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The Facts on Fillers - Old House JournalIt's easy to make your own filler with fine sawdust from the same wood as your . Different Types of Wood Filler and Wood PuttyThis article is going to explain the different types of wood putty so when you want to . If your wood is just stained at this point, then you can try to sand those light areas to open up the wood pores and then restain those.
After staining the door and noticing the wood filler not accepting the stain, I dabbed on a second layer of stain after the rest of the stained door had dried with a little artist's paint brush - and I didn't wipe it off. Another tip, if your going to paint woodwork that you've used a finish nailer and want to fill those tiny holes just use the grey exterior window putty, the type used for the old sash windows you can use your thumb to apply. All the different wood fillers I use in my floor work almost never stain the same as the wood itself. Before I put the stain on, I sanded all the wood and then applied the same Minwax Stainable Wood Filler to holes, cracks and uneven spots that sanding would not get. Woodworking magazines and books keep coming up (or try to come up) with techniques that will make filling those holes invisible. Durham’s Water Putty requires only water to be mixed with the powder to form the repair product. Durham’s Water Putty is a powder product that is mixed with water on site and can be used to repair damaged wood if applied properly.

PL FIX is a two-part poly-urethane-based wood repair filler from Henkel Consumer Adhesives Inc. Famowood Wood Filler - GlazeCoat High Build Epoxy CoatingFamowood® Professional Wood Filler is the best wood filler for any type of wood. Stain Putty is the brand name of a filler powder that is mixed with the same stain used on the project to make a paste that is then used to fill holes. I also found the little artist's paintbrush handy to get stain in some of the wood recesses of my doors especially the corners - I used a kind of dabbing technique with the bristles.
Dev96792Sorry kinda late but when ever your staining before you even start staining taking in that you have also done all the normal wood prep, its always best to wet your wood with water no matter what type off base of stain your using, allow water to dry, this is also a way to check your wood for imperfections such as scratches, glue, or any piece that will not accept stain. Well, just so you don't feel too bad, your problem is one that has been a frustration of even experienced woodworkers for ages. This is to open the pores of the wood, without buying or purchasing or spend any more money than you need to. It is as damaging as termite or other insect infestation, and can wreak havoc on wooden windows. Marine Epoxy Putty l Epoxy Repairs l Underwater EpoxyPC-Marine™ putty epoxy from Stairwarehouse is the answer to quick and easy . I only have stained the moldings so far so I guess I will have to sand these areas down to bare wood again,restain the areas and the mix the filler with stain and apply where needed.
Another way to hide nail holes is to take a gouge and slice out a sliver of wood, set the nail deep in the gouged hole, and then glue the sliver back in.

Compatible with wood and fiberglass, and makes a great filleting compound with excellent adhesive properties.
One idea I heard was to gather sawdust from the same type of wood and mix it with glue to fill the hole, assuming it would stain the same as the wood. I used PL professional wood filler in a little can, Minwax water based wood conditioner before staining and then Minwax water based stain on the doors. If the windows aren’t maintained with paint, caulk and glazing, then wood rot can take hold and completely ruin the casing.
One advantage of filling after staining or sealing is that you can add color to the filler to get a good match to the surrounding wood.
I am trying to avoid sanding the entire door frame and windows back down and starting all over with fresh wood. I sanded the areas that didn't stain back down to bare wood, stained & blended the stain into the remaining area and it looks pretty good.
Now the wood filled portions have taken the stain a bit better and those parts are much less noticeable. However, the up side is that the material can be molded into a three-dimensional wood replacement that can be cut or routed into shape.

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Powdered Wood Putty

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