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Your dog or cat’s gastrointestinal (GI) system is the foundation of its health and its first line of defense against disease. Categories: Cats, Dogs, Litter and Housebreaking, Litter and Housebreaking, Odor and Stain Removers, Odor and Stain Removers, Pet Supplies.
From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow. We are constantly looking for ways to not only minimise our impact on the earth, but to leave it better than we found it. The quaternary ammonium compounds found in this conditioner are actually chemicals found in fabric softeners used to wash clothes.
This product is basically synthetic water, synthetic surfactants, synthetic emulsifiers and quaternary ammonium compounds contaminated with carcinogens, a bunch of herbs and then synthetic perfumes.
Isoceteth 20 and Polysorbate 80 are both synthetic surfactants (surfactants are what creates that artificial foam experience). The top third of this product must be water, synthetic surfactants and ethoxylated ingredients contaminated with carcinogens (carcinogens cause cancer). This one has a bunch of silicon derivatives which have been shown to have toxicity to internal organs which bio-accumulate. Octocrylene reacts in the UV rays which causes free radicals – these cause aging and can be cellular disrupting for the skin. The difference between Miessence and ANYTHING else on the market is that we don’t use synthetic surfactants, nor synthetic toxic preservatives or emulsifiers in our certified organic skin care.
Miessence are a super ethical Australian organic MLM company that are completely transparent and very green. Miessence also are the first company in the world to be carbon NEGATIVE which means they actually offset more carbon than they use. Considering Arbonne uses bio-accumulative and toxic products that the body and the environment cannot really do anything with, it does not to me seem to me that Arbonne can really be all that ‘green’ as they state on their web-site.
My intention of this blog post is simply to state the truth and I welcome any Arbonne independent representative to leave a comment below if they feel that any of these ingredient claims are not true. This entry was posted in Miessence and tagged arbonne greenwashing, arbonne products ingredients, are arbonne products natural, are arbonne products safe, chemicals in arbonne products, how safe are arbonne products. Mary, you are correct, all chemicals are not bad, but some of the ones that Arbonne use definitely are. I have just spent the last 24 hours with a red and angry face, swollen eyes and face to the point of struggling to speak, all because I used Arbonne products for the first time yesterday. I am sorry to hear you had a bad reaction and hope you are doing well; however, an allergic reaction and unnatural is not Synonymous.
People who are colouring their hair are already putting much more harmful chemicals onto their skin than the shampoo and conditioner that is meant to keep their colour for longer; meaning less frequent colourings, which means less additive bioaccumulation. The anti-aging line is the same thing; aging is natural and you are asking your skincare to do something that is essentially impossible.
So I checked out the Lustre Fortifying Shampoo – the same crappy toxic ingredients as shown in the original post.
I was pressured into buying something so I brought the Shea lotion which smells like chemicals.
There are plenty of Arbonne reps where I am trashing other brands on social media to benefit themselves.
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Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.
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DanActive is a popular drinkable yogurt probiotic supplement that is known for many health benefits.
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Adults: 5ml three times a day with food or a single serving of 15ml as is or mixed into your favourite fruit or vegetable juice. They say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and they usually follow up with examples of wine, especially red wines get more spectacular tasting and oxidant-rich with age, as is the case with whiskey which becomes smoother also. Other things get more valuable with age, like our homes and alternative investments (even if we were unable to preserve them through tough times, they do – or have – increased in value over time). In fact, the things you were greatly concerned about in your youth are increasingly less important. Your new, more seasoned and transformed self begins to materialize as friendships strengthen and family bonds become cemented. You are more able to embrace a peaceful state of mind and enjoy less stress because you are more likely to forgive than hold a grudge or judge someone else. As you embrace this new heightened sense of awareness, you realize your expertise achieving new heights as many of the tasks that took thought and concentration can now be performed with unconscious competence or simple muscle memory. Your ability to make sound decisions are growing and you find it easier to maintain balance in all things such as your work and play, while adding greater value to the community at large.
This is an extraordinary opportunity for you and me – and those, like us – who are in search of that perfect person with whom to grow old and enjoy these golden years in each other’s presence.
I look forward to this next incarnation of love to be my highest and best experience, though finding my soul mate can be a daunting, time-consuming task, I gladly accept the challenge in an effort to taste the subtle, flavorful nuances of its fruit when the time is right. If all the best things in life take time, this appears to be taking the most time of all things that have gone before, and so worth the wait. For it is not just our lives we take into consideration, but the lives of our families and being able to better serve our communities for a better world to come throughout the remainder of our lives. So much anticipatory love, while I remain awaiting your appearance with open arms because you are worth waiting for, my love. It takes SO MUCH energy to get one business up and running WELL, that it really requires ALL OF YOU to be able to do that properly. As soon as you plug another business into what you’re doing, it literally means YOU HAVE TO DIVIDE YOUR FOCUS IN HALF!
The key to focus in business and having the ability to ride many Ponies at once, is in your ability to create a functional, passive walk-away system with ONE Pony FIRST, BEFORE you move on to the next one. I was at a business networking event last week and I met a guy who told me the many different businesses he is working on at the moment.
It’s very easy to learn a lot about a person very quickly, and after a couple more questions I knew that this guy in 6-12 months will probably still be exactly where he is right now, or even worse yet he’ll be COMPLETELY BROKE! This is because his focus and attention is not laser FOCUSED and constantly critiquing every little detail in his current business.

I too know how DANGEROUS lack of focus in business can be, because I also fell into this EXACT SAME TRAP and literally wasted years. Also you should realise that focus in business never stops being a constant challenge for the entrepreneur! Lack of focus in business is definitely a HUGE reason why so many fail when it comes to achieving large success. This entry was posted in Business Commandos and tagged business focus, focus in business, laser business focus. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), also known as vaginal bacteriosis and bacterial vaginitis, is a particular condition of vaginal infection, most commonly found among women of child-bearing age. This kind of mild infection is caused by a specific type of bacteria called anaerobes, which overgrows in the absence of oxygen.
The main reason for this outgrowth of ‘bad’ bacteria over ‘good’ bacteria has not been identified yet, but having a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners may increase the risk of Bacterial Vaginosis  in women.
Abnormal and excess production of vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell is the main symptom of  Bacterial Vaginosis. Some women with Bacterial Vaginosis suffer burning sensation while passing urine, and itching and irritation around the outside of the vagina. Since antibiotic medicines kill both the good and bad bacteria, BV infection is most likely to appear again after some months. Our green initiatives span sourcing, manufacturing and operations, lightening our carbon footprint with each step forward. If you break this down – this means it’s water, synthetic toxic surfactants and quaternary ammonium compounds. It also has synthetic preservatives and synthetic emulsifiers which are extremely CHEAP to produce.
With every application of a product you absorb just a little bit more into your skin which stays in your body over the months and years of use.
Chemicals sunscreens react with UV light to cause free radicals which I explained in my blog post on Miessence sunscreen. These really were the two hurdles which needed to be solved in producing their certified organic products and really is what separates Miessence from almost any other brand out there. Their products are CERTIFIED organic by independent third parties such as Australian Certified Organic and the USDA. Miessence has certified organic skin care, hair care, makeup, organic cleaning products and the best superfoods available. With an adrenaline injection, taking numerous phenergan tablets, and now on a course of prednisolone – Arbonne doesn’t seem too natural to me! Greenwashing and using toxic harmful chemicals in personal care products that go on your body is not ok with me.
Then there is the cheese when aged to perfection has increased levels of vitamins and probiotics. Things like being selfishly obsessed with your body image (you are getting more comfortable with the idea that there is no need to maintain your high school appearance), your smile and countenance take on a new sparkle accented by lines chronicling a life well-lived as you embrace the comfort and wisdom of your years. The concerns of your youth fade as you become more tolerant and empathetic as your perception shifts and you see more and more from a wider and wiser perspective.
Now you have come to the understanding that we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have. Now you can enjoy greater degrees of happiness than you might have ever allowed yourself to enjoy before. Appreciation, acceptance and love of yourself flows outward to family, friends, mankind, fauna, flora, the earth and your beloved. Because the best life is awaiting us, and we both know that to rush this most important decision – about whom we will spend the rest of our life with – may well be the greatest decision of all. If your first business is not systemised, the results for this don’t mean you make half as much money in each business now, it will literally mean you will make $0 from both businesses now! Even after everything I’ve learned over the years, I’m having an issue with focus in business RIGHT NOW! It kills me to not take action on my idea yet, but I know… I HAVE TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT!
If you enjoyed this post about focus in business please share it on Facebook or Twitter below!! Though the disease is common among sexually active women, studies have shown that it is not a sexually transmitted infection. Thus, BV is caused by the imbalance in the bacterial flora, where anaerobe bacteria outnumber the other species of hydrogen peroxide-producing bacteria such as Lactobacillus.
Bacterial Vaginosis during pregnancy can cause complications such as still-birth, miscarriages and premature delivery.
But these kind of over the counter products do not eradicate the root cause of BV; rather it treats the symptoms of the disease.
Restoring the vaginal pH or the level of acidity is the best way to maintain the bacteria balance. Whereas, herbal and natural remedies eliminate only the bad bacteria, the outgrowth of which cause the imbalance leading to BV. In order to keep the vaginal area neat and dry, mix apple cider vinegar with water and rinse properly. Topical application of tea tree oil is also proved to be effective in treating BV infection. Intake or vaginal insertion of garlic is also helpful in curing BV, thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Healthy food habits and dietary changes are very important not only in treating BV but also in preventing it from recurring.
Consumption of sweets and other sugar products should be avoided to prevent the abnormal growth of bad bacteria.
Olive leave extracts, which is also available in the form of capsules, are proved to be a good herbal remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis.
Neem, enriched with natural anti-bacterial properties, can be used to treat Bacterial Vaginosis.
Intake of fish oil and folic acid capsules that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids is effective in restoring the immunity. This is not a slander of the company itself as obviously it’s a great income opportunity for a lot of people. The ‘natural’ ingredients such as cucumber extract, clover extract and orange extract means they have been grown in the conventional manner – which have most likely been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides as most produce is. Miessence’s certified organic product ingredients also HAVE NOT been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

These certifications assure their products really are organic and natural – meaning that they have no horrible chemicals because they are NOT ALLOWED! Contact me if you would like to find out more about their products or business opportunity. I completely understand that you are trying to sell product but find it unethical to wrongly attack another brand.
I also want to say that I haven’t stated anything on this post about Arbonne which is unethical. The Calm line for sensitive skin is incredible and is full of cucumber, aloe, and other botanical ingredients.
There is essentially no regulation for greenwashing in marketing and what you can or can’t claim to consumers. I do not know how much training these reps receive but I feel they have no place giving out advice to people who suffer from serious skin conditions. While some of the things that you once took for granted in your youth may be fading away, the you that is emerging, like the butterfly from the cocoon, is a much grander version of you than ever existed before. In fact most negative emotions are falling by the wayside as you continue to see the folly of holding tightly such things in your youth. Because they are less emotionally attached to their businesses, it gives them the ability to maintain focus and therefore make them much more successful. The main function of this bacterial flora is to defend the entry of any unwanted bacteria into the genital area. BV should not be confused with yeast infection (candidiasis), or infection with Trichomonas Vaginalis, since these are not due to bacteria. Though it is not a life-threatening or serious disease, the discomforts caused by the infection is really irritating for most of the women. Medical diagnosis is necessary, as these symptoms may be due to some other problems other than BV. Standard treatments kill the bacteria that cause the imbalance, but there are possibilities of reinfection. The best method is to treat the root cause of the infection to stop it from recurring.
Even though all the herbal remedies are harmless, it is better to consult your physician to be on the safer side. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria, which are necessary for human body to maintain the natural equilibrium of flora. Especially after a bowel important, it is important to prevent anal bacteria to go inside vaginal area.
Increase the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, oats, brown rice, flax seed etc. Other natural remedies to restore the immune strength are almonds and green tea, which are rich in anti-oxidants. This is simply a factual analysis of the Arbonne products ingredients and how toxic they actually are. These accumulate in the environment and basically don’t biodegrade because they are synthetic.
This blog post is just a factual analysis of what’s actually in a couple of Arbonne products.
When there occurs some imbalance in this normal flora by the abnormal growth of some bacteria, women’s genital area gets infected. It is also observed that BV-infected women are more susceptible to other vaginal infections and problems like endometritis and pelvic inflamatory disease (PID), if not treated properly.
Herbal and natural methods are proved to be the best method to achieve optimum vaginal pH balance.
Curd has the ability to restore the bacterial balance as it contains ‘good’ bacteria that produce lactic acid.
Greenwashing is ripe in the cosmetics industry and Arbonne is certainly not alone in this regard. Endocrine disruptors muck up your hormones and are the reason for boys with large breasts and things like that. Essentially, it’s science enhancing and retaining something that is already incredible in nature. Pure unsweetened curd from cow or goat milk should be used, since bad bacteria flourish in sugar.
If you do your own research on any of the ingredients in the products above you will discover the same thing.
You can research any of these ingredients yourself if you wish – just google the MSDS.
Eat plenty of yogurt or butterilk in fixed intervals to cure Bacterial Vaginosis naturally.
Probiotics contain a variety of bacteria, namely, lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, some yeasts and bacilli, which can build a healthy environment inside the body. Greenwashing is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.
You can try miessence and have and allergic reaction or make you own product at home and get an allergic reaction. Arbonne’s lead product developer owns the patent- he works exclusively with Arbonne because they pay him insane amounts of money, instead of Beyonce. Arbonne products are developed by Swiss standards and adhere to the guidelines of every country they are in; including the EU and AUS- their regulation authorities have their acts together. Arbonne does not green wash since they DO NOT promote the perception that their products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. But the specific chemicals in the Arbonne products are NOT chemical elements of some natural, whole food substance. You are absolutely correct that I am a Miessence representative and it does certainly serve in my interests to write this post. It’s not just the ingredient, but the amount of the ingredient that can be a potential problem- or a complete non-issue.
However, what’s more important to me (and why I wrote Mummy Why Is There Petrol In Our Shampoo?) is to really EDUCATE people about this. Natural orange juice is made up beneficial ingredients such as water, vitamin C, citric acid, thiamine and potassium. If you were to label orange juice using the chemical equivalents of nutrients such as dihyrogen monoxide, ascorbic acid, carboxylic monohydrate, thiamine pyrophosphate, etc.

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