day. Richard Branson has about 2,500 entries for his prize but as yet has not found a grand prize winner. Sherill's journey began from her own health challenges including arthritis, severe allergies, insomnia, a hormonal imbalance, depression, gut issues and more. I’m feeling very grateful and quite accomplished right now while I sit here in my hotel room in Cambodia writing this blog post!
It was just a body lying face down in a puddle of drool, while I fell ever deeper into this direct perception of all that is. I was woken up in the middle of a couple of nights on the cleanse, and I could feel my entire body vibrating and humming like it was on overdrive cleaning stuff up. You might indeed transform. If anything, by finding stillness on the road, insights and lessons will come.
Wake up, sit on a pillow, and set your alarm clock, (or download theInsightTimer app, which I use religiously,) and just breathe. I love the fact that it enables me to share my journeys and perspectives, and to stay connected with amazing people all over the world.Yet how often do we allow ourselves space away from it all?
Let the rest of your experience be tech free. The best part is, there are still places on earth without electricity, or wifi. When possible, I include a shot of apple cider vinegar, and take my daily probiotics and herbal tinctures (I’ve compiled a list of the most essential herbal remedies and dietary supplements that all travellers should take. When I finally returned to that mystical island several years later, I visited them again, and found, to my amazement, that they remembered me! He does have however a handful of entrants that he is donating grants to, and supporting from his competition.
As one of the top 12 reps in Miessence to be included on the 2015 Miessence Getaway in Cambodia -all flights, accommodation and activities are all paid for 5 whole days! If you stack all 3 of these disconnections, then you have a ton of work ahead of you that could greatly enrich your body, your soul, and your life! In one way or another, you will grow and learn, and that’s really what travel is all about.
In hostels and cafes, places where travellers have traditionally crossed paths and met each other, I now notice people staring at screens, ignoring the person right next to them.

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