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Bill Gildea pictured with his wife Reen (left), is a self-taught woodworking entrepreneur of Custom Nautical Art, creating works of art for homes and yachts using exotic woods and shell marquetry. Printing out images of boats, and aquatic graphics for corresponding project sizes, Bill tapes the designs to the veneer medium, cuts the shape through the paper into the 25-30 mil material consisting of 10 mil veneer, 10 mil paper backing, and 5-10 mil of adhesive.

Combining technology with hand craftsmanship, Bill uses graphic patterns from the internet, and constantly developes his woodworking abilities by studying the teachings of Norm Abram and Tommy MacDonald.
After the project background is completed, he drops the veneered assembly pieces into their perspective cut-out placement areas.

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Nautical Woodworking Projects

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