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Effects of climate change are here and now, Meanwhile, michigan’s attorney general is suing epa over their clean power plan addressing climate change. Pennsylvania’s future depends on clean power, This month marks the first anniversary of the clean power plan, the first major effort by a president to begin the long process of reducing our use of fossil fuels and moving us toward clean renewable energy climate scientists have been sounding. Three renewable energy sources, Part of his plan for economic recovery includes jobs creation for renewable energy projects. 11 reasons to be excited about the future of technology - Fortunately, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs have been working and germany produces so much renewable energy, it sometimes produces even more than it can use. Effects of climate change are here and now - Meanwhile, michigan’s attorney general is suing epa over their clean power plan addressing climate change.
Pennsylvania’s future depends on clean power - This month marks the first anniversary of the clean power plan, the first major effort by a president to begin the long process of reducing our use of fossil fuels and moving us toward clean renewable energy climate scientists have been sounding. Three renewable energy sources - Part of his plan for economic recovery includes jobs creation for renewable energy projects. Poop power – the new stepping stool to all the energy you need - Its ironic that in a time of global warming and ozone depletion, the demand for non-renewable sources of energy (coal, oil, natural gas) continues to steadily increase. Abengoa expects at least 75% of creditors to approve plan - Madrid—renewable-energy and engineering company abengoa sa said tuesday it expects at least 75% of creditors to approve its restructuring plan by sept massive renewable-energy power plants around the world.
Man-made “wind trees” will finally make it possible to power homes using turbines - Energy from wind is the fastest-growing source of electricity in the world, according to the union of concerned scientists, an environmental and social research institution. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. INDIAPOST – All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) chief J Jayalalithaa suffered another setback on Wednesday as the vacation bench of the Karnataka High Court adjourned her petition seeking bail till October 7, Zee News reports. Traditionally, however, individuals with sensitive or compromised skin haven’t been able to realize the benefits of this tried-and-true ingredient because it is often too aggressive for their skin. Through a special encapsulation process even sensitive skins may use vitamin A without the irritating side effects.
In aesthetics, we know the most useable forms of vitamin A are retinoids, which includes beta carotene, retinyl ester, retinols and retinal.
Retinaldehyde is a stable precursor to retinoic acid, and when encapsulated its anti-aging and anti-acne benefits are boosted. As I mentioned, when blended with other ingredients such as organic stem cells and mandelic acid, it provides a gentler approach to skin rejuvenation, repair and strengthening. Mandelic acid, a second-generation AHA derived from almonds, addresses photo-aging, acne, rosacea, and irregular pigmentation.
Another key ingredient that pairs with encapsulated vitamin A to boost its effects is organic stem cell. Together these ingredients deliver the support compromised, sensitive, and rosacea skin need. While every season brings with it a new set of challenges for the skin, summertime tends to deplete the skin of hydration, and cause hyperpigmentation issues and even a dulled complexion. It may not feel like it, but summer will soon be winding down and in the coming months the excessive heat will give way to some cooler, more tolerable temperatures.
Following the enzyme application and oxygen, a blend of peptides and vitamin C, such as that found in the C-Peptide Complex, will strengthen skin, deliver a potent dose of antioxidants, and support collagen synthesis.
Knowing how to effectively utilize advanced modalities in the treatment room has become an essential part of the aesthetic practice.
Here’s a glance at micro-needling, what types of skin it benefits, how to integrate it into the treatment room, and how to maximize its results. The process of micro-needling involves using tiny needles to create micro-perforation into the dermo-epidermal junction. Micro-needling is becoming more popular as clients look to more cost-effective alternatives to skin resurfacing that don’t require much downtime. During the treatment, a handheld micro-needling device will be gently rolled over the skin. Talk to clients prior to their micro-needling treatment to manage expectations, educate them on proper pre- and post-care, and outline a treatment plan. As micro-needling and other advanced resurfacing modalities continue to grow in popularity, it will become increasingly important to understand how to work with them, and even combine them with one another and specific ingredients. Diatomaceous earth – a naturally occurring, soft rock with an abrasive feel similar to pumice powder. Pearl powder – finely milled from freshwater pearls, which are rich in minerals and provide antibacterial, detoxification and skin-nourishing properties.
Pumice – a highly porous, very light stone created from lava, it is a more abrasive granular. To further deepen the benefits of these natural exfoliators and customize them to the client’s skin, you might consider blending them with one another, or with other formulas or exfoliating enzymes to create an active scrub. Blending scrubs with cleansers, enzymes and corrective serums enable you to further tailor it to your client’s skin and the treatment goals.
Blend Gentle Jojoba Beads or the Bamboo Scrub with the Skin Brightening Cleanser to support any brightening program. For deeper brightening support, blend Gentle Jojoba Beads with the Skin Brightening Enzyme to soften and digest unwanted skin, and support a glowing complexion. Buffed may also be mixed with the Naturale Mega Brightening Serum to deliver the natural brightening properties of daisy flower deeper into the skin. Try mixing Buffed with the Skin Refine Gel or Skin Smoothing Gel to soften pores, purify, and improve course texture.
Mandelic Arginine Serum to promote collagen production, and deliver skin-strengthening support from amino acids, antioxidants, and AHAs. Gentle Jojoba Beads may also be blended with the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme to polish and refresh the skin. Buffed takes cleansing to the next level and effectively dissolves surface residue, and provides antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant support.
Clients may also be sent home with these blending recommendations for home care between treatments. The truth is, a tremendous amount of misinformation surrounds these products and it’s imperative clients know and understand this. While there are certainly exceptions to this, your clients can count on the fact that you, a licensed aesthetician, have taken the time to go through the proper training to earn the right to consult them on their skin.
Simple dialogue with your clients can help them understand the level of care you put into your product selections. Many professionals using Rhonda Allison products will highlight the use of cutting-edge science, quality ingredients, choices and customization for all skin types, and the longevity of the products. Finally, any product that is sold in mass on the internet, in a mainstream store or as an MLM, is going to have some restrictions on the level of active ingredients that may be used.
Keep in mind, sometimes it takes them venturing out on their own to test those products and learn for themselves. Retail sales is one of the most profit-driven components of your business, and yet for many aestheticians it is the least. Inventory, organizing, and selling retail are big question marks for most skin care professionals. In your inventory system notate when the product went on the shelf, and if it’s been there too long (well passed its expiration), pull it from the shelf. To preserve the life of your products, keep them out of direct sunlight or other direct lights.
Now let’s talk about how to get your products in the hands of your clients without coming across as an overly aggressive salesperson.
When you do send clients home with products, be sure to talk to them, not only about the how, why, and when to use, but about the shelf life of their home care as well. With Rhonda Allison products specifically, it is common for colors to shift or separation to occur in many of our formulas.
Weather is warming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and bright colors have started to immerge again. Many clients are steering away from invasive treatments and turning to aesthetic professionals to help them achieve the youthful results they are looking for.
While they may be used year-round, flower acids, like lotus and hibiscus, are favorites among clients this time of year.
Flower acids can be used in tandem with numerous other pro-youth formulas, to create custom results.
Organic Herbal Peel – for clients with oiler skin conditions, this is an ideal treatment as the Italian Herbal Peel balances excess oil production, while the Hibiscus Peel stimulates cellular turnover and healing.
White Lotus Peel – a beautiful treatment for brightening, exfoliation, eliminating bacteria, and delivering anti-inflammatory support. To enhance the results, some treatments may be used in combination with other advanced modalities like microdermabrasion. This season, get clients in the springtime mood by making renew and re-youth the focus of your spa. This post will provide a look inside the Skin of Color Peel – a treatment designed specifically to support skin of color and decrease the risk of unwanted side effects such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Like the Skin of Color Facial, this specialized peel treatment provides a gentle, yet effective approach to addressing the hard-to-treat issues specifically associated with higher Fitzpatricks. To help control the pigment and support overall brightening, this treatment begins with a cleanse using the Skin Brightening Cleanser.
During the peel application the Mint Papaya Enzyme and unique H2O2 Emulsion will soften and digest cells, oxygenate the tissue while loosening surface-trapped debris and toxicity, and continue the brightening and pigmentation control.
Once this combination is removed, the Melanin Suppressant Solution makes a second appearance followed by the Mandelic Arginine Peel to further prevent the formation of damaging radicals.
Our goal is to create a dialogue about how ancestry impacts the skin and mitigate concerns surrounding the various challenges and sensitivities associated with skin of any color.
There is often trepidation when it comes to working with skin of varying ancestries in the treatment room for the simple fact that every skin comes with it’s own set of challenges and sensitivities. These were both designed specifically to support skin of color and the sensitivities such as, scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), commonly associated with the skin. This highly targeted treatment addresses the hard-to-treat issues specifically associated with ethnic skin. With skin of color, PIH is a common issue, and thus it’s important to support the skin with skin-building ingredients as well as those that inhibit melanin production. To soften cells and remove cellular buildup, the Derma Peel and Mint Papaya Enzyme are combined, creating a wonderful sensation and aroma clients love.
Following the ChronoPeptide A and luscious Milk Mask, the Mandelic Arginine Peel makes a second appearance. To download the step-by-step protocol for Skin of Color Facial click here and for additional information on working with skin of color, see our previous post. Just two decades ago, working with skin of color was unknown territory – and that challenge intrigued me. Cell layers – Thickness and density of some ethnicities will require special attention to remove epidermal layers. Inflammatory responses – Skins of color have heightened sensitivity to inflammation that may increase susceptibility to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Every ancestry has certain skin challenges specific to it, and this will significantly direct the type of treatment you perform. Black skin – sensitivity to PIH, keloid formation, and pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB).
While every client will have different ingredients that work best with their skin type, there are a few intelligent ingredients that generally work with most skins and produce beautiful results. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) – an essential protein and powerful cell regenerator that supports cell renewal and wound repair.
Mandelic acid – this is a safe go-to acid that universally may be used successfully on all skins of color.
Daisy flower (bellis perennis) extract – a gentle, yet highly effective natural skin lightener that influences different pathways involved in melanin formation, counteracting age spots and balancing hyperpigmentation. Retinol – a vitamin A derivative that converts to retinoic acid and is a DNA regulator. Melanin suppressants – typically a combination of natural lightening ingredients such as kojic acid, L-arbutin, azelaic acid, L-ascorbic acid. Thermus thermophilus ferment extract – a deep-sea microorganism used to fight free radicals. Zinc oxide – provides natural sun barrier, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and soothing, healing support. The next blog post will cover two new treatments we’ve created specifically for skin of color. Taking time to reflect and renew will enable you to start the new year off fully charged and inspired. Learn a new skill – why not set the goal to learn a new technique, modality or tool in the treatment room? Do or see something new – this may seem more about personal development, but it inevitably spills over to the professional life as well. Make time to do what you love – recharging your batteries is absolutely essential to being effective in your professional life. This time of year brings so many opportunities to offer clients some very special treatment. The Unwrap & Glow is a progressive peel designed to deliver glowing, pro-youth results without the downtime. The facial starts with two-step preparation using the Milk Plus Cleanser and the holiday Cherry Cleanser, which will polish the skin and envelop the senses in the tantalizing scent of ripe cherries. To further support the brightening and illuminating properties of the step prior, the Hibiscus Peel will leave the skin radiant, hydrated and rejuvenated. The treatment begins with the tantalizing Cherry Cleanser which provides a deep cleanse while simultaneously polishing the skin.
To awaken the senses following the relaxing massage, whip together the Grape Seed Parfait Mask and Chocolate Antioxidant Mask.
Wisp, Bliss, and Enlighten are the three popular shades for lighter Fitzpatrick skin tones. The mineral crème works well for normal to dry skin because it increases hydration without adding heaviness.
For oily skins, the powder is best applied immediately following a daily moisturizer, and Daytime Defense or Sheer Tint Finisher. Not only does it form differently in different skins, it may also appear in varying degrees of severity. Regardless, it’s something numerous clients struggle with and may, at times, significantly impact the self esteem. It begins with understanding how scars form and why; then determining the type of scarring you are working with so that you may create a customized treatment.
The potential for scarring occurs when the breakout penetrates the skin deeply, damaging the tissue beneath. When you know the level of scarring you are able to determine the best course of treatment.
When addressing acne scarring, the ultimate goal is to remove surface cells to allow strengthening and corrective ingredients and oxygen to penetrate the skin. Microdermabrasion – this is very effective in reducing scars as it removes cells of the stratum corneum allowing other corrective and nourishing ingredients to better penetrate the skin. Microneedling – deeper microneedling procedures work well to remodel scar tissue, but caution must be exercised here. Depending on the client’s skin and severity of scarring, a peel may be combined with microdermabrasion. For clients on a program to correct scarring, be sure to integrate epidermal growth factors, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and essential fatty acids into their home care system.
Starting with the type of scar, then taking into account the client’s specific skin type, and their overall goal will help shape the type of treatment to use. When trying to deliver results for clients, it can be easy to overlook pre- and post-treatments, making the peel or resurfacing treatment the star of the show. Pigmentation – for clients who may have pigmentation issues, higher Fitzpatricks, or if you are performing a deep peel, using a brightener or tyrosinase inhibitor will help suppress melanin, and may help eliminate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), as well as brighten overall skin tone.
Acne – antibacterial support prior to treatment will not only help eliminate bacteria, but also the potential for excessive purging that occurs with acne skin. Acne scarring – depending on the build-up underneath skin, performing a pre-treatment will help enhance results, however a more aggressive approach is needed. Aging – the right pre-treatment can help stimulate collagen and elastin, and support healing. Sensitive skin – for sensitive, rosacea-prone or thinner skin, a pre-treatment will start the building process, help the epidermis layer loosen, increase energy, and provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial support.
As I mentioned, when performing peels, you are creating an injury to the skin that disrupts the protective barrier resulting in a wound. Pruritus (itching) – post peel itching is common for many skins, not just sensitive skins.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – this is often caused by picking, so be sure to educate clients about the importance of not picking the skin that is peeling.
Discomfort or pain – this will generally ease after the first 24 hours, however you can support clients with ingredients that will reduce inflammation and provide cooling, soothing relief.
While there are other complications that may occur, ingredients that support healing, and provide anti-inflammatory and soothing support will be important components to any post-care system. Of course there are a variety of factors that come into play here – overall health, stress levels, sun exposure, medications, and the list goes on. One of our educators, Devin Romero, put it best when he said the pigmentation process resembles that of an assembly line. First a trigger (such as UV exposure) sends a signal to melanocyte-stimulating hormones that the skin is in need of protection.
After tyrosine is signaled, the melanocyte cell receives a message to produce pigmentation (melanin). These melanosomes are then dispersed upward through the granular layer via dendrites to keratinocytes where they form melanin caps, which reduce DNA damage caused by UV exposure.
Common triggers that kick start this cycle include: the sun, inflammation, injury, hormonal changes, friction, medications, aggressive skin care products, an even acne (in the form of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). In healthy conditions, the pigmentation that is produced in response to potential damage will eventually diffuse or fade on its own, but in some cases a permanent discoloration can occur.
Luckily there are a number of ingredients that help support the skin and control hyperpigmentation. Bellis perennis flower (daisy flower) – a gentle, natural brightener derived from daisies. Arbutin (L) – a natural plant-based derivative of hydroquinone (HQ) with tyrosinase abilities. Kojic acid – derived from Japanese mushrooms, it works to effectively inhibit melanin synthesis. Lactic acid (L) – this keratoyltic AHA has natural brightening abilities, works to smooth skin and improve texture. Azelaic acid – a grain- and yeast-derived compound, it helps normalize disordered cell growth, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support, and helps effectively treat acne-related post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Some products to turn to include, the Skin Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Scrub, Brightening Pigment Lotion, Mandelic Arginine Serum, ChronoPeptide A, Naturale Mega Brightening Serum, Skin Brightening Gel, and Daytime Defense SPF 30. In the last post, we covered some of the basics of setting up an Instagram account, and the ins and outs of etiquette on the platform. Instagram is a tremendous platform for building your brand awareness and engaging your customers and loyal fans.
In the last post, we covered some of the basics of setting up an Instagram account, and the ins and outs of etiquette on the platform.
On Instagramall photos become square so keep that in mind when snapping photos, particularly if you are not taking a photo within the app.
Hashtags – using multiple hashtags allows you to reach a broader audience and gain new followers, however when used in excess they can make the post appear messy. Geotagging, whether at your business, or an off-property event, is another great way for people to find your account. Just as users can use hashtags and geotags to find you, you can do the same to connect with or find current and potential customers in your area. While you don’t have to follow everyone that follows your business, always take the time to interact via replies to comments, likes, etc.
Whatever the reason, there are a few best practices you can implement to help grow your follower count and be sure you are keeping them engaged. At the store I found that this brand is at 50 billion so I will have to go to the store to see if I can find it there. In my opinion the best probiotic to replace our lost intestinal microbes is home brewed kefir made from live kefir grains (kefir When on antibiotics take 1 piece twice daily one hour before or after taking medication and continue for 2-3 weeks after completing the prescribed antibiotic dosage. Probiotics (friendly bacteria) are dietary supplements which consist of bacteria which form a symbiotic relationship with us. Cirrhosis can cause can probiotics cause stomach gas yellowing of the skin (jaundice) itching and fatigue. Prebiotics are being added to an expanding array of products from pudding to frozen chicken dinners. Probiotics help animals produce probiotic table olives enzymes which are destroyed in the manufacturing of most pet foods.
To source probiotic cultures for making these healthy foods in your home, please refer to my Resources page.
As a side note, I have grown to despise the term “busy,” because let’s face it: we’re all busy. But instead of busy, I say “My plate is so full this week!” and “I have a bunch of commitments this week” or “I already have a ton of plans this week, but what does next week look like for you?” Because that reminds myself and the person I’m talking to that it’s all positive. So I reevaluated, and I can safely say that the last few weeks have been full of a lot of the “down time” I was really craving.
Part of that is due to the fact that I am doing a full Ayurvedic Pancharkarma starting on Sept. But if I had been less reactive, less sensitive, and more go with the flow, I could have been WAY more productive. I even ranted and raged on the phone to my mom for a full 45 mins on the way home from Malibu yesterday… #yeah. I am also having to detach a bit from what I envisioned the beginning of my teacher training to be like, because it turns out it’s going to be a LOT more work and emotional energy than I anticipated. Full plate is no longer “blogger” the way I once would have defined myself and ATTACHED myself to.
Also, giving ourselves that little time to relax and recharge… Dayum, if I hadn’t done that for the last few weeks, who knows how stressed I would be right now!! Firstly, I was extra inspired to film it because I am ALL ABOUT dat Youtube life right now… And by that I mean I have been watching YouTube videos like crazy. Secondlyyyyy because I have gotten a few questions on my Ask Me Anything page about dealing with negativity on the Internet or about people bullying you in the cyber world and YouTube community. Thirdly, because I got a dumb negative comment from someone I actually know on one of my social media pages… Which I talk about extensively in the video, if you wanna hear more on that front. Have a supportive group of people that you can turn to that will uplift you, support you and remind you that you are above the negativity. I have been on the hunt for all sorts of natural, healthy goodies lately to share with you loves, AND also lots of good music, self-care newness & exciting new evolvements with TBV Apparel up my sleeve like you wouldn’t believe… Shall we get started?! Acai bowl recipe: 3 tablespoons acai powder (I like the brand Navitas Naturals), 1 cup macadamia nut milk (Suncoast Gold, of course), 1 ripe banana, 1 tablespoon almond butter, and alllll the yummy toppings. Also, those of you who guessed chocolate hazelnut milk, ummm that is for SURE on my list of recipe to-do’s now. I loooove the way this buttery nutella came out, and that is thanks majorly in part to the KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series Blender that I used to blend this bad boy down. High sugar intake in the morning, which is the time when peeps usually eat nutella, will spike your blood sugar and set you off on a sugary spiral for the day.
Huge thank you to KitchenAid® for partnering with me to bring you this post — be sure to check out their fab all-encompassing blenders that can literally blend through just about anything. So, I’m sitting here at my desk after enjoying a delicious homemade lunch of egg whites, gluten-free toast with red pepper hummus (both from the B-wood farmer’s market!), avocado and this amaze Paleo “wing” sauce (three ingredients — will share brand if you guys are interested!) from Whole Foods. Then I sat down at my computer & opened a newsletter email from the FAB Isabel Foxen Duke — follow her if you don’t, she’s incredible — and the email was all about food freedom. So even in my recovery, even with all of the food freedom I allowed myself after those strict plant-based, juice cleanse obsessed years, I struggled. I know what works for me, and I know what I need in order to feel good, healthy, energized, fueled, satiated, and most importantly HAPPY when it comes to food and life overall.
And after being disconnected to that for longer than I believe anyone should ever have to be disconnected from their body, it is an amazing feeling to have that freedom.
Well gee whiz THAT will be a book in itself… but I do believe there are a few quick things I can share with you guys in this moment that will explain how I got here, and will hopefully help you too if you’re on the journey toward freedom with food, or freedom from ANY extreme diet or relationship with food. Paying attention to how I FEEL rather than how I look. When you listen to your body, it’s hard to go wrong. Finding what works for ME when it comes to balancing control, awareness, and intuitive eating. This is a controversial topic in the recovery world.
Also, as I mentioned, Isabel Foxen Duke is an incredible food freedom warrior & resource. As you can see, I’m inspired by women from fitness competitors to ex-fitness competitors to dear friends seeking balance to people who have never set foot inside of a gym. What do you think, loves? Happy to write more about this if it resonated with you… I hadn’t written about recovery or food freedom in a while, but MAN did I feel inspired to today! I downloaded a few eBooks to stay on top of my game, so that I can rely on other people to create some flows when my  brain just doesn’t feel like thinking of anything new. I was painfully sore from OrangeTheory this morning (crazy “tornado” day yesterday… does anyone know what that is?! For our first assignment in my teacher training we’ve been asked to describe who we are (or who we want to be) as a yoga teacher. A photo from my first ever yoga shoot with Ty Ty, back in 2012 right when I finished my training.
Well, I believe the yoga teacher inside of me has always been there… Even when I am not teaching, and even though I have gone through waves of dedication and commitment to my yoga practice.
I can see myself eventually teaching yoga to children and also teaching yoga as a healing method for children with behavioral problems — that would be my ultimate dream. My mission as a yoga teacher is to help people get out of their heads and into their bodies, and to remind them that there is so much more to life than the routines and challenges that often feel like they’re taking us over.
I usually like to add in a few more ingredients, because let’s be real. If I can turn anything into a superfood extravaganza (or make it chocolate), I sure as heck will. Anyway, however you may feel about Kourt & her T-Swift controversial fam bam, the girl is a health nut. So I went to the store to buy some avocados (of course I already had almond milk on hand — duh-skis), and the rest was history.
I LOOOOOVE this breakfast because it is light and healthy as can be, but also has some “meat” to it, if you will. I also love to make my avocado pudding chocolatey, because I love chocolate more than anything. I prefer the latter, because I like my meals to have as much protein content as possible… Especially since this is my go-to post-workout or pre-workout breakfast. Truth be told, ever since my girl Louise from Kura shared the exciting news with me, I have hit up CVS a LOT more lately, and I have found a lot of other healthy & organic options… Which makes me happy as can be. Let’s also re-hash the things I LOVE about Kura, and then I will share the full recipe with you below, along with a video!
You may have noticed from my Lifestyle Blogger Dilemma post about a month ago that sometimes being a lifestyle blogger vs. Since I love ALL of it, but I also like to see some serious consistency when I can, let’s pick & choose together. But this essential vitamin actually remains one of the most effective ingredients for aging skin.
Since vitamin A is not stored in the body or skin, it needs to be applied nightly to really strengthen the skin. One interesting property of mandelic is its ability to help loosen up the glue-like substance around the skin cells, which allows the vitamin A to penetrate the dermis and work to its full potential. Certain plant stem cells, such as those from the lilac leaf, provide cellular protection, reduce inflammation, and protects against UV damage. And through the encapsulation process, even the most sensitive skins have a way to realize the benefits of vitamin A. This time of year, you may find clients in need of rehydration and repair from too much time in the sun or warm weather. Help clients counteract the damage, restore the skin’s health, and prepare for the transition into the new season with a treatment focused on infusing the skin with oxygen and vitamin C.
It provides cellular respiration, a vital part of maintaining healthy skin as this detoxifies and fuels cellular activity.
It starts with a good cleanse and exfoliation to pave the way for the oxygen to penetrate deep into the cells. Blending a physical exfoliator with the H2O2 Emulsion, which is an oxygen-based formula, will help boost its ability to detoxify and aid in tissue respiration, loosen trapped surface debris, and brighten tone. Peptide 38 and Pumpkin E Serum may also be applied for additional hydration, antioxidants, and skin-building support. The session touched on the science behind these treatments, optimal skin types to receive them, achievable outcomes, and how to incorporate them into your aesthetic practice. But, as with any resurfacing procedure, proper training and precautions must be taken before introducing the treatment to clients. You want to be careful not to bring the skin to the point of bleeding, rather keep the stimulation at the superficial level.

Therapy E Serum and Hyaluronic Serum may also be applied during the procedure to deliver hydration to the tissue, and reduce inflammation created from the needling. As a rule of thumb, clients will avoid waxing or resurfacing treatments a couple of weeks leading up to the procedure.
This knowledge will enable you to enhance the results and recovery time, not to mention set your practice a part. We know and love scrubs for their exfoliating, softening, and deep-cleaning properties, but by blending them with other formulations, you can create customized scrubs designed to support client’s specific skin needs. It starts with identifying the outcome you wish to achieve, understanding how ingredients synergize, and using a quality base scrub.
Primary forms of granules used in scrubs include pumice, jojoba beads, diatomaceous earth, pearl powder, and bamboo, and each works with skin differently. They will naturally allow the oil to melt into the skin to further soften sebum and skin cells.
The powder is derived from ground bamboo stems – it works for both facial and body scrubs.
The Bamboo Scrub uses bamboo (of course) as well as pearl powder and jojoba esters to hydrate, replenish, and stimulate the skin while providing antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. On its own it will offer a great cleanse, but to deepen the cleanse blend Buffed with the Beta Green Tea Cleanser. The most important thing is to know the client’s skin and what will best produce the desired outcome, and always opt for natural, tried-and-true, quality ingredients. Yes, these mass-marketed sensations that promise the world in a bottle, but really only deliver ho-hum results at best, and a mess to clean up at worse, have challenged skin care professionals since the beginning of the profession. Chances are your clients have inquired about a Rodan and Fields, Arbonne, or Nerium product.
For one, representatives who sell them are not required to undergo any professional skin care training.
You understand what makes their skin unique and how different ingredients are either going to work in harmony with their skin or work against it. For instance, you might say something like, “I have researched and selected my retail products very carefully.
As well as the fact that they were developed by a licensed aesthetician with a background in cosmeceuticals.
Remember, fad buying and flavors of the month will always exist, and women will always have their eye out for the next thing that promises to turn back the hands of time. Inevitably, they often do come back with a half empty jar of a product that cost several hundred dollars to show you the culprit behind an undesirable outcome. The best place to start is by analyzing and detecting patterns in the types of clients you service.
For instance, if you have an acne care home system, group a cleanser, corrective, and skin-building and protection formula together.
Be sure the area is dust free as this will tend to make clients think the products have been sitting for a while and may not be fresh. This will come naturally following a treatment as you may recommend a home care system to enhance and maintain the desired results.
It has to do with the choice of natural ingredients used to elicit color or not using a lot of stabilizers, sometimes it is due to the actives themselves and how they begin to shift over time.
With the right blend of flower and other rejuvenating acids, bright, healthy, smooth, and firm skin may be achieved without the down time that comes with invasive treatments.
These non-irritating, yet powerful rejuvenators provide potent re-youth and brightening benefits, protect from free radicals, deliver hydration and antioxidant support. The Maui Peel, Mandelic Arginine Peel, and Hibiscus Peel stimulate collagen production, hydrate, and reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
The unique combination of rejuvenating flower and wine acids in the Lotus Peel, Apple Wine Peel, and the Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel works to brighten, tighten, and protect the skin from free-radical damage. Typically enzymes and acids used prior to a microdermabrasion treatment will aid in loosening the cells of the stratum corneum to complete the lifting process, and more effectively smooth and polish the skin. Remember to always use caution and assess the client’s skin before performing any advanced modalities, especially in tandem with other rejuvenating treatments.
And where this is most common is in working with skins of varying ancestries simply because every skin comes with it’s own set of challenges and sensitivities.
However, it’s also all the more reason to seek the proper training to overcome the fear.
To help skincare professionals understand how ancestry impacts the skin, and how to safely and effectively work with all skins to create optimum results.
It will brighten and even the skin ton, smooth and soften rough texture, and improve acne conditions. This is followed by a combination of the Cell Conditioner and Melanin Suppressant Solution as a pre-peel to help prevent PIH, stimulate collagen production, and deliver anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial support. This will stimulate desquamation, smooth the skin, reduce fine lines and uneven pigmentation, and leave the skin absolutely radiant. But being adept in working with skin of any color is a tremendous asset – and that is why we decided to make 2016 the year of colour! This post will cover some of the key components of the Skin of Colour Facial and why certain ingredients were selected. It offers a gentle, yet effective enzymatic exfoliation while infusing the skin with nourishing, corrective support. That is why this treatment begins with a nourishing cleanse using a combination of the Milk Plus and Melanin Suppressant Solution, followed by the Cell Conditioner.
This time, however, it is layered with growth factors (via the Growth Factor Serum Plus), Daytime Defense SPF30, and Hydra Complex. Progressive treatments and corrective facials are generally the best place to start, particularly if there is scarring or hyperpigmentation. Derived from almonds, this antiseptic rejuvenating acid has lightening and restorative properties.
It is a relatively safe, low-risk acid, as it is self-neutralizing and produces a drying and lifting effect. It assists in the synthesis of collagen, aids in the formation of blood vessels and encourages healthy cell formation.
Look to the Rhonda Allison Melanin Suppressant Solution to brighten the skin, and provide antibacterial and antioxidant support, while minimizing PIH during the peel.
While this truly is a personal journey for every individual, there are a few things you might consider incorporating that that can help you have a stand out year – personally and professionally. You might seek out educational webinars (the ASCP is a good resource for these), industry conferences like Face & Body or IECSC, continued education courses, or training sessions in your local area (often these are provided by product manufacturers).
Your network can be large or small, but it will only be effective if you work to strengthening it. New experiences help us grow, widen our views, or even pick up new approaches to something. And we know one thing that might help fulfill all of the above mentioned…the RA Symposium. Though the season is filled with merriment and joy, it’s also not without its stresses.
It features the limited edition Cherry Cleanser, a triple pre-peel and the illuminating Hibiscus Peel. Following the prep, a three-step process using the Cell Conditioner, Liquid Enzyme Peel and Melanin Suppressant Solution will start the rejuvenation process and pave the way for the Hibiscus Peel that follows. It offers relaxation, soothing support, and hot and cold therapy sensations, and will leave the skin absolutely radiant. During the glimmering enzyme polish step, the Liquid Enzyme Peel and Skin Brightening Enzyme will brighten the skin, soften and digest cells, and aid in the suppression of melanin. Start with the Mandelic Arginine Peel gently massaged into the skin to start the gentle rejuvenation and cellular repair.
As such, we wanted to provide some tips and best practices for color matching and application, so you can give your clients the gift of glowing, radiant skin this season.
We recommend inquiring about the client’s ancestry, as well as analyzing their pigment. Deciding whether the crème or the powder is right for your client is a matter of hydration level in the skin. It also creates a beautiful, vibrant glow when applied with our specialized brush in a circular motion while gently pressing. With proper shade selection and application, they will be hooked on the results and the benefits it provides.
There may be depressed scars, also known as pits, or they may take the shape of raised scars known as hypertrophic. For instance, those who have inflammatory acne (cyst and nodules) and particularly if they delay treatment, or if the individual picks or squeezes the acne, may experience scarring after the acne clears.
However, aesthetic professionals also have a number of non-invasive tools at their disposal to help clients smooth the scarring.
Overall, modalities that work to smooth acne-scarred skin in the treatment room include peels, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion.
The peel is done after the microdermabrasion, for better absorption of the acid and deeper exfoliation.
Pre- and post-treatments absolutely impact results, however, and should be a part of every peel. This is an opportunity to create a truly custom treatment based on your client’s skin care needs and desired results. Supporting the skin through the trauma will ensure proper healing and reduce the probability of complications. Hydrocortisone and willow herb, a natural cortisone, will help soothe and calm the skin during the peeling process. If clients are particularly prone to PIH, send them home with epidermal growth factors to support the healing and repair process. However, you must be able to read the client’s skin and take into account the type of treatment to customize a post-treatment plan specific to their needs. DNA damage to the skin cells, caused by UV exposure, hormonal changes, certain medications, and other health issues, result in the steady distribution of melanin. Since it is typically more stable and less sensitizing than HQ it’s a great alternative for those with sensitivities.
The goal is to maintain optimum health, or restore it to optimum health so it may properly control pigmentation.
In this post, I’ll go over best practices for hashtag usage, photos, and making yourself more discoverable.
Some phones have a square photo setting, but if you need to do some post editing, there are free tools available for resizing the image. Start to build a relationship with them by liking their photos as a way to introduce your brand. Each capsule delivers 5 billion CFU Probiotic Bacteria Complex containing Renews Your Digestive health. Bifantis (Bifidobacterium infantis 35624) is the pure probiotic ingredient found only in Align. We did everything we could to For optimal health this organic probiotic is the best on the market. In order to get the maximum benefits of probiotics for IBS there are 10 basic rules to follow when using probiotics for treatment of your Irritable Bowel Disease. Probiotics should be used cautiously by pregnant women infants and young children and never given to premature infants. Probiotics short course and Align Probiotic Bloating strains compiled from several sources. Plus: Find out how life space broad spectrum probiotic capsules vitamin D probiotics and seeds ranging from chia to pumpkin can pump up your weight loss Dr.
Other drugs that can cause an overgrowth of Candida are birth control pills and corticosteroids such as prednisone. Laser acupuncture plus probiotics may help prevent asthma attacks in school-aged children with intermittent or mild persistent asthma.
VSL#3 is a medical food probiotic that is intended to be used under the supervision of a physician.
Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or large bowel cancer, includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. 8, 2012 I had a live blood microscopy with Rick Panson, a microbiologist, at the Live-Live store in NYC.
I like to wake up with a full schedule on my calendar, places to be, people to be with, things to do, blog posts to write, projects to work on, fitness classes to take, recipes to try out, photos to edit, events to attend, yada yada. Something that I am energetically ready for because I’ve conserved energy in other ways, and also something that is going to make me feel productive & baller rather than emotionally or socially DRAINED. We glorify the word busy because it is often associated with being productive, successful, social, and having a life full of interesting things. I began the summer with a ton of travel, lots of commitments, and my usual full-to-the-brim schedule. I have been saying “yes” to coffee dates, workout dates, catch up seshes with people I don’t get to see often, and staying out later on the weekends (when I am in my super-productive mode, I don’t like to stay out too late — my days are FULL!). I have also been prioritizing my workouts, and have been steadily reincorporating yoga into my routine, and also doing OTF 4-5 times a week.
To work, to being stressed, to being busy, to other people, to ideas about ourSELVES, to goals and ideas that we have and situations that we want to predict the outcomes of. Yesterday and today, I had to learn to detach from the crazy looming stress that I felt about having too much work on my plate for the next week and a half.
I am game for it, and excited about it, but man — it is not what I expected exactly and I have to let go of the attachment to what I thought it would be like. One thing leads to the next, and if we can remain calm and content regardless of the little triggers — we will never get to the point of feeling full-blown upset and stressed out.
I had the best morning at Soul Cycle, and a great day yesterday at the Alo Yoga Beach House in Malibu. Nothing productive comes from trying to cross things off your list when you are in full-blown panic mode. If you fill your plate strictly with things you enjoy (even if they are work related they can be enjoyable ENOUGH), then you will not get burnt out nearly as easily. I felt super inspired to make a new YouTube video a few days ago — a 20 minute long vid no less, LOL — and figured I’d share the deetski deets with you here in case you haven’t watched it yet or wanted to hear more!
And for anyone who wants the bullet points broken down into reader-friendly tidbits instead of chatty kathy with Huddy sleeping like a baby in the background, here ya go! Surround yourself with GOOD people, so that the trolls can’t get to you, because your real life crew has your back. They’re taking out their anger and insecurity on you, which is totally unfair, but you are just their target.
If you make your choices for a reason, then you can defend yourself (even if you do so in your head!) whenever and however you need to. People who are already saying something rude to you on the Internet are online to argue, and they enjoy the controversy. No need to try to change anything in your life to appease them, or feel sorry for yourself because they don’t like you or don’t want to be friends with you. It’s been a while since I’ve written a Loving Lately post, but mannnnn do  you know how much I love these?! Luckily, I get to try out all sorts of yummy new products to share with you guys on the blog — and the more cooking I do, the more healthy brands I get to share! I like chocolate g-free granola, coconut shreds, raspberries and almonds for an extra crunch!!
I had a really fun recipe video that I had to take down last week because it accidentally conflicted with a brand that I am working with (totally my bad), but it was such a blast making it that I want to start a “TBB Kitchen” YouTube series. I still love Snapchat, but there is definitely a special place in my heart right now for Instagram video. On top of it all, this fruity Alba Botanica scrub smells like heaven in a bottle & will make your skin feel so silky smooooth.
I did a little teaser of this recipe on Instagram, and also a little BTS of it on my Insta story! Plus, the blender is also really beautiful & fits right in with the light + bright theme of my kitchen… Which is why I included it in a bunch of the recipe photos, so you guys can get the FULL vibe!
Traditional Nutella is made from sugar (first & foremost — no bueno), modified palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, lecithin, and vanillin. Hazelnuts (I like dry-roasted from Whole Foods), some form of cacao powder, some water or nut milk (to help blend), a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, a bit of stevia (if you like things as sweet as I do!), and some vanilla extract! You’ll need to turn the blender off to stir and scrape the sides quite a bit, because hazelnuts are tough to blend in one fell swoop.
It is my go-to for nut butters, nut milks, smoothies, homemade face masks, soups, homemade lotions (next up on the bloggy!) and more. I wish I would have made a video with this recipe… Lots of TBB Kitchen recipes coming to #TBBTV Youtube channel soon! For breakfast I had a bomb (and I mean bomb) “chocolate birthday cake” flavored protein bar with actual sprinkles on it… Something I never would have touched during my eating disorder days, or even months ago in one of my many super duper serious clean eating spurts. Clearly you guys know I suffered from severe orthorexia, because I was very open about it (if you don’t know, you can read all about it here… Like, ALL about it). But I have stomach problems, and food intolerances, and have had all sort of gastrointestinal, hormone, cortisol, skin, blood sugar and SIBO issues post-eating disorder that left it pretty hard to be “lax” about food.
Heck, I even struggled on my recent family vaycay to Kauai because it’s still hard for me to be out of my routine & maintain the food freedom I have fought so hard for… with no access to a kitchen or any restaurant that I am used to. Now the working up to listening to your body and not letting all of your other thoughts and issues with food get in the way, that’s the real work. Eating intuitively versus having a labeled diet versus throwing caution to the wind and giving in to anything that FEELS like a craving. For me, this is where exercise, healthy choices, passion for wellness, counting macros, and eating for how I FEEL comes into play. She has inspired me to try the “IIFYM” lifestyle and take it seriously instead of writing it off as some gimmicky fad like so many of the labeled diets are out there. Ultimately, accepting that she would like to be healthier so she can enjoy her LIFE to the fullest, while also loving herself & being kind to her body through the entire process. I am attracted to passion, realness, personality, confidence, acceptance, and the road that it takes to get there. That home practice that goes innnnn and out, up and down depending on how much running & HIIT I’m doing, whether I’m traveling, or if I just fall off of that restorative yoga home practice wagon!
Including our style of teaching, style of yoga, unique areas of emphasis and mission as a yoga teacher.
From the moment I stepped onto my mat for the first time when I was 15 years old, at Zuda Yoga in Sacramento on a rainy December Sunday morning, I was hooked. I was entirely captivated by the practice. I was in high school, and had to beg my parents every time I wanted to do something yoga related.
I desperately wanted to do my 300-hour so I could learn more and feel like a REAL yoga teacher instead of such a semi-uncomfortable, hadn’t-found-my-voice-yet newbie.
I went on a yoga retreat in May with two of my favorite teachers (Laura Conley & Jocelyn Soloman!), and with every passing day I felt more and more like myself. For years I preferred sweaty, fast-paced power vinyasa flows, but lately (thanks to becoming a “runner” in my spare time) I have been very, very appreciative of slower paced, level 1 restorative classes. To tap into their minds and reach their psyches in a whole new way with the practice of yoga. I would love to be able to bring my yoga teaching method & voice back to my blog, so I can reach my audience and followers (YOU GUYS) with new teachings and give them a taste of how much I adore this practice and what it has done for my life. Avocados are super filling, thanks to their abundance of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, Vitamin K, folate, and more.
And sometimes a good breakfast pudding is just made so very much more exciting & delicious by being chocolatey. You can either had a tablespoon of cacao powder, or you can add a nice big scoop of chocolate protein powder. You may remember them from my choco banana smoothie recipe in December, or because you may have stumbled upon them in CVS, where they are now available nationwide! But, in some cases, even sporadic use may prove too irritating for skins with certain sensitivities. It also has been shown to bring UVA damaged skin back to health, and works to stimulate cellular cohesion and fight bacteria.
It works in tandem with the vitamin A to support collagen and elastin synthesis, while also delivering antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.
Depending on the skin type and your goals you might begin with the Brightening Cleanser, Beta Green Tea, or Foaming Peptide Cleanser followed by a second cleanse with the Maui Cleanser. The blend of low-strength acids in the H2O2 Emulsion also offer regeneration and rejuvenation to all skin types.
A combination of the 12 Flower Mask and Milk Mask (aside from being pure bliss) further aid in brightening and strengthening the skin. And, this may go without saying, use the Daytime Defense SPF30 to protect the healthy skin you just created.
To begin, you will want to prepare the skin with a lactic acid (L) or salicylic acid-based cleanser, such as the Beta Green Tea Cleanser or Maui Cleanser, to remove surface build up and bacteria. Jojoba beads can be found in the Gentle Jojoba Beads, which provides an emulsifying, lathering cleanse while delivering pure oil hydration and eliminating pore build-up. It has hydrating, replenishing and stimulating properties that boost the effects of brightening and cleansing ingredients.
When acne, aging, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation occur for different reasons in different skin types, these products simply can’t be expected to live up to their promises.
They have to make these less active so that anyone can simply open the package and start using it without any sort of guidance by a skin care professional.
Skin care is an emotionally driven purchase – most want to look better, younger, fast.
What are the common skin challenges they have and what are their expectations for their skin?
Too sparse of a display may convey these are the last few stragglers that couldn’t sell and too many of one item may seem like no one is buying it! Or you might group by theme, such as all green tea-based products or a special summer skin care regimen together. But older product that has clearly outlived its shelf life, particularly if it is changed in appearance will just psychologically cause the client to feel as if there is a problem. We are in such a high-touch industry and clients want to see, touch, smell, and feel a product before they commit to buying.
In other instances, you might offer a quick skin assessment then offer a customized system or educate clients on specific ingredients, what they do and why they may be effective for their particular skin. The Melanin Suppressant Solution brighten, while Seam Gems and Omega 6 EFA support the rebuild of healthy, strong cells.
Using them after will allow for lifting of cells that still adhere, prompting the enzyme or acid to work harder and enhance the rejuvenation. After all dexterity in the treatment room is ultimately what will help set your practice apart. Send clients home with care instructions and some skin-building formulas like the Hyaluronic Serum, MVC Serum, and Daytime Defense SPF30. This combination works to safely prep the skin, deliver antioxidant support, inhibit melanin production, and stimulate collagen activity. Following the enzymatic exfoliation, the Mandelic Arginine Peel will further prevent the formation of damaging radicals. Growth factors are essential to wound healing and the rebuilding process, and the Daytime Defense SPF30 will protect the beautiful work you just did. Progressive peelings and corrective facials are best to start with, and use extreme caution with microdermabrasion. We offer a number of webinars, seminars at conferences, our 90 Day Live series, and in 2016 we’re also introducing our RA Symposium. You might even consider adding an area of specialization, such as working with men or skin of color or oncology patients. You might consider traveling to a foreign destination, reading a book outside of your norm, shadowing another aesthetician who operates in a different area or who specializes in different modality than you, attending a different conference, the list goes on. That might be through meditation, yoga, being in nature, or simply reading a book – whatever it is that brings you bliss. There will be plenty of opportunities for learning new skills, strengthening your network, and you will most certainly be a part of a new experience (not to mention being surrounded by breathtaking nature). On top of it all, there is often a near endless list of parties and gatherings to attend over the course of the month.
Using the flavors of the season, you can give your clients a bit of holiday decadence, and indulge the skin and the senses…without the calories.
At this point the cold and hot therapy come in with chilled ice globes gently rolled over the skin, followed by a hot compress wrapped around the face and neck. Getting a clear picture of what influences their skin tone is key, as the pigments in the RA Illuma Colour will blend with the individual’s tone to create a true color match.
This process stimulates collagen production, however if too little or too much is produced, a scar will form. In most cases it will require creating a treatment plan, one that involves several treatments and proper home care in between.
Note this requires very specific training and caution is advised when combining with acids. Before they begin a painting, they prime the canvas, and once they’ve finished they seal it to preserve their masterpiece. Ingredient suggestions: bellis perennis flower, arbutin (L), kojic acid, and lactic acid (L). I should note too, a peel should never be performed if you are not prepared to treat the complications of that peel.
The proper pre- and post-care treatment will be essential to creating the best possible outcome and that will keep your clients coming back for more.
These, as you may know, produce melanin – an action that occurs in the granular layer. As excess melanin is produced, and dispersing of these pigments is interrupted, hyperpigmentation forms.
Keep in mind, though Instagram allows Facebook sharing, currently it’s only to personal accounts. Research has found that these live microorganisms are In fact studies have also shown that children attending daycare catch fewer colds and the flu if they are given probiotic supplements containing acidophilus bifidus or both. Do not heat your Greek yogurt over 120 degrees Fahrenheit which can destroy the bacteria in the yogurt. We only use antibiotics as truly needed and probiotics benefits may be more generally avoid probiotics breastfeeding gas broad-spectrum antibiotics to protect the natural microflora of the body.
By feeding your dog food with live probiotics after it has been cooked and cooled Common sources of natural fibers in healthy dog food include flaxseed and oatmeal. Real Mass Probiotic Series per day as part of a well-balanced Diet which includes whole food and other calorie sources. Life 5 is a high-potency probiotic representing the culmination of years of extensive can probiotic cure uti research. Probiotics do not permanently colonize the gut so within 3-7 days Align Probiotic Bloating of stop taking them this effect should diminish.
Prebiotics is a plant fiber which is a nutrition source for good bacteria already in the gut. Patients with suspected hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer (HNPCC), familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and attenuated FAP, see the NCCN Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines.
I like to do that as a general rule — but on the flip side, I also like to have days where I can chill and think, “What in the world do I feel like doing today?” It’s HEALTHY to have days off. I have been reading a lot, planning things that I REALLY want to do, and getting used to my new yoga teacher training schedule. I was still working of course, but doing it on a smaller scale and not letting it totally dominate my day. I have partially done this to myself by accepting too much at once and overcommitting myself and also trying to make all of my plans happen regardless of the epic mountain of work that I have to do, and that’s okay.
I also have to let go of attachment to the kind of teacher I thought I was — because it turns out, folks, I have a lot of practice ahead of me. It includes being a business owner and a blogger and a friend and a sister and a daughter and an aunt and a yogi and a runner and a writer. Being surrounded by so many fun, inspiring, people who I love certainly helps make juggling this “life” thing quite a bit easier.
Work commitments, partnerships, even people (rare tho, but sometimes), and anything that feels like it’s energy DRAINING rather than energy ENHANCING. Read a book, get a massage, go on an adventure with a friend, turn the TV on and zone out, whatever makes you feel balanced as opposed to the energetically crazy days.
They can shake you out if it when the negativity gets to you (because inevitably sometimes it does).
If you spend your time hating them or harboring negative thoughts toward them, that negativity consumes you and affects YOU. If you make big life choices on a whim (we’ve all been there), then it’s quite a bit easier to let other people’s opinions shake you up. They have their own issues, as stated in #2, and whatever you say to them, no matter how true and calm your words are, they will likely twist into something you didn’t mean. Sharing the things I’m loving lately with you guys, in my typical #OCDlistformat ways, is something that just makes my heart happy, happy, happy. I am super stoked to share this one, as I am always looking for dairy-free milks to switch up my usual almond milk routine. It’s great to have everything all in one place… And since I have so many of you guys following along on Instagram, it’s great to put in-the-moment video content right there instead of trying to lead people over to Snap for all the fun stuff!

A few of you guessed what it was, I mean I guess it wasn’t that shocking once you saw the hazelnuts & the Philosophie cacao magic (chocolate superfood powder!) in the pic — but yes, those of you who guessed HEALTHY HOMEMADE NUTELLA… You were right! Because when you’re messing around with cups on cups of hazelnuts, you don’t want to be stuck with a mediocre blender trying to get the job done… At that point, you’d probably have to add so much liquid to make it blend that it wouldn’t turn out very buttery, but rather liquidy. Plus, because of all the additives and junk in it, Nutella doesn’t eve really have the high protein per gram or healthy fat per gram content that hazelnuts actually do! The confidence that comes along with treating my body well, seeing the physical results, and being so damn proud of myself for making it to this point. The awesome thing about IIFYM is that it’s also known as FLEXIBLE DIETING… An incredible tool and resource for people post-eating disorder. I am attracted to people who have been through something… Who don’t throw in the towel when life gets complicated AF. You deserve food freedom, and you deserve to look in the mirror and be madly in love with everything about the person staring back at you. Even for people who have already STARTED yoga… They are so foundational & I find them so helpful to just inspire me to get on the mat when I’m at home. I am stoked to get to reading them… Since I did my 200-hour training when I was still in college, I feel like it will be an entirely different experience for me this time around. Wanderlust, Baron Baptiste’s 40 Day Transformation, and eventually the teacher training I did in 2012.
It has far less to do with my 200-hour certification and far more to do with my deep yearning to share my love of yoga with others.
I have also learned a lot about Ayurveda in the last few months, and will be doing a 5-day Panchakarma a few weeks after this training starts, and would love to incorporate Ayurveda into my teaching (a large reason why I chose the fab Gigi Snyder as my mentor!). I assume I will end up as a “mixed” teacher of fast-paced, cardio flows (gotta satiate the extreme, adrenaline junkie side of my personality!) and also a teacher of mindful, spiritual, Ayurveda-inspired restorative flows. It’s been a rough summer with a lot of change and internal work, and this will be the perfect supplement to continue exploring MYSELF, my beloved yoga practice, and hopefully meet some incredible people along the way.
It’s pretty amazing and thrilling for them (and their supporters, like me) because they are a small, nutrition-focused brand from New Zealand. Also, thanks so, SO much for all of your fab responses to my post from yesterday asking what you guys would like to see most on my blog. In a way, I LOVE it, because I do feel that it would get old to only post about one subject day in and day out.
This is particularly beneficial this time of year with the skin being subject to sun, excess heat, air travel, and dry climates. A second cleanse with a very gentle scrub or liquefying enzyme, like the Derma Peel, may also be performed to ensure a clean surface to work from.
This amazing scrub, dissolves surface residue, and provides a deep cleanse and antioxidant support. And they may have even come back to you with their tale between their legs after having dismal results.
The way around this is through education, realizing that it is a huge disservice to not offer home care products to your clients, and understanding a few fundamentals of an effective retail display.
This, of course, will allow you to determine which essential items, correctives and skin-nourishing products to keep on the shelf. Some of this will come through the treatment you just performed on their skin, but it is nice for them to be able to pick it up and try it. Ancestry plays a major role in how the skin will respond to certain topicals and treatments. You can do this with a simple email, a quick phone call, a handwritten note, sharing their posts on social media, or even attending community or industry events and conferences. Finish with the Cucumber Spritz, Peptide Primer and RA Illumi Colour Natural Mineral Crème to send clients off with hydrated, radiant, and glowing skin. In the week following the treatment, clients may also use a retinal like the ChronoPeptide A or Salicylic Serum to continue the gentle exfoliation and rebuilding. The skin, much like a canvas, needs to be primed to stimulate the rejuvenation process and prepare the skin for what is to come. It is also ok to recommend Tylenol or Advil, if needed, and if there aren’t any allergies. This is a natural and necessary process as pigments give us skin color and also provide a unique defense system against UV radiation. Be sure clients are regularly exfoliating, boosting the skin’s strength with nutrient-rich and skin-building ingredients, and protecting it with a good mineral-based sun protection. Microbial ecology of the gastrointestinal tract of fish and the potential application of probiotics and prebiotics in finfish The #1 probiotic supplement worldwide*1. Rigorous new research finds that probiotics modify the gut microbiota to prevent deadly brain deterioration in patients with cirrhosis of the liver.
Different supplements and natural food probiotics side effects anxiety sources such as probiotics and soluble fiber can play a huge role in your overall health. Probiotics are associated with treating everything from IBS to certain forms of cancer allergies eczema and even the effects of aging.Probiotics For Dummies reveals how taking the right Supplementing Your Diet.
This pathway provides guidance on the staging of adult patients with histologically proven colorectal cancer.
He spent an hour going over what he saw in my blood as well as giving me pointers that would move me into a greater state of health. But what I don’t like is the way that people use the word busy as an excuse for not being available, or as the first word that comes to mind when you ask them how they’ve been lately.
No matter how I tried to imagine how I would tackle it all, it left me feeling psycho and in way too deep. That is all you can do, and inevitably in the process, it all starts to seem easier and easier. I can try to have that control, but at a certain point holding onto that control becomes an attachment issue in itself. And from watching their channels I feel like I legit KNOW them, and that’s how I want you guys to feel with me!
This also requires being there for your friends when they need you, because being a true, supportive, ride or die friend is a two way straight! Control your reactions, because disliking them is only going to wear on you versus bother them. The best way to find that confidence is by self-reflection: through journaling, meditation, therapy, yoga, conversations with friends, deep thought with yourself. These people are often very, VERY good at arguing, and they love the argumentation aspect of being mean to someone. When I DO cook at home on a regular basis, I find that it’s easier to stay consistent with it and I actually crave simple, healthy home cooked meals versus saucy, complex restaurant meals. Full deets to come, but in the meeeeantime there are tons of other ways I am working on my self-care.
I started going to the one right by my house in Brentwood, and even more recently discovered the studio in Westwood — and for some reason, my heart totally belongs to that studio. Also, funny moment… Did you see my Instagram video of me rubbing this on my legs originally thinking it was lotion, because of how adorable & lotion-esque the packaging is?! I try not to put ANY modified palm oil into my body, because it’s genetically modified and therefore messes with our hardworking hormones. Set (attainable) fitness-related goals. This, I believe, is the number one thing that has personally helped me find true recovery from my eating disordered mentality.
I find that what works for ME personally is reeling in the control and being very aware of what I am putting into my body. I trust myself, I am so happy & never again will I get stuck in the cycle of getting down on myself for a “bad” food decision or the extra few pounds that will inevitably come and go for the rest of my lifetime.
I remember sort of skipping through a lot of the reading and having the philosophical aspects of it go a little over my head.
I was drenched in sweat from my head to my toes, I had danced with other sweaty yogis to some super upbeat political Michael Franti jam about Obama (before Obama was president!), I was confused about every single pose the teacher called out; but by the end of the class my heart was pounding and my mind felt CLEAR for the first time in as long as I could remember.
I had to especially beg to do the teacher training, because my parents couldn’t imagine why I wanted to teach yoga on the side when I was in school and had dreams of becoming a full-time writer. In the meantime, I started my wellness & lifestyle blog, got my health coaching certification, and fell into being much more of a yoga practitioner than a teacher.
The incredible, overwhelming joy (and adrenaline rush) I get every time I stand in front of a class or even a single person to teach them a pose and share the light & love that comes along with the practice of yoga. Also, I am excited to carve out these 300-hours for ME… I am known to be a workaholic, and also a people pleaser — this will help me dedicate time to something I love, something that means the world to me on a very personal level.
It’s not every day that a non-huge, non-GMO, healthy brand gets picked up by a huuuuuge chain like CVS.
A lot of you said healthy recipes, specifically healthy DESSERT recipes, so I hope you enjoy this one.
Another tremendous benefit of micro-needling is its ability to allow other skin-building ingredients to more efficiently penetrate the skin, where they can affect cells at deeper levels and go to work.
As a general guideline, have a few (usually three) of different groupings and categories when first getting started and build up as you know your client’s patterns and as your business expands. Layering it with the MVC Serum and Hydra Complex Serum, will deepen the nourishing and strengthening of the skin, and infuse it with essential hydration.
Following the peel or any resurfacing treatment, the skin needs to be rebuilt and brought back to optimal health with proper care.
Scientists have defined Prebiotics as non-digestible foods that help good bacteria grow and flourish. Although developing and manufacturing a high-quality probiotic is complicated from your perspective pharmabiotics is easy – find a good one and take it!
And probiotic help nausea while he adores babies and also loves being with older kids he sometimes has trouble with kids his own age.
Probiotics are available in foods and dietary supplements (for example capsules tablets and powders) and in some other forms as well. I was forgetting deadlines, missing Hudson terribly while I was away, being less than present around certain people I love, realizing I hadn’t cooked at home in forever, and basically not putting myself first.
I have been working myself to the bone and feeling overwhelmed at the mere idea of everything I have on my plate for the next week and a half.
There’s always room to get to know yourself better — and when you’re confident with who you are, other people’s opinions & mean words legit don’t affect you in the same way (or at all, in some cases).
No need to stoop to their level — they’ll just engage you in a typing battle that is so not worth your time, and will leave you more frustrated than you felt to begin with. It’s also full of healthy fats, and of course 100% dairy-free for those of us with lactose intolerance and sensitive tummies. Also, if you haven’t seen this BFF Video with my BFF Brandin Cohen, I felt that it was time to circle back and re-share!! I think the more that you can get to know me, the more my blog will be able to impact you anyway! I also try not to put refined sugar into my body when I don’t need to… Especially when something can be made just as delicious and sweet without it. Am I legitimately hungry right now, or do I just feel deprived from all the recent deprivation I’ve inflicted on myself? I know that everyone’s mentality throughout recovery is different, so take this with a grain of salt.
Lately I have been dabbling in the “IIFYM” (If It Fits Your Macros) lifestyle, and I swear it has been the final push to my feeling truly, abundantly comfortable with and around food.
And you can’t always be the girl who had a protein shake at home before the party and doesn’t even touch the hors devours.
And I can honestly say that when I look in the mirror, I love, love, love the person staring back at me. I’d choose being around them over people with said perfect bodies any day — because what this whole LIFE thing is about, is personality. I wasn’t obsessing about the pain and challenges I was going through in my personal life… I was present.
It also has so much to do with the intense love I have for the practice… the way it makes my body feel, the way it opens up my heart, the way it gets me out of my head and is the ONLY thing that can break through the barriers in my heart and chest to allow me to breathe fully and deeply when I am stressed or in pain.
I wanted so badly to get back into my teaching swing — I know this is supposed to be a part of my life and what I am meant to do, in some form or another.
Or else I will probably have to end up being a kindergarten teacher because from day one of life it’s always felt like my calling.
It’s actually a very big win for us health advocates, because the more healthy & natural options that are available in mainstream stores — THE BETTER. If your client’s skin is especially dry, you may also use the Infuse 7 for deeper hydration. Align Probiotic Bloating probiotics simply dilute the vinegar can probiotics cause headache concentration. My doctor prescribed Nexium Bentyl (an anti-spasmodic) Align probiotic and even an anti-depressant as I was told those help IBS as well. It is one thing to have lab work and testing, and quite another to witness firsthand what is transpiring in your blood. I have to catch myself from being one of those people who can’t make it to things because I am “busy” with work and blog stuff. Have compassion for them because they have issues they need to work through, that’s for sure.
My current fave mac nut brand is Suncoast Gold, a fab Australian brand that uses premium, slow-roasted nuts (local to Australia, which makes them even COOLER). And then it’s like an open dialogue between us rather than me just talking at you, ya know?
I love the location, in such a cute neighborhood nestled by UCLA, next to a bunch of my fave haunts like Trader Joe’s, Tender Greens, and the adorable coffee shop Profeta that is my new lil’ inspiration work spot.
I am beyond over the moon about it, but also making it a huge point to finish my Going Viral eBook before I REALLY dive into writing the novel! Is that a real craving that I should satiate, or is that my body’s blood sugar response to the food that I ate (or didn’t eat) earlier today? I think the lifestyle works for me because I am so active — if I wasn’t, it might feel like a chore or obsession to log my daily macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) and pay so much attention to them.
But now with this whole “IIFYM” thing (if you don’t know what this lifestyle is, I’m happy to do a whole post on it or even a series of YouTube vids!) I am really opening up to a lot more variety. The body, the strength, the confidence, but most of all… The look in my eyes, that says, “Yeah, I’ve been through a lot.
I did the training with the intentions of teaching yoga afterward, but after my 200 hours I didn’t feel 100% comfortable as a teacher. Are probiotics during stomach flu you experiencing gas bloating constipation and other digestive problems? I am taking time off, like realllllllyyyy off, for the first time ever ever and I am beyond stoked. Especially since my Snapchat & Insta story are basically the same #realityshowlife thing just in different form!). And the compassion you have for them will only make you a calmer, happier, less frustrated person at the end of the day — and I care about YOU and your wellbeing. My stomach has been super at ease with all of the home cooking I’ve been doing too, which is the best thing I can ask for…!
Two other massive benefits of this company are: 1) it tastes AMAZING, like ice cream actually — best mac nut milk I have ever tasted for real, and 2) the people behind the company are wonderful and SO sweet… which you know is an absolute must in my book when I choose to promote a brand! I also just bought some yoga blocks for my apartment (I like these Gaiam ones) and yes, you’d think I would have already owned them, but I never had my own!
A fun fact about CPY: every time I post about it on Instagram or Snapchat, I get upwards of 30 responses from other bloggers and YOU GUYS saying “AHHH, I love CPY!” I think that’s kinda the definition of a great studio, right? Also STOKED about Going Viral, and have interviewed some of my fave bloggers one earth to get their tips to include in it… You guys are in for a treat!
Do I feel like an ultra healthy green shake for breakfast because my body WANTS it, or because that’s what I think I should be having?
It’s taken me years to learn and accept that that is not a BAD thing… It is not unhealthy to care and be extremely passionate about my physical fitness.
For showing me that there is a lot more to the world than I could have imagined — that my spiritual side was just waiting and wanting to come to life.
I have been laying them in my middle upper back and under my head every morning and every night and laying there meditating for about 10 mins each.
A place where people feel connected, rooted in spirituality & are able to get out of their heads, get their sweat on, and have such good vibes when they think about it that they can’t help but want to profess their love for it. Those are all questions I’ve asked myself a LOT throughout my recovery… And when I am truly in tune with my body, I can answer those questions seamlessly. I have been reintroducing so many new things into my diet like gluten-free bread, lots of sweet potatoes, rice cereal, quinoa, etc. Oh, and I know people with perfect bodies who are awesome too — and they too have had their roads & journeys to find their inner confidence.
I walked out of the studio knowing I couldn’t possibly come back soon enough — every day would hardly be enough; this practice was something I craved. I felt comfortable-ish teaching beginners… And started teaching friends at the LMU gym (where I went to school), and leading classes for my family every time I was home or when we were on vacation. I am a really big proponent of the ingredients they use, and even more than that, a fan of what they do NOT use (and by that I mean a fan that they don’t use it!!!). When I’m stuck in my head… I can convince myself that the kale salad with tempeh for every meal is DEFINITELY the way to go. It’s incredible for my anxiety, it has introduced me to some of the best people in my life, and it has been the #1 factor in my journey toward food freedom because with the fitness goals that I have, I MUST feed myself properly.
I must balance my meals, eat enough carbs, eat enough protein and fat, get adequate rest, take rest days, etc. At the bottom of the page are images that various people suffering with Morgellons graciously contributed to this site.A note on the photos. Or find the self-care routine that works for you… I think it is beyond important to take care of yourself in new ways — if you’re always doing the same things, your bod will get used to it and won’t respond with as much relaxation — so switch it up!
Being a very active person has been a saving grace in my life… and I find that when I am less active, I am less motivated to be kind to my body. I am not attaching myself too rigidly to the “IIFYM” label — because it is NOTTT my label by any means, but it is a great baseline to make sure my protein, carbs, fat, fiber, etc. Rick provided me with photos for this page and I've filled in some of the gaps with screen grabs taken from the video that was taping our session.Nov. And I also like CP1 (level 1, less heated class) for a cool down if I’ve already gone for a run or done HIIT that day. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it, and how much more down to earth (mentally) & satiated (physically) I have felt since beginning it.
Being active is my freedom; it’s opened my eyes to a world of “eating like an athlete” to take CARE of my body and do something KIND for my body. Really crazy, as I thought I already had that balance thing down before I began counting my macronutrients… but there is always room for improvement.
There are several stages of microorganisms? here which include yeast, bacteria and fibrin, fungus and mold. In the background are 'shadow cells' which were healthy red blood cells that 'popped' due to the loss of their phospolipid membranes. This can occur from an acid producing diet, and poor assimilation of nutrients.Rick's comments "Healthy blood cells will be perfectly round, nice and dark with a glowing halo around them.
Usually, if they have enough moisture inside them they are fully round because there is more pressure inside the cell then outside.""These 'shadow' or ghost cells were once perfectly healthy cells, you can see by their shape and color that they were—and they've now disappeared into the background. Every cell in the body has a double membrane of fat made up of phospholipids, a two layer membrane.
The acids can disentegrate the cell membrane as well as when your body ferments sugar, alcohol is the byproduct, and alcohol can easily melt the cell membrane.""Whatever is happening in the blood cells is happening to the rest of the body. Clotted mass of blood cells due to changes in the cells polarity, loss of natural negative electrical charge.
When there are this many cells and this little water, we are looking at the hydration level of the body. These nets act as a defense mechanism for the bacteria so that the white blood cells can't get to them. There is no doubt that that is not part of normal healthy blood, and it's way bigger then what I think could survive in your cardiovascular system without being filtered out by your filter organs.
That's why I don't think it's a fiber, per se, because it's so big compared to everything else.
From a biology point of view, my best guess is that it would be a contaminent that has nothing to do with you. The red blood cells are fermenting as the yeast eats the cell itself.Above: Neutrophils You go guys!
The other arrow is free-floating yeast, and you can see there is quite a bit of it in the blood.
SandraReply is added by wordpress automatically --> Darlene Merrill Aug 22 at 2:27 pm I had gastric bypass surgery and ever after I usually only have a bm once every couple days or so.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the most important and most effective alkalizer your body makes to try and keep alkaline balance.
However i am at a point of needing to take colon cleanse in order to have a movement and even there it can be extremely painful. I do consume fruit and vegetables daily I don’t particularly like the idea of medication and would prefer natural solutions. This is not the greatest water filter but what it does is alkaline the water, so instead of drinking water that is pH 5 or 6, one is drinking water with a pH of 8-10 giving the body a running start on staying alkaline. This has been very interesting I will increase my pear intake and when I see my physician will bring it to his attention.
The benefits of this water are it's antioxidant properties which nullify free radical scavengers, plus the extra oxygen in the water is supposed to give energy and boost alertness and memory.Candida detox Next on the plate is to tackle the candida with capyrilic acid and olive leaf extract (for about 2 months). I'm just going to take the recommended dosages on the bottles adding in one teaspoon of l-glutamine powder per day.
The glutamine assists in strengthening the gut wall and helps patch any holes left by the yeast (which could lead to leaky gut syndrome and the problems it leads to, such as food allergies and parasites) Respiration "The biggest acid you make everyday is carbonic acid.
Every cell in your body is producing carbon dioxide from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head that is also surrounded by water and the carbon dioxide plus water makes carbonic acid, that's a very simple thing to keep in mind. By looking for acid based balance the amount of acid produced per day must be equal to the amount excreted or nutralized per day. The thing that is happening is, if your body can't neutralize or eliminate the acid you stay at that level, you can't go beyond that level of health.
You are taking the chest cavity, ribs and the lungs and trying to get them to be fantastic. Do 10 deep breaths a day 3x's a day (with long exhalation), in one month you are going to have a respiratory function that is 10%-15% better then you have now. Which means 10%-15% more energy and 10-15% less fermentation because fermentation only takes place where there is no oxygen. It's the greatest tool you have and it's free."Alkalizing with baking soda "The methods of getting rid of acidity from the body are respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination.
I have type 5 I think and by that I mean it looks like someone diced an apple and put it in the toilet. The weird thing is though it only happens first thing at about 2 am till 9 am and it wakes me up. Rick gave me a great little tool (from the vet) that allows me to carry the soda in my back pocket making it more convienient to take. It’s very easy for me to insert object in my ass from outside but my poop is just thin like type 5. So please help me what can I do to correct this and I am very scared and don’t want to reveal this to anybody. So please help meReply is added by wordpress automatically --> L Jul 28 at 11:49 pm Sounds exactly like Gluten intolerance.
Try going 100% without it for at least 2 weeks and see how you feel Reply is added by wordpress automatically --> Guenevere Jul 7 at 2:47 am Hello Genevieve , I enjoyed your posts. This is problematic for those of us taking supplements upon rising which are not supposed to be taken with clay. However, I'm trying to fit it in somewhere along the line.Magnesium oxide also called Oxy-Mag (NOW makes it).
The process of oxygenating the bowel breaks down and eliminates solidified waste lodged in the large and small intestines. Beware, if you take it (up to one teaspoon at night in water with the juice of 1-2 lemons), you must leave time the next morning to eliminate fully. Rick says that eventually this watery stool will cease when the body is cleaned of accumulated waste. I try and do this once a week.Food During our session together I became increasingly confused about food. All those veggies will eventually turn to sugar so they have to be balanced out with oils and proteins.
I was told by Nancy that each meal should have a carb, oil and protein and have been following that for some time. Rick has said the same thing and suggested I start the day with a chia smoothie."The perfect breakfast would be 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, ground to be chia meal with 2 tablespoons of chlorophyl, (spirulina, chlorella or grass powders (greener grasses, alkavision greens).
Ground flax seeds can be added." "Chlorophyll is very cleansing and is a blood builder and it has a molecular structure that looks almost identical to red blood cells.
When you take the chia seed and the flax seeds which are 28% protein 40-50% omega 3 fatty acids, that's very little carbohydrate there. The greens are 100% carbohydrate and when you mix them together, now you have carbs that burn like paper and you've got fats and oils, with proteins that don't really burn.
The fats and oils are like the charcoal—now you have a sustained burn going on and then you don't ferment the sugars because the coal, the fatty acids, are there. So that breakfast with the chia seeds or flax seeds, or both, and any of those chlorophyls you are using can be a very beneficial superfood breakfast.
They time release and give it back to you so you have have nice long sustained energy with oils, proteins and carbs all day. You'd be surprised, you don't need a lot of food, what you need is the right food."Rick suggested the more chia seeds used, the less hungry one will be. In fact, chia seeds have the highest known whole-food source levels of Omega-3 acids, as measured by percent of weight.• ?Rich In Antioxidants. Chia is a great natural source of antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin and flavonols.• Full of Important Nutrients.
Chia is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper. I have found that Organic Whole Husk Psyllium has been a little instrumental in add the bulk to get things moving for me. As I also know my family has a history of stones, this product has been helpful: Planetary Herbals Stone Free (can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon)Also, I just learned this last night through a cousin.
I had never heard of this but when I looked it up online, finally, I had a name to one of my problems.
Finally I heard about garden of life probiotic with HSO and when I took it I Got sick and expelled a lot of mucus and an orange parasite. I have had a weight problem since the birth of my second child so have been on low fat diets for many years and have IBS with constipation. Also there is so much of it that 9 out of 10 times I have to plunge the toilet and it leaves remnants all on the toilet that will come off after you wait a while and re flush or clean with the toilet brush which I really don’t want to do and get it all nasty so I wait.
What do you recommend?Reply is added by wordpress automatically --> Beth Weis Jun 24 at 12:41 pm Probiotics made me a frequent pooper! About five percent of this fiber is soluble, which can help reduce cholesterol.•  Builds Endurance. Chia builds stamina and endurance because it steadily releases slow-burning glucose into the bloodstream.• ?Gluten-Free. Since essential amino acids are not produced by the body, it's important to get amino acids from nutrient-rich sources like chia seeds.
Research suggests leucine may help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in muscle recovery after exercise.• ?Stays Fresh. 16, 2012 • 2nd Live blood microscopyI saw Rick for a second live blood analysis on November 16, 2012.
No ghost cells, no rouleax or sticky blood, the red blood cells are fuller, look stronger and are hydrated. Candida has been greatly reduced in just 2+ months.?The treatment of olive leaf extract, caprylic acid and l-glutamine powder as per his suggestion for candida is working. I began addressing it by taking one capsule of both the olive leaf and caprylic acid plus one heaping tsp. After I was sure I had no reactions to this, upped the dosage to 2 caps of each with one tsp. That is not to say that the Morgellons has been effected, we saw two fibers in the dried blood samples. There seemed to me to be more bacteria in the blood and the white blood cells although they are strong and were very active were not plentiful. I attribute the lower level of white blood cell activity to the fact that I was more sedentary these past two months then normally due to a foot problem that kept me off it. Rick suggested that I do lymphatic drainage work using a brush or mitt, followed by getting on a rebounder to jumpstart the lymph moving. He feels that getting the lymphatics going will produce more white blood cells to remove the bacteria from the blood.The chia seeds in the morning are wonderful. Rick suggests way to activate more white blood cell activity by way of the lymphatic system.

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