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The foods that are considered healthy by the general public can cause suffering to people with IBS. If that’s the case, eliminating the most common food allergens with the elimination diet can be the solution.
The FODMAP diet is another type of elimination diet that removes foods that are hard to digest and create excess gas and bloating. The Candida diet is specifically for people who suffer from an overgrowth of a yeast called Candida Albicans. The Body Ecology diet has popularized the consumption of fermented foods and created some powerful probiotic elixirs that are dairy free.
Functional doctors are more likely to address the underlying cause of the problem by working with food to heal mysterious digestive and autoimmune issues. The elimination diet focuses on removing foods that are known allergens, like eggs, dairy, peanuts, wheat, corn and soy. Other foods that are known to cause sensitivities are shellfish and night shade veggies (eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes) and those may also be taken out of the diet if removing the first 6 foods doesn’t work. If food intolerance is the cause behind a patient’s digestive symptoms, removing these foods can produce amazing results in a few weeks. After abstaining from these foods anywhere from one week to several weeks (depending on the doctor) each food is added back into the diet one at a time and the body’s reactions are observed closely. Elimination diets are often a better way to test for food allergy than food allergy tests, which can be unreliable.
The good news is that sometimes food sensitivities can go away on their own if the food is avoided long enough. The FODMAP diet approach to healing IBS symptoms is cutting out the triggering sugars and carbohydrates that increase the amount of gas and liquid in the small and large intestines.
According to FODMAP theory, eating more triggering food not only makes symptoms worse but creates cumulative gut damage. For example, mixing fructose (the sugar in fruit) and lactose (the sugar in milk) can create much worse symptoms than eating fruit or milk alone. Forbidden FODMAP foods are: fructose (the sugar found in fruit), lactose (the sugar found in milk), fructans (wheat and rye), polyols (certain fruits, veggies and artificial sweeteners), and galactans (dried peas and beans). Vegetables with lots of insoluble fiber (cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale) are not allowed on the FODMAP diet. I find it odd that FODMAPS excludes fructose but allows regular table sugar (sucrose) in small doses.
I believe that all dairy (except for plain yogurt) should be avoided while the gut is undergoing deep repair.
Nutritionist, Patsy Katsos, who wrote the FODMAP book, IBS-Free At Last!, claims that this diet works for 75 percent of IBS sufferers.
High FODMAP foods are honey, wheat, apples, pears and stone fruits (such as plums and peaches), along with the onion family and artichokes. The diet eliminates high FODMAP food for 8 weeks and then after the symptoms subside, each food is introduce, group by group so people can discover which of the foods they are most sensitive to. The Candida diet concentrates solely on killing a yeast infection in the body called Candida albicans.

It also causes chronic yeast infections, mood issues, anxiety, depression, sugar cravings, brain fog, fungal issues, and exhaustion. Because Candida yeast are fed by any kind of sugar, it’s the main thing prohibited on this diet. One of the frustrations with this diet is that there are so many variations about what is and isn’t allowed.
When Candida overgrows, it mutates into a harmful fungal form that permeates the gut and enters the circulating blood. When the body is in balance, its population of beneficial bacteria prevents Candida overgrowth. The number one cause of Candida overgrowth is antibiotic use because it wipes out beneficial bacteria.
The Body Ecology Diet (BED) was created by Donna Gates, who developed the program based on her personal experience with battling Candida. BED has been around for a while and is popular with celebrities like Jessica Biel and Chynna Philips because it promises anti aging benefit. BED does not exclude meat but rather it minimizes animal protein to 20 percent of the diet with vegetables making up the other 80 percent.
Mineral-rich ocean veggies, like seaweed and fermented veggies are highly encouraged on the diet.
The vegetables that are not allowed, due to high sugar content, are parsnips, beets and white and sweet potatoes. The BED limits the types of nuts and grains that can be eaten and teaches people to soak nuts and grains before they are prepared.
There is considerable confusion as to the actual protein content of vegetables for those people who choose to obtain their protein from a vegan or vegetarian diet. Functions - Vitamin A is essential to healthy eyes, cell differentiation (through gene expression), reproduction, and immunity.
Sources - Pumpkin, sweet potato, collards, and kale round out your top sources with over 700 RAE. Daily needs - (Vitamin A comes in different forms with Retinol being the most useable, because of this daily needs are measured in RAE [retinol activity equivalents]) Men - 900 micrograms RAE. Carissa & Kyle are a married duo of certified personal trainers living in Orlando, Florida. But this isn’t always the case, so the long term solution for this problem is avoiding the triggering food(s) forever.
It is also believed that eating high FODMAP foods in combination with each other can increase the severity of the symptoms. They avoid triggering high FODMAP fruits and veggies and also avoid all the sugary food and lactose-free diary allowed on FODMAP. Also allowed are high-glycemic milk alternatives like rice milk or lactose-free milk and cheese.
Cabbage and beans must also be given up, as must polyol sweeteners (such as sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol), which are often added to sugar-free varieties of mint, chocolate and chewing gum. They use this information to create an individualized low FODMAP diet that becomes their normal way of eating.

This yeast naturally occurs in the body in small numbers but when it grows out of control it can become a parasitic, whole-body infection that wreaks havoc. Because moldy foods are not allowed, mushrooms and even left overs are prohibited on this diet.
Eventually it colonizes tissue throughout the body and produces powerful toxins that challenge the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Anything that diminishes or disturbs the balance of beneficial bacteria gives Candida the opportunity to overpopulate.
I was only on this diet for 6 weeks as an experiment, but it’s  recommended for 6 months minimum.
But it’s most famous for popularizing a powerful fermented beverage, coconut water kefir, an alternative to dairy-based kefir.
Almonds are the only nuts allowed on BED and only if they don’t cause digestive distress. Sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds are ok but must be soaked or sprouted before eating so they are easier to digest. Seed oils, such as safflower, sunflower, pumpkin seed, hemp, evening primrose, borage and flax, are only allowed if they are unheated. If you're looking for a wonderful world of workouts then check out Lindsay's page each Friday.
Unlike the Candida diet, the Body Ecology diet offers more than just a way to eat, it covers food preparation, proportions and lifestyle changes. Functional medical doctors are the best kinds of doctors to see if you have IBS symptoms because they won’t suppress the symptoms with drugs. The problem with these types of carbohydrates is that they are not successfully broken down and absorbed by the small intestine.
So if there’s no symptom relief after two weeks, you know that FODMAP is not your solution. Some authorities say it is ok to eat grains like amaranth and quinoa while others exclude all grains. Other factors contribute like stress levels, a high sugar diet, and other medications like steroids, immune suppressing drugs, antacids or the birth control pill. The Atlanta Braves play their Spring Training games at Disney, so I've been doing announcing for some of the games. Since my work fluctuates and I actually mostly work on the weekends, the weekdays are my weekends. Kyle thinks it's too hot for chili, but it makes such good leftovers that I keep coming back to it. The rundown: EAS Lean Protein meal replacement shakes, another BPA free water bottle for Kyle, a screen porch repair kit, and a hidden kitty litter box.

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