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Everyone seems to be super motivated to get healthy and lose weight (which is fantastic!) then December comes along and understandably goals get put on hold as it is after all, the craziest time of the year!Once the new year is here, motivation is once again at an all time high but unfortunately much of the progress made in November is lost. The key to maintaining a healthy weight long term, is learning how to manage these times effectively.TIP TWO - Eat well when you are in control of your mealsAn active social life is not a valid excuse to let your health and weight loss goals go.
Even when you are eating out frequently you can always choose a healthier option, and when you are served food that does not 'fit your diet', eat it (if you want to) enjoy it, don't waste any energy feeling guilty then simply move on. Don't let it be the start of a downward spiral.There will be a lot more meals during the week that you can choose to make as healthy as possible and it is impossible to be 100% perfect all of the time (unless of course you don't like fun)Another way to avoid overeating the wrong foods when you are out socialising is to have a light meal at home before you go out.
Regular exercise will not undo the effects of overeating but it is a fantastic habit to get into!TIP FIVE - Take a probioticLook after your gut. Probiotics will help to maintain the healthy bacteria in your gut that is easily destroyed by alcohol, processed and sugary foods.

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