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September 3, 2014 by Lauren 3 Comments Our intestinal tract (gut) is filled with several pounds of bacteria.
A 2013 study in Denmark demonstrated that people with low bacterial diversity suffered significantly more weight gain over 9 years, and had diminished insulin sensitivity plus high levels of inflammation compared to those who had high bacterial gut diversity. Studies in mice have shown that simply transplanting different bacteria can affect fat accumulation as much as 57% over 14 days! The gut is often called the “second brain.” Think about it – when you feel nervous, you may get “butterflies” in your stomach.
Probiotic supplementation has also been linked to a reduction in acne, yeast infections, UTIs, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (including arthritis, colitis and Crohn’s Disease), decreased risk of intestinal cancers, leaky gut syndrome, allergies…the list goes on and on.
Variety: The two main classes of bacteria to look for are “lactobacilli” that act in the small intestine and “bifidobacteria” that act in the large intestine.
Dose: Probiotics are sold in “colony forming units” (CFUs), the number of bacteria in each capsule.
Enteric Coating: Enteric coatings mean the capsule will survive the acidic stomach and make it to the intestines, where they can act.
Temperature: Most high quality probiotics are sold refrigerated and should stay cold to maintain optimal bacterial activity.
I Need a TrainerHiring a certified Personal Trainer through Infofit is one of the best investments you can make with regard to your overall health and fitness. Bacteria is usually thought of as something that is the cause of disease and something from which we need protection. Although more research is needed, there’s encouraging evidence that probiotics may help treat diarrhea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics. It all started changing last week, when those quart containers of juicy red strawberries were on sale for $2.29. All you need is some heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and yogurt.  Pour 1 cup of cream into your mixer (a hand mixer works too) and beat on high speed until soft peaks form. Stir the yogurt into your whipped cream by hand, folding it in gently until it’s combined. I always used nature yogurt and add honey or maple sirup, but I plan to try with regular one soon. Here in Louisiana we do a praline version with the Greek yogurt , add brown sugar vanilla and chopped pecans to vanilla flavor yogurt blend well and it’s good with fruits, also putting the praline mixture over cooked bacon is great !!
Bio Cleanse cleanses the entire gastro-intestinal tract and arteries as well as enhances weight loss.  Due to vitamin C in the product, it also supports existing collagen as well as encourages new production!  This supplement also oxygenates and energizes the entire body making the body no longer a prime environment for yeast to thrive. Plexus suggests you take 2-4 Bio Cleanse pills a day.  I take 2 with my Pro Bio 5 before bed and 2 in between breakfast and lunch.
Plexus offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy in any way with the products.  Shop Plexus HERE. The makeup of gut bacteria is determined throughout development, by the mother’s diet and her own microbiome, vaginal vs. Additional studies have demonstrated that bacterial composition is significantly different in obese vs. Granted, we aren’t mice, but clearly, the type of bacteria had a large effect on body composition.

Good bacteria improve the gut barrier, decrease inflammation levels, digest “bad” bacteria, and seem to “talk” to white blood cells to stimulate widespread immune action. In one of my clinical nutrition classes, we had to write an essay explaining the five different types of diarrhea (yup, not all the same). Bloating, cramping, and other bowel woes are signs that something isn’t quite right with digestion. Just as I am typing this, I read a new study linking probiotics with kid’s concentration in school! The Westernized diet, lack of fiber, and “dirt phobia” that plague our society means that more often than not, people do not have enough of the beneficial bacteria they need to achieve optimal health.
Look for supplements with these two main strains, and at least six different sub-strains to get the widespread benefits. Some are self-stable, but make sure the label says that before buying ones at room temperature.
Doctors often suggest taking the supplements for people with digestive problems or after a course of antibiotics. Side effects are usually mild and include upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, and bloating for the first couple of days after commencing use. You pour yogurt in a sieve, double with a coffee filter and let it in the fridge for 12 hours (I change the filter once or twice, but they never say so in my cooking books). We use just good old vanilla greek yogurt here as a fruit dip, I never thought of adding whipping cream! I was wanting to find a great yogurt dip recipe, since I’ve started making my own yogurt. These ingredients further breakdown into oxygen which continues to purify and energize all the cells in the body. It’s a healthy way to enjoy a refreshing beverage without all the garbage ingredients found in commercial soda, and with benefits such as probiotics. You claim full responsibility for consuming beverages made with the grains you’ve purchased. Although two strains of bacteria, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes, are most associated with weight, further research is required to determine exactly the amount and type that will improve weight.
A 2013 study in New Zealand found that those taking a probiotic suffered 40% fewer colds over the course of a year. The “gut-brain,” or enteric nervous system, has 100 million nerve cells, more than in the spine and peripheral nervous system combined. A recent 2014 study showed that 67% of patients taking probiotics experienced an improvement in symptoms vs. Our understanding is primitive at this point and I suspect the benefits of probiotics will only become more apparent. I have heard though that you should switch up the brands you take to get different strains. I’m Lauren, a twenty-something registered dietitian nutritionist creating a healthy life through good food and good fun in the wonderful city of Boston. Probiotics are microorganisms that may help with digestion and offer protection from destructive bacteria.

Probiotics are also found in many foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha tea, kimchi and dark chocolate. The most common type of probiotic is Lactobacillius and is the one found in yogurt and fermented foods. However this type is generally used to help with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, have no doubt that these tiny little organisms have a huge impact on our health that modern-day science is only just beginning to recognize. Knowing all the benefits of a healthy balance of gut bacteria, improving your own should be a top priority. The thinking is that the type of bacteria in our gut affects the amount of calories and fat our bodies absorb. For now, it is safe to say that increasing “good” bacteria is another tool to help achieve a healthy weight.
IBS is typically treated with a combination of diet, stress-relief, and medication, but probiotics may be an additional defense.
This one is usually prescribed to help with diarrhea or help with the digestion of lactose.
Researchers are still trying to figure out which bacteria is best for which health problem. It has been known for some time that “good” types of bacteria keep “bad” bacteria in check, thus preventing infection. Two people may eat the same meal, but absorb vastly different calories from that meal, based solely on their bacterial makeup. Granted, I rarely get sick and I’m a big believer in my green tea and spinach consumption’s role in my strong immune system, but research clearly backs up the germ-squashing properties of probiotics. Additional studies have shown significant improvements in bloating, abdominal pain, and bowel regularity with probiotics use. To make water kefir you need to start with some grains, also known as a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts. More recent work has shown that the bacteria that make up the collective “microbiome” affect everything from skin health to weight to mood.
In fact, 95% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter target by many antidepressants, is produced in the gut!
Studies have consistently demonstrated that participants who receive probiotics supplements report feeling less anxious and moody. The gut connection is fascinating and so often the missing piece for so many like me:) Thank you for sharing!
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