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Helpful information and resources for thyroid patients also Creating awareness for Thyroid.
Leaky gut syndrome is a rapidly growing condition that millions of people are struggling with and don’t even know it.
According to research, leaky gut could be the cause of your food allergies, low energy, joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and slow metabolism. In this article I will outline specifically how you can heal leaky gut syndrome and breakthrough the health problems you’ve been struggling with.
Think of the lining of your digestive tract like a net with extremely small holes in it that only allow specific substances to pass through.  Your gut lining works as a barrier keeping out bigger particles that can damage your system. When someone has leaky gut (often referred to as increased intestinal permeability) the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged, which causes even bigger holes to develop in your net, so things that normally can’t pass through, are now be able to. One of the biggest warning signs that you may have leaky gut can be that you’re experiencing multiple food sensitivities. This allergic response doesn’t mean you’ll break out in a rash all over your body, but it can lead to one of the symptoms I’ve mentioned above.  And, if left un-repaired can lead to more severe health issues like inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, arthritis, eczema,2psoriasis,3 depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue.
Another problem with leaky gut is that it can cause malabsorption of vital minerals and nutrients including zinc, iron and vitamin B12. The most common components of food that can damage your intestinal lining are the proteins found in un-sprouted grains, sugar, GMO’s, and conventional dairy.
The problem with unsprouted grains is they contain large amounts of nutrient blockers called phytates and lectins. Your digestive lining is covered with sugar containing cells that help break down your food.  Lectins gravitate toward this area and when they attach to your digestive lining it damages your gut, causing inflammation. Lectins are found in many foods, not just grains, and consumed in smaller amounts your body will do just fine with them. Sprouting and fermenting grains reduces phytates and lectins, and makes these foods easier to digest. GMO and hybridized foods tend to be the highest in lectins since they have been modified to fight off bugs. Another topic I want to quickly discuss is how leaky gut can affect the brain.  If you’ve ever seen a child with autism experience a mood swing, this can be caused by intestinal permeability. This is also why leaky gut has been linked to other psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Here’s the protocol I have used with my patients over the years that has helped them see incredible results. Remember, the top foods to remove that cause leaky gut are sugar, grains, conventional meat, conventional dairy and GMO foods.  The top toxic exposures to eliminate are tap water, pesticides, NSAIDS, and antibiotics but remember to always consult with your physician if he has prescribed these for you. 5. Sprouted seeds – chia seeds, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds that have been sprouted are great sources of fiber that can help support the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Also, consuming foods that have anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats are beneficial such as grass-fed beef, lamb, and wild caught fish like salmon. There are many supplements that support your digestive health but I believe the most beneficial are: L-Glutamine, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Aloe Vera Juice, and Licorice Root. So load up on BOTH probiotic rich foods and take AT LEAST 50 billion units of probiotics daily from a high quality brand.
If you can follow the above protocol you are well on your way to healing your gut for good!
This site is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice pertaining to your health.
Join the Nation!Stay up-to-date, get tips, articles and stories that inspire, on all things thyroid! Obviously, when working to correct a deficiency, it is important to ensure that there is an adequate amount of the nutrient present in the diet and environment. Although foods sources of vitamin D are few in number, they are important to include in the diet. Another way of getting vitamin D is through supplementation, however this must be approached with caution as the vitamin industry can be quite difficult to navigate.
Getting enough of a nutrient into your system is one piece of the puzzle, however it is also crucial that your body is fully equipt to use these supplies. Consume Enough Healthy Fats- Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it is absorbed in lipids and stored in the body tissues for use.
Maintain Healthy Gut Flora- Dietary vitamin D is absorbed in the jejunum and ileum of the small intestine, and is dependent on sufficient quantities of bile salts. Supplement with Magnesium- Magnesium is a crucial cofactor for the enzymes that convert vitamin D to it's hormonally active form, calcitriol.
You can use the following remedies to have acid reflux immediate relief, and to get rid of such unpleasant discomfort in your throat.
Chew a sugar-free gum for 30 minutes after having the meal and enjoy the moment of getting immediate relief from gastro esophageal refluxes. Apple cider vinegar not only gives you fast relief but also a permanent solution for your acid reflux discomfort.
Green foods are the perfect food sources that can effectively treat your acid reflux symptoms.
Licorice is another quick fix for acid reflux in reducing gastric inflammation and soothes irritated mucus membranes. Tomatoes – because they contain lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and phenols (whatever they are).
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pinworms or threadworms are tiny, worm-like parasites that cause severe itching around the anus.
Their eggs get inside the body through the mouth after you touch something which is contaminated with pinworm eggs, then touch your hands to your mouth. According to WebMD Pyrantel Pamoate (generic name) medication may be used to self-treat pinworm infections.
Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of  liver disease, severe lack of nutrition (malnutrition), or anemia. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness until you are sure you can perform such activities safely.
The effects of some drugs can change if you take other drugs or herbal products at the same time.
There are a variety of effective home remedies for pinworms and this list contains the most popular option. This is the key to preventing and getting rid of pinworms. Very few people wash their hands properly, in a way that would kill infection and illness-causing germs, according to new research.

Simply rinsing your hands with water, or giving a quick scrub with soap, is not enough to remove germs; you need to scrub all areas of your hands with plain soap (avoid antibacterial soap) for 15-20 seconds, then rinse under running water, to be effective. Over-washing your hands can lead to cracks in your skin that provide an easy entrance for disease-causing germs; it’s particularly important to avoid over-washing your hands in arid environments or winter. Actively building up and nurturing your immune system, and the makeup of beneficial microorganisms in your gut, works in tandem with hand washing to help you avoid getting sick. When handling infected clothes or sheets, wear gloves and even a mask to prevent inhalation of the eggs. For a great video on how to use these ingredients and other tips for cleaning your home without hazardous chemicals, check out How to Keep Your Home Clean Naturally. For example, vinegar combined with hydrogen peroxide works exceptionally well as both a disinfectant and sanitizer. Shredded raw carrots eaten several times a day are a natural way to purge the worms from the intestines.
Boil 50 grams of crushed and smashed squash seeds for 15 minutes and then filter the water after it cools. The bitter gourd juice is an effective way to flush both pinworms and their eggs from the body. It is important to slightly lower the pH level of the digestive tract, to make it more unpleasant for pinworms to live in it. Please consult with your health care provider to discuss medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment AND prior taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone including me.
About CarolineMy vision is to empower you to achieve your optimal health and lead a healthy life through awareness and education.
Partially digested protein and fat can seep through your intestinal lining making their way into your bloodstream which will cause an allergic response.
Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that act as a natural defense system for plants that protect them from outside invaders like mold and parasites. But foods that have large amounts of lectins like wheat,rice, spelt, and soy are more problematic.
The component of dairy that will harm your gut is the protein A1 Casein.  Also, the pasteurization processwill destroy vital enzymes making sugars like lactose very difficult to digest. For many, this imbalance can begin at birth because of a C-section or because the mother didn’t have a healthy gut herself. Gluten and Casein-Free Diet’s have proven effective for many children with autism because these proteins can leak through the gut and then recirculate and act on the brain similarly to an opioid drug.
I’ve  had many of my patients do a bone broth fast for 3 days to help rapidly repair leaky gut.
The MCFA’s in coconut are easier to digest than other fats so better for leaky gut.  Also, coconut kefir contains probiotics that support your digestive system. But if you have severe leaky gut, you may need to start out getting your fiber from steamed vegetables and fruit. This herb is especially beneficial if someone’s leaky gut is being caused by emotional stress.
Josh Axe is an expert in nutrition and natural medicine and the author of the real food diet and founder of the burstfit interval fitness program.
We are not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage that allegedly arises from any information published in this website. This is a hot question in the health field these days, with experts estimating that between 70-90% of individuals living in the United States and Canada are deficient in vitamin D. While we generally obtain our vitamins from the foods we consume, there are no particular sources high enough in this nutrient to solely sustain our bodily requirements. There are many ways to obtain vitamin D as described in our posts on natural sources of vitamin D as well as ways to avoid this unrecognized epidemic. Having an adequate amount of healthy fats in the diet is absolutely crucial for the proper functioning of the vitamin.
Poor gastric health and food allergies can cause a binding of vitamin D in the small intestine rendering it totally unusable. When vitamin D is consumed in an individual who is low in magnesium, it cannot be properly used by the cells. Vinegar in yellow mustard is the beneficial component treating acid reflux by lowering the stomach acid pH. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
Some studies show this works to treat and prevent prostate enlargement, but a lot don’t. Centers for Disease Control CDC), pinworm infestation is twice as common as head lice, and some sources estimate as much as 20% of the U.S. Sleeping in an unclean bed or wearing unwashed clothing contaminated with eggs is another way to contract a pinworm infection. Your doctor will direct you to use this medication if the benefits to you are greater than the risk of side effects. This can increase your risk for serious side effects or may cause your medications not to work correctly.
The powdered form does not work, so try adding garlic to a variety of foods so that infected children will gain benefit from this food remedy. Take a spoonful of coconut in the morning and then follow it with castor oil two to three hours later to flush the pinworms from the body. The proper ratio is 1:10 and the added health benefits and worm fighting power are beneficial. 1 tbsp daily for adults and 1 tsp daily for the children.  I added it to smoothies, applesauce, and even water. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.  Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis, or courses of treatment.
It is to bring you simple, delicious, nutritionally dense foods and easy recipes that support the wellness of your mind, body and soul. For this reason, I only recommend buying dairy that is raw and from: A2 cows, goat’s, sheep, or buffalo. The overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs, tap water with chlorine and fluoride, and the lack of probiotic rich foods contribute to this imbalance of good and bad bacteria. I see people all the time only follow part of the protocol in healing their gut by removing the damaging irritants. Instead, vitamin D must also be synthesized under the skin in a process involving ultraviolet light exposure. As is popularly described, the very best way to get enough vitamin D is to get outside into the sunshine.

The current daily value for intake as dictated by the FDA is between 400-800 IUs (International Units).
D2 (ergocalciferol) comes primarily from irradiated yeasts and mushrooms, and is both the cheapest and easiest supplement to make. Therefore, supplementing with an isolated nutrient alone is rarely effective and can, in some cases, be detrimental.
Cholesterol is also a precursor to vitamin D, and must be consmed in adequate amounts for its synthesis to occur properly. Maintaining healthy gut flora by eating fermented foods and taking a probiotic regularly are helpful measures to promote the full absorption of all nutrients, but especially for susceptible ones such as vitamin D. Not only will vitamin D deficiency remain completely unchanged, but the metabolic work from this thwarted reaction drains magnesium from the muscles. I have read that due to the acidity of the tomatoes, the chemicals in the tin, leach out into the food.
Use caution when handling contaminated sheets and clothing as the eggs easily become airborne and can be inhaled or swallowed.
Obviously an infection must be treated, particularly bladder, or more serious problems may occur. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. If you are pregnant, do not use this medication to treat yourself without first consulting your doctor.
Make a paste by grinding a few cloves of fresh garlic until smooth and then mix with Vaseline and apply to the buttocks and rectal area to ease itching and kill any worms present. During breakfast, take one tablespoonful of fresh coconut followed a teaspoonful of castor oil three hours later.
Add this mixture to food once a day and alternate three days of use followed by three days off. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar creates an inhospitable environment for the worms and helps your body get rid of them naturally. But the part they often leave out is re-inoculating their gut with beneficial bacteria that will keep bad bacteria at bay.
It seems we have paradoxically worked our way into completely blocking out our most valuable source of vitamin D: the sunshine! Once in the body, vitamin D is converted into a hormonally active form called calcitriol, which is structurally similar to cortisone and estrogen. When the skin is touched by ultraviolet b (UVB) rays, it has the capacity to manufacture 10,000 IUs of vitamin D in just 30 minutes. However many health care providers state that an optimal intake rests somewhere between 2,000-5,000 IUs per day, with some individuals requiring "megadose supplementation" at rates that are much higher. It is the substance used for vitamin D fortified foods such as commercial milks and cereals. As gastrointestinal supporting supplements are popular on today's market, it is important to select a probiotic that is effective without additives and fillers, which will only lead to further digestive irritation. Below I’ll share with you holistic and effective ways of treating pinworms naturally. The eggs become lodged under the finger nails during scratching and then are re-ingested during eating and the cycle of infestation continues. Pinworms thrive on these types of substances and can rapidly multiply given the right nutrients. Taking it on an empty stomach is the best route and works well for kids infected with pinworms. Let it cool and take a tablespoon every fifteen minutes for a total of four doses.  Then two hours later take a laxative.
Axe is a board certified clinical nutritionist and has earned his CNS from the American College of Nutrition. This realization has sent those in the health field into a tizzy, resulting in a flurry of ground-breaking research about vitamin D and a new line of synthetically made supplementation products to fix this deficiency.
This compound plays an integral role in the orchestration of various physiological functions and is so important that most, if not all, cells in the human body have a receptor for it. The issue here however, is that each section of skin only has a certain capacity for synthesizing vitamin D, at which point it becomes saturated and will no longer contribute to the conversion process. It is important to collaborate with your natural health care practitioner to find what works best for your system. Some studies however, have found it to be minimally helpful in increasing vitamin D levels in the body. Experts explain that supplementing with 400-900 mg of transdermal magnesium in tandem with increasing vitamin D is crucial to successfully balancing deficiencies.
High fiber foods (see list of best sources of fiber) help add bulk to the stool and flush them from your system.
With studies exploring the sunshine vitamin's importance in preventing a myriad of conditions from bone fractures to cancer to depression, there is a an article released about its usefulness nearly everyday. Vitamin D is most well known for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous metabolism to maintain bone strength and development, as well as for playing an essential role in proper thyroid function, preserving a strong nervous system, regulating cardiac function and supporting the immune system.
D3 (cholecalciferol) is derived from fish and carnivorous or omnivorous mammals where it is produced in their skin and the oils of their fur.
With the modern human spending nearly 90% of their time indoors, it is particularly important to monitor vitamin D levels in areas of high pollution and smog cover, as well as during winter months in the northern hemisphere when days are shorter and the slant of the suna€™s rays at a lesser angle.
This is likely due to the high amount of plankton consumed in their food chain, which is rich in easily converted vitamin D precursors.
Athough more expensive to make, D3 has a higher affinity for vitamin D carrier proteins and hasthus been shown to to stabilize deficiency five to ten times more quickly. By helping good bacteria grow, the intestine becomes unfriendly for pinworms and is a natural way to get rid of pinworms. Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blends provide a balanced, high quality blend of fat soluble vitamins A, D and K. Perhaps it is time to consider the mechanism of this unusual vitamin and realize that like all nutrients, it certainly doesn't work alone.

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