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Allergic reaction that gives rise to itchy eyelids can be from the simple reason of changing eye cosmetics or due to hay fever.
Normally, these infections will not cause any damage to your vision and it will get better within few days.
Itchy eyelids can be associated with feeling of burning sensation in the eyes, redness and gritty feeling. In case eyelids irritation is accompanied with signs of visual distortion and shortness of breath or swelling of face, then you need to seek immediate medical care.
The reasons for itchy eyelids may vary from simple reason or not having enough sleep previous night to serious infection. It can be due to allergic reaction or any infectious problem like blepharitis (eyelid margin becomes swollen) or stye (bacterial infection on eyelash follicles). Your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes for detecting the root cause of itchy eyelids to find if it is caused by allergic reaction or infection. In case of mild allergy you can take antihistamines available over the counter to clear the inflammation and redness.
Applying ice pack or cold compress to the effected elbow helps to numb the sensation of pain and reduces inflammation. When the pain in the injured elbow does not subside despite rest and application of ice packs, you may take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen for reducing the pain. Counterforce brace is a special type of brace, comprising of an inelastic cuff, worn just below the elbow.

If the symptoms of tennis elbow persist for over a year despite treatment, removal of the damaged tissues through surgery helps to treat the condition.
Stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises help to reduce pain and improve the mobility of the elbow joint. To perform the strength training exercise, now gradually move the palm towards the shoulder. When the allery affects the thin membrane lining of the eyelids it is called as allergic conjunctivitis. There would be frequent discharge of watery fluid from the eyes and it increases when you rub the eyes.
Actually tears are produced from the eyes if you have dry eye syndrome which can trigger over production of tears. Occupation or sport involving repeated movement of the arm and the wrists are commonly associated with this painful condition of the elbow. Although resting the painful elbow helps to heal the small tears in the tendons that trigger pain and discomfort, physical therapies and exercises are recommended for improving mobility of the elbow joint and reducing pain. Apart from oral NSAIDs, application of NSAID ointment to the affected elbow provides relief from pain. It is followed by rehabilitation therapy to restore the function of the elbow joints and accelerate recovery. Perform this strength-training workout several times each day. Twisting and stretching the wrist are simple flexibility exercises that help to heal tennis elbow.

Make a paste by blending turmeric powder with a small amount of water, and cover the elbow and forearm with the paste. By suppressing the activities of inflammatory substances, it provides relief from pain and inflammation. For some people, it may also cause runny nose with sneezing due to increased watery discharge. Even a slight change can cause inflammation of the eyelids since they are well connected with nerves and blood vessels. In case of severe tennis elbow symptoms that do not respond to conventional therapies, surgery is the only option for treating the condition. By facilitating repair of the damaged tissues, supplements containing these substances accelerate healing of the injured tendons of the elbow. In rare cases, irritation on the eyelids can cause anaphylaxis which is highly complicated condition.

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