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According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, more than 255.4 million prescriptions for statins and other lipid lowering drugs were filled in 2010.
Researchers at at McGill University in Montreal have been investigating the use of probiotics as a natural way to lower cholesterol for people who want to avoid statin side effects.
Several studies have been done suggesting that probiotics in yogurt can help lower cholesterol by breaking down bile acids, which are secreted into the intestines to digest food. The problem with yogurt is the living bacteria must pass through the stomach in large enough numbers to be effective in the intestines. The researchers also pointed out that the probiotic worked at doses of just 200 milligrams a day, far lower than the dose of soluble fiber or other natural products used to reduce cholesterol—usually between 2 to 25 grams a day. Eating enough yogurt to get the same effect would never work because the amount of fat consumed would be counterproductive to the activity of the bacteria. About Corey GibsonAfter graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Journalism and Anthropology, I managed a pizza place for a year, while freelancing for various newspapers in the area. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. One key to body acceptance I have found is being able to revel in the amazing vessel that is your body. Healthy gut bacteria not only improve digestion, but are also an essential part of our immune system. While it may seem counterintuitive to consume bacteria while still taking your antibiotic, this is actually the best time to start. Miso Soup – Made with fermented soybean paste, miso soup introduces some of the same bacteria as yogurt. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has developed quite a following in recent years.
Even with the increased emphasis our society is placing on healthy and physical fitness, it’s important to remember that we can work towards these goals without making ourselves miserable. When we are focused on exercising to burn calories or lose weight, we lose the present moment and are only focused on the outcome. Maybe it’s difficult to view running this way, but there are so many other exercises that can be enjoyed mindfully.
We’ve all been there – that moment when you realize the bag is suddenly empty and you just sat down to have a small snack. Allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food preparation and consumption by respecting your own inner wisdom.
Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to you and nourishing to your body by using all your senses to explore, savor and taste.
Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decision to begin eating and to stop eating. This process begins while food is being prepared – even just smelling food while it is cooking can help us to feel more satisfied. It sounds like a lot of thought and energy to put into something that has become so automatic, but it provides a completely different experience.
Intuitive eating is eating based on internal hunger signals, rather than external stimuli – such as social outings, the time of day, boredom or our emotional responses, and the availability of food.
In the study, researches determined an individual’s interoceptive sensitivity by asking participants to listen to their heartbeat.
Another study has shown that mindfulness meditation training can improve how much our internal awareness contributes to our overall experience (Farb et al, 2013). As we become more familiar with this practice, we can start to apply it to what and how we eat. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of the internal organs, especially the intestines. With the variety of probiotic supplements on the market, it is important to know that all probiotics are not the same.
The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics?
Everything – and everyone – we touch may harbour tiny, invisible microbes, some of which can cause illness if the conditions are right.
We try to teach our children to be generous and share their belongings, but it’s not always the best idea when it comes to sharing their germs. Germs can be spread by using other children's belongings - don't chew someone else's pencil! It’s so simple, but teaching your child to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing isn’t just polite, it makes good health sense. Of course, despite our best efforts, our children are inevitably going to encounter bad bugs and so we need to ensure that they’re healthy enough to fight these off. Our body is pretty amazing at combating the armies of bugs it encounters on a daily basis, but our immune system does need some support to ensure that it remains strong and effective. Before we become too precious about fending off the hordes of bacteria in our environments, let’s not forget that introducing our immune systems to a wide diversity of microbes is thought by many scientists to be beneficial. It’s good news then, that here at OptiBac Probiotics, we’re currently running a fantastic promotion this month on our ‘For babies & children’ supplement, so it's never been easier for you to give your children a probiotic. Even better news is that our products have such a long shelf life (promotional stock expiry date is February 2017) that you can buy enough to last your children the whole year! A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by The Institut Rosell in 2009 indicated that our ‘For babies & children’ product could reduce the incidence of infant infections, including of ear-nose-throat (ENT), bronchopulmonary or gastric disorders, by 25%. We have more fascinating facts about the use of probiotics to enhance immunity – click on these links to read more: Bifidobacterium reduces colds, Probiotics and children’s immunity and Probiotics reduce common cold symptoms. But statins often have serious side effects and some people with high cholesterol can’t tolerate them at all.
For many of the estimated 30 million plus people on statins, the drugs sap their energy and fill their bodies with aches and pains.

However, the research does show promise for a natural alternative to statins for those who can’t tolerate the drugs, or would rather not take them.
Cindy said she will become bloated when ever she over eats or has Chinese food, onions, mushrooms or any other types of salty foods. Working every weekend in sauna like conditions, never being able to take a day off and being covered in flour is something I will not miss. Every cell, every organ, every piece of your body exists with the sole purpose to care for you and keep you alive.
Remind yourself that from every single piece of you comes an amazing gift – movement, support, immunity, nourishment.
It has strength to support my spine and flexibility to allow me to bend and twist and reach. Whether your kid comes home from school with strep, or you end up with a respiratory infection from all the excess phlegm, many of us will end up being placed on antibiotics to get us back to our normal routine and able to enjoy the holidays.
More and more studies are showing that the right kinds of gut bacteria can actually help prevent against obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes. Several studies have shown benefits of consuming probiotics while taking an antibiotic, even if they don’t colonize.
Yeasts can be especially helpful during antibiotic use as the antibiotic will not prevent these organisms from growing. While I wouldn’t rely on cheese for all of your probiotic needs, it can be a good way to supplement. While fresh-made sauerkraut contains probiotics, products that have been canned are heated to sterilize them, killing off all beneficial bacteria.
While it takes a bit longer than modern methods, the benefits just might be worth the extra time.
Touted for many health benefits, the one thing we can be sure on is that this raw version will allow your intestinal flora to flourish. You may want to seek out a Korean restaurant in your area to try it first, as some consider it an acquired taste – but there are many different versions, you may just find a combination you love! This type of exercising may benefit the body – but what is it doing to the rest of us?
None of these are kind or compassionate things to say or do to yourself, but many of us do anyway because of the pressure to be fit, to be healthy, to be active.
Roller blading, dancing, yoga, gardening, biking, mountain climbing, playing on the trampoline, volleyball, intramural sports, or swimming, just to name a few. Combine foods with different colors and textures to make sure your eyes and mouth have plenty of variety. You may find yourself realizing that foods you thought you liked have lost their appeal, and others have a flavor and depth you never realized. Because many of us have grown so used to relying on these external stimuli to tell us when to eat, many of us have lost touch with our ability to even perceive how hungry we are unless we are starving or absolutely stuffed. Interoception is the perception of internal signals in the body – how aware we are of the messages our body is sending to us. This doesn’t mean feeling for a pulse, but determining their heartbeat based on awareness alone. From this, one could reasonably conclude that this training may also improve our ability to feel & honor our hunger.
Your body needs beneficial bacteria for a number of things, including healthy digestion, improved immune system function and intestinal regularity and balance.
While most probiotic supplements on the market should have some positive benefits, some are ineffective because they are cheaply made, use the wrong strains of probiotics, or they don’t contain enough of certain types of probiotics. Brownstein shared with us the top probiotic strains and the amazing effect they can have on the digestive system. Brownstein has released a new video exploring probiotics in more detail and what you can do to optimize your digestive health.
David Brownstein is a board-certified family physician, renowned holistic practitioner, and editor of Dr. Chauncey Crandall is one of America’s most sought after Cardiologists, has performed over 40,000 heart procedures, and is editor of Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer and editor of Dr. We’re all trying to cling on to the last few rays of summer sunshine, but reluctantly we have to accept that the nights are drawing in and the cardigans are coming out!
Read on for some simple tips to help keep germs at bay, and to get details of our amazing ‘Back to school’ promotion on ‘For babies & children’ – get 40% extra FREE for the whole of September! In general, infections are caused by tiny bacteria, fungi and viruses which are easily passed from person to person. Keeping very personal belongings such as water bottles, cutlery, towels and handkerchiefs to themselves is a good idea – otherwise our children may be giving and receiving more than they bargained for! Unfortunately, these areas are also the warm, moist environments that bugs just love to hang out in, and so picking at these can be a recipe for microbe mayhem. A good whooshing cough or sneeze can distribute droplets of microbe-laden moisture into the air, generously spreading germs with unsuspecting by-standers! A good diet of course, with plenty of immune-powering protein, healthy fats and slow-release carbohydrates to give energy, antioxidant-packed fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of water and fibre to help carry toxins out of the body.
Throughout September, we are offering a massive 40% extra FREE when you buy any pack of 'For babies & children' while stocks last. While big drug companies have been racing to formulate a statin substitute, Canadian researchers have found that a probiotic supplement has potential to lower cholesterol naturally without drugs.
Statins also carry warnings about possible side effects including memory loss, mental confusion, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes.
If the bile acids are broken down, the cholesterol is not reabsorbed and gets flushed out as waste. After nine weeks, the probiotic users had LDL levels 11.6 percent lower than the control group.

She tries to counteract the bloating by drinking some seltzer water or taking some antacids. But the truth is that letting go of the importance of weight is more difficult than knowing the facts.
Some gut bacteria even help your body to make vitamins that are essential for a healthy life. It can help prevent many of the uncomfortable side effects of antibiotic use (most notably diarrhea) as well as help prevent infection by other pathogenic bacteria like c. Make sure to choose a soup made with actual miso paste, as the powdered version lacks active cultures. Kefir is also great if you have lactose intolerance, as the fermentation removes much of the lactose from this drink. Available at most health food stores, and appearing at more and more grocery stores, you can make an ACV dressing for your salad, mix it with honey, or dilute a tablespoon or two into water, tea, or juice and drink with a meal. I was miserable, but I motivated myself by telling myself everything that was wrong with my body and how this was going to make it SO MUCH BETTER. These moments often happen when we are multitasking, but can happen any time when we aren’t giving our food our full attention.
As you take a bite, notice how the flavors and texture change as you chew it and move it to different parts of your mouth. With practice, you may even realize your ideas of portion size have changed and you are satisfied with less as you actually take in all of what that food has to offer. Recent research published in Appetite indicates a strong correlation between a person’s overall level of internal awareness and intuitive eating behavior (Herbert et al, 2013). Participants who were able to determine their heartbeat most accurately were more likely to be intuitive eaters. David Brownstein to help get a better understanding of which probiotics are the most effective and how they can help improve digestive health.
Though we should hopefully be charged up with some stores of sunny vitamin D, the change in the seasons can be a tough time for the immune system, particularly when we head towards winter and peak flu season. Teaching our children some basic lifestyle tips can help to avoid them picking up and spreading these nasty germs. But we also need to remember that antibiotics and our modern diets may compromise our natural gut bacteria which in turn can negatively affect immune function. It requires letting go of that sense of control that we believe we could have over our futures ‘if only if only’ we weighed a certain amount. If these cells think you are so amazingly worth it, why should it be so difficult for our minds to believe it? One reason gastrointestinal side-effects are so common is that while your antibiotic is busy fighting off the bacteria that is making you sick, it is also destroying your healthy intestinal flora.
For all of these reasons, it is important to replenish the bacteria lost over a course of antibiotics.
Feel your feet on the pavement, the wind in your face, the sun on your skin, and the energy boost as your endorphins start flowing.
Anything that gets your body moving counts – even playing in the pool with your children or going out dancing for a night with friends. Whether we’re eating out with friends, eating because we’re bored or stressed, or even just eating because it’s habit (“I always snack while I watch TV!”), our attention is divided making our bodies and minds much less likely to register what we’ve eaten. On swallowing, be aware that this food will nourish and provide energy to your body, and notice as you begin to feel less hungry and start to become full. In a world where we often eat for the sake of eating, mindful eating can be a wonderful step towards nourishing your body and yourself with food. Perhaps by practicing listening to our heartbeat, we can improve our overall awareness and improve our ability to eat intuitively. Supplementing with a good children’s probiotic that contains the best type of bacteria for their developing guts is a great way of keeping their intestinal flora in good order. One of the best ways to do this is through the supplementation of probiotics – foods that introduce healthy bacteria to your gastrointestinal tract. Below I’ve included a list of probiotic foods to help recolonize your gut after treating an infection. Rather than get frustrated and scold yourself after eating the entire container of oreos (again), it can be helpful to change the way you think about food. Don’t put anything else into your mouth, like your projects, your worries, your fear, just put the carrot in. These friendly fighters crowd out the nasties and communicate with our immune systems to ensure they respond appropriately to any incoming pathogens.
For many of us, it may be difficult to imagine our selves or our bodies having value independent from our weights.
The fat across my stomach and hips is required to house this gift, and provides a store of energy that keeps me warm and fueled throughout the day.
The nerves in my skin allow me to feel my love’s hands and arms across my stomach when he holds me and keeps me safe. Should we push ourselves to run and sweat every day, despite loathing every minute, all in the name of health? Notice any feelings that arise in your body – is there a twitch in your shoulder, or a knot in your chest, maybe a warmth in your stomach or hips? It is not necessary to know what they mean, but by practicing awareness, you will begin to learn your body’s language and what these things you notice may be trying to say. I have chosen to share what makes my stomach amazing – a part that is challenging for most of us (myself included). I can even be thankful when my stomach is pained because it lets me know that something is wrong.

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