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Carved wood Santas are always a big favorite of mine - I've got an entire sub-collection of them. I recently ran across Whittled Santas, which feature wonderfully simple, iconic carvings of the guy with the big white beard.
He's got an incredible collection of carvings for sale, most very reasonably priced indeed. I've known about Teri for years, of course, because Reasons to Believe is one of my all-time favourite Santa stores.

She sent me a lovely note this morning to say see enjoyed reading this wee Santa blog, so I thought I'd give her a bit of a showcase here, and give a very public thank-you for the kind note!
I didn't always like carved wooden santas (too folksy for my tastes) but there are some beautiful ones out there.
There's something about the solidity, the organic-ness of wood that makes it just a natural for Santa collectors. How to make your own furniture with wood, how to make cedar garage doors,wooden wheels for cars.

I'm not a big fan of the ones of Santa holding a fish (I'm not big on sports-themed Santas in general) but his plain Santas are charming, and I love love love the Santas holding Santa toys (sadly, sold out - but hopefully Sandy, the site's main carver, will come out with more this year.

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Wood Carved Santa Figurines

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