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Woodward, whose reporting on the Watergate scandal led to Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974, was accused of falsely claiming he had been threatened by a senior White House official. Forty years after a bungled burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters brought the term "Watergate" into the national lexicon, the two men most responsible for taking down a presidency appeared at the Virginia Film Festival following a screening of the movie based on their book, All the President's Men. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward had "unparalleled impact" on the presidency, on journalism, and on "ourselves and our culture," said former Governor Gerald Baliles, now director of the Miller Center, the sponsor of the Festival's first Presidency in Film offering. The shock of illegal activity emanating from Richard Nixon's White House and captured on tape recordings still resonates with Woodward, who's gone on to write more than a dozen insider accounts of presidencies.
A key player in the 1976 film is Deep Throat, Woodward's anonymous source whose identity was kept secret until seven years ago when former Associate FBI Director Mark Felt outed himself in Vanity Fair, "where Carl was an editor and he didn't know the story was going to run," said Woodward.

As for how reporting has changed since the pre-Internet days when articles were entered into antiquated devices called typewriters, Woodward described how Yale professor Steve Brill asked his class how Watergate might be reported today. More seriously, Woodward said he perhaps overreacted when Felt said people's lives were in danger, meaning not so much their physical safety as their reputations and jobs.
In the movie, Jason Robards portrays WaPo editor Ben Bradlee; and, according to Woodward, Robards initially balked at taking the role after reading the script.
For a long time, Woodward and Bernstein thought President Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon was an outrage when dozens of people under him went to jail. Woodward remarked on the palpable rage one can hear in Nixon's determination to get those he considered " the enemy " and there were many on that list.

Here is an excerpt that shows Woodward’s intelligence connections as well as the ongoing program of media infiltration. Years later, Woodward asked Ford why, and the partial-term president finally said, "I did it for the good of the country," recounted Woodward. In the playground of anonymous sources, the public is increasingly informed by creative writers like Jason Blair (formerly of the New York Times), Stephen Glass (ex-New Republic), Jack Kelly (gone from USA Today), and, ironically, Woodward’s former protege at the Post, Janet Cooke.

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woodward zeeland president

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