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Someday we may find ourselves living in a world where mass produced products aren’t available to all of us anymore. Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. Even back then I realized the benefits or all natural products and understood the value of handmade goods. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article.
The resulting electro-magnetic-pulse, or EMP, instantaneously fried nearly all electronic devices within line-of-sight, reaching out nearly 700 miles from the detonation, spreading into Canada to Boston down the east coast to Jacksonville, and over to Kansas City and Minneapolis.
I liked the idea of producing something unique and different from the store bought and mass produced. Manufactured soaps contain a lot of unnecessary fillers that add to the consist appearance of the product but aren’t necessary and only serve to increase the bottom line profit for the maker.
A crock pot may also not be available in a long term situation where power could also become a luxury but this process and recipe isn’t difficult to convert to use any heat source.
Learning an old school skill like soap making is not only fun but allows you to decide what you put on your body and to tailor the product to your specific needs.
A cascading effect coupled out beyond the blast radius and blew out large custom made ultra (extra) high-voltage transformers (EHV) along much of the electric power grid network – sending all three of the major power grids of the entire United States into blackout. While this fictional event did not actually happen today, it is a real vulnerability, and one that would absolutely devastate our way of life, whereby our very survival would be threatened.In such a scenario, where would you be safe? Making it in a crock pot doesn’t take from it’s unique personality but does make the process easier! It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles.
Could we last that long without self-destructing?We could essentially be thrown back into the age before electricity and electronics – but during an age where EVERYONE depends on electricity and electronics. Some say that nearly every vehicle within the initial EMP blast radius zone might not start. Desperate times will lead to desperate measures, and that will include chaos and desperate violence.Do you think that something this extreme will never happen? NOPE“Or are there those out there who would do this if and when they could?” YEPBack to work in my backyard.
People would be forced to work together in order to survive, instead of the “it’s all about me” attitude we now live by. But if it does happen we are doomed to die as all the nuclear plants would go into meltdown and we would have Fukushima a 100 times over. The way we gather resources, live in community, battle the elements, interact with those in and out of our group. I run one type of facility and can make the determination to move and house those items in a more secure area… namely my homestead. There is no time but now to get this experience under your hat.My daughter went fishing with me 2 weeks ago and I showed her some of the edible foods found in the wild and made her eat them. Hopefully, the bad guys don’t think of these things.If not this scenario, it will be something else. Sweet spot in between Chicago, Toronto, Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis.

For instance, how much of the electronics would need to be protected in a modern car if all you wanted to ensure was that it would start and be drivable? Wherever you park your car, you can pound a small metal stake in the ground as your grounding rod if there is not a suitable metal fence post or metal water pipe nearby.For a home-made Faraday cage you can try a metal trash can that has a wire running to a suitable ground.
I’ve heard of people having a chain dragging in the rear of the vehicle and again same problem.
I believe if you have a vehicle in a garage hooked to a grounding peg it may just save the computer by letting electricity take the easiest path to ground.
But as far as travel after an emp its almost like what’s the point,nothing anywhere would work, most peoples jobs would not exist and fuel maybe hard to come by. Of course you will be required to have the parts and expertise to tune a vehicle the old way.It is possible to build a garage that is EMP protected. Maurice Sklar (a violinist) saw three long range missiles used in an EMP-type attack which preceded additional follow-up localized nuclear attacks on population centers. If it is indeed judgment from God, we must understand why and what we need to do from God’s perspective.Good thing gardens are EMP proof.
If we could get all our neighbors gardening we would all be much better off no mater what happens.
Make sure you have a few EMP proof shovels stored away and some EMP proof heirloom tomato seeds stored away.No matter how bad things get, never give up! If the masses of “civilians” don’t find you and “get you” the military will.“Who would be the most likely to survive and get through the ensuing chaos?” those that have a small “network” of like minded patriots. Heck there are millions of people here in the US that would pull the trigger.Remembering that an EMP is totally harmless to animal life (Humans) there would still be a lot of fatalities during the initial occurrence, auto crashes at 80MPH, planes falling from the skies, hundreds of scenarios.
Next, within hours or less all havoc will break out, people trying to “get home”, fighting, murders, people literally turning into animals (because they can), heart attacks and the like.
People will be trying to “get out of town” by the millions, ALL trying to hunt that one last critter for food within a week. In that same week maybe two, there will be no food or water left for the masses, 310 million people will be looking for YOUR food, YOUR stores, YOUR survival supplies, YOUR bunker. The amount of disease would be overwhelming; Disposing of the human carnage would be almost imposable. I do not see this as a “one-off” type of launch, but the NORKS are definitely crazy enough to do a coordinated launch on the West Coast, Central US and the East Coast, using containerized shipping. The PRC has perfected this specific type of launch vehicle and leads the world in containerized cargo units, so, yes, we should expect them to do this.
If not the NORKS, then the narcotrafficante cartels will do it under contract to Hamas, Hizbollah, ISIS or whomever.Will the Federal government get its’ act together and fund the EMP protection for the current infrastructure? Especially If you have a small amount of knowledge about native or Pioneer era skills and a moderate amount of preps. Animals are not unaffected by man made EMPs, unlike solar flare type EMPs, is a statement that needs to be reconsidered.First, consider what an EMP will do to the metal frames of glasses, metal fillings, metal dental bridges, wedding rings and other small metal fixtures often placed inside the human body.
As you know, magnetic induction is the physics behind an EMP.2nd, a not so often discussed feature of nuclear weapons is what is the frequency that most of the RF energy of an exploding weapon radiating at.
Well, a weapon designed to create an EMP is designed to radiate much of its RF near the same frequency that our microwave ovens work at.

The effects on metallic items from the Nano second of electron radiation (EMP) will have little effect on the pieces of “metal” you may have on or in your person, it would be minimal if at all, the sheer size of let’s say a filing or hip replacement is absolutely huge compared to “electronic computer equipment”.
No different than its effect on a metal desk or a car, an EMP would not “melt” a vehicle or even warn it up at all. The effect on microelectronics, were talking microns or Nano microns, will be the problem, such as computers. Additionally the “pulsing” effects as the electrons travel across electrical transmission wires is what will “fry” transformers. Now agreed if you happen to have a pace maker and it’s run by a computer chip, you’re going to have a very large problem.Also agreed the pulse form an EMP will assimilate the RF factor of a microwave, fortunately or unfortunately the time duration is measured in Nano seconds, not minuets as a Microwave. A terrorist might simply forget about EMP and deliver the SCUD device on target as a tactical nuke.
Why not just port your ship, get off it, take a flight home, and detonate via a simple timing device? Since we purchase MOST of our electrical grid infrastructure FROM China, we could easily expect them through their lackey-NORK shadows, to hit us hard with multiple EMP strikes and take down the entire grid. The more recent N.Korean and Iranian Scuds have a max range of 700 miles, or up to 350 miles in altitude. Seems everyone’s on board with the impact of this possibility (sorry probability).I’ve mentioned in a past comment the importance of the Faraday Cage.
I’m sure Ken has too.It would be interesting to get odds from Las Vegas on who will destroy America first. But rather a well planned out, in order to impact many as possible.I further believe the east coast would be the main target, in order to bring USA to its knees, creating such mayhem that no one has ever seen. An EMP destroys our ability to manufacture planes, ships, tanks, bullets and with the chaos at home no new soldiers. The effect on this country would mandate all military recalled from overseas and no military influence beyond the continental U.S. But for the sake of this scenario, the whole country is without power, other countries would lend a hand to the US.
It would have to be a world event for this to be as serious, like this scenario.Besides if bad people like ISIS had two or three nukes they would detonate them low altitude, to kill as many people and destroy as much infrastructure as possible. Interesting that leaves the almost the exact percent alive on earth that Agenda 21 says is sustainable. Different types of oils (mostly cooking) that would normally spoil are kept in it along with dozens of frozen water containers.
The conversion of the DC to AC from the sources will be ended, even the control diodes in the generators will burn out.

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