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Female yeast infection or Vaginal Yeast Infection is caused by yeast called Candida albicans and this is the most common vaginal problem in women. According to the data given by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, about 75% of all women would have had yeast infection at least once in their life. Some of the signs of female yeast infection are itching of vagina (often persistent and uncontrollable), thick white discharge (cottage cheese like) from the vagina, inflammation of skin around the vagina, change in color of the vagina (becomes bright red), pain during urination and while having sex.
Some of these symptoms resemble sexually transmitted diseases but yeast infection is not transmitted through sex. Women with problems in their immune system or using immunosuppressant drugs are at risk of yeast infection. Women with overweight and with increased blood sugar levels are also at risk of yeast infection. Using many brands of perfumes and sprays in the vagina directly can trigger yeast infection.
It is easy to treat female yeast infection by giving either short-term or long term vaginal therapy. Drugs like Gynazole 1, Gyne Lotrimin or Monistat 3 is given in the form of oral pills or as creams.  These medications may cause slight burning sensation on the vagina. For women with severe and prolonged yeast infection long course therapy is recommended and the drugs are given for 14 days or even more. Often it is suggested to maintain the therapy to prevent further infections of yeast in the vagina.
Vaginal yeast infection cannot be totally prevented because certain things are beyond one’s control. Healthy Diet – Choose a healthy diet plan that includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. It is necessary to keep the rectum area clean and dry since there is chance of spread of infection back and forth.
Alternatively you can consider using apple cider Vinegar or cranberry juice on the infected vagina. Sitz Bath – Sitting in the bathtub filled with lukewarm water gives good relief from pain and irritation. Vaginal yeast infection can be treated fully by taking the prescribed drugs by your doctor.
I was reading the chocolate bread recipe in MC’s blog Farine, which reminded me I could make it for allergy kid.
I like the tanginess of the dried cranberries in here adding a lovely fruity contrast to the richness of the chocolate. All rising is courtesy of my dear buddy yeast.Dona€™t be intimated by the process of making yeast dough.
Dark chocolate gives this bread dark and delicious chocolaty bite and I used little instant coffee powder to make chocolate taste even better. There are a number of medications to treat fungal infections, and pharmacists can offer advice on which treatment is best suited for a specific infection. Antifungal creams are typically applied to the skin on the feet, hands or groin or to the nails to kill fungal growth.

A fungal infection usually appears on the skin, as the organisms live on a protein called keratin. I can feel something like lumps around my testicle inside my scrotum and I have a red sort skin rash in that area and I don't know if these are linked but there is a sort of red dot there too. What could be come causes of a chronic fungal infection? My husband seems to keep getting fungal skin infections, and we can't figure out what's causing them. Does anybody have any ideas? It frequently affects people with untreated diabetes and diseases that weaken the immune system.
Thursh infections that do not respond to first line antifungal drugs are usually treated with amphotericin B. Many other diseases like trichomoniasis and vaginosis also have similar symptoms like that of yeast infection.
Plenty of home remedies such as applying yoghurt on the affected vagina, using antifungal cream etc. He might place a sterilized instrument into the vaginal opening so that he could get clear view of the vagina.
In more severe cases the medications are to be continued for 6 months along with weekly once therapy with vaginal suppository. However you can reduce the risk factors considerably by taking certain precautions and following specific lifestyle. By over-cleaning the vagina you are destroying good bacteria in large quantities thereby giving room for the growth of yeast.
Apply cold yoghurt on the vaginal walls and you can cover the area with a pad to leave it overnight. Apply few drops of oil for 2-3 times a day on the vagina to get relief from symptoms of itching and discomfort. This loaf for me is perfect eaten warm from the oven because the crumb is at its super lightest and goes perfectly with salted butter melting, the very trendy combination of chocolate and salt. Mix the first bunch of ingredients together (hold back the cherries and chocolate) until you have an amalgamated dough. If you live in cold parts of world, try running your dryer for 3 minutes and then rise yeast dough in it or pre-heat over at 200 F for 5-8 minutes. Although this Candida yeast infection can affect any person, people with weakened immune system are especially vulnerable to oral thrush. Infants born to women with vaginal yeast infection may contract thrush infection during delivery.Thrush is treated with antifungal medicines. It suppresses growth of the Candida yeast.It is available in the form of tablets and suspension. It is usually recommended for patients at the advanced stage of HIV infection when the Candida albicans become resistant to polyene and azole antifungals, resulting in recurrent thrush infections.Amphotericin B is a polyene antifungal drug.
Such kind of infections is common and almost every woman would have experienced this at some point in her life. For some women the symptoms are severe and complicated and for some others it can be recurrent having 4 or more episodes in a year. Once the dough has risen, punch it down, add in the chocolate and knead the dough gently to incorporate chocolate chicks evenly in the dough.

Use of inhaled steroids or antibiotic medications that disrupt the normal microorganism balance increases the risk of developing oral thrush.
Nystatin lozenges are commonly used for treating mild to moderate Candida yeast infection of the mouth.They slowly dissolve in the mouth, clearing the infection within a short time. The solution should be taken on empty stomach, whereas the tablet should be taken with meals.
Women with prolonged diabetes and pregnant women are more likely to have complicated yeast infection than others. However due to some reason, number of good bacteria may reduce in number leading to multiplication of bad bacteria.  This condition can cause yeast infection. A woman is said to have recurrent vaginal infection if she gets it 4 or more times in a year. If you use mixer, then chill chocolate before kneading so that it does not melt while kneading.
Occasionally, antifungal drugs are administered through intravenous injections for treating severe thrush.
However, the treatment should be continued at least for 48 hours even after the symptoms of thrush subside. Your physician may ask you to continue using the drug after the infection clears to prevent relapse. When the number of bad bacteria exceeds the number of good ones, it may result in yeast infection. It is caused often by Candia which can cause pain while passing urine, cottage cheese like discharge from the vagina and persistent itching on the vagina. Intake of antibiotics (for some other problem) can lower the number of lactobacillus leading to overgrowth of yeast. Enough of guesses, (I know, I know you read the name), it is semi-sweet, chocolate yeast bread. Diarrhea, stomach pain, heartburn, dizziness, nervousness and bleeding gums are possible side effects of the drug. Fever, headache, fainting, rapid breathing, nausea, blurred vision and appetite loss are some of the side effects of the drug.
But you should indulge in sex activity until the infection gets completely cured and the vagina become dry. Some other causes can disturb the pH balance of vagina include uncontrolled diabetes, weakened immunity, being pregnant and using oral contraceptives suddenly.
Moist like a cake but has no eggs, no leavening agents only chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
Sudden increase of estrogen hormone and undergoing hormone therapy can also cause yeast infection. Do not wear tight fitting panties and jeans which prevent letting out of moisture and sweat.

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