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Sticking a piece of plywood behind a mattress has to be one of the best simple solutions of the year.
When pondering bed solutions, I realized that using the same materials, I could create a modern, fresh, E-A-S-Y, and cheap headboard. The goal was to make a headboard 60 inches wide (queen size) and somewhere around 4 feet tall.
The plan was to line the boards up and brace them with lumber from behind–one piece down each side and two braces horizontally. Originally I wanted to attach the screws in from behind but after some trial-and-error, and taking into account the way the OSB board would splinter, we decided that having exposed screw heads on the front was not the end of the world. I think that’s a great idea to get an instant headboard in a bare room made out of materials already at hand!
Lay out the grooves on the back face of the headboard panel, following the cutting diagram. A simple shop-made jig makes the routing process easy and relatively foolproof; see the illustration of the router jig setup. The headboard shown here was mounted to a wall so that it reclines at a 5-degree angle; see the side-view illustration. Measure down from the upper cleat location and make reference marks for the lower wall cleat, roughly centering it on the bottom solid portion, as before. With a helper or two, position the headboard over the cleats, making sure it is centered behind the bed and level across the top. Note: To make the headboard movable, you can hang its bottom edge from the lower cleat using two homemade metal clips. My fiance and I have not had a headboard since we moved into our new place over a year ago! While stylish headboards can be quite expensive, a vibrant array of do-it-yourself options makes imaginative bedroom design a reality.
While we were there, Matt, who does woodworking, took a particular interest in the fixtures which were made of mainly plywood, 2’x4′ lumber, and pipes!

As luck would have it, the boards my dad gave me were in 20″x48″ panels which means we had no cuts to make whatsoever! It was the express intention of the designers of this piece not to have a monolithic hulk of a headboard, so they decorated it with negative space. You can cut the jig base from any flat sheet material, preferably something thin, like hardboard or thin MDF, and use straight scraps of plywood, solid stock, or old trim for the guide (fence) pieces.
This slight slope softens the look just a bit, and it makes the headboard more comfortable as a backrest for sitting up in bed. Mark a level line on the wall to represent the top edge of the upper mounting cleat; the cleat should be roughly centered on the 3" solid space at the top of the headboard. Drill pilot holes, and fasten the headboard to the cleats with one 6d finish nail near each corner of the headboard. Now that -something- has been done by way of headboard, I can focus my efforts and funds elsewhere.
The grooves also highlight the edge strata of the plywood, adding depth and interest that change with your viewing angle.
Make the cut with a circular saw and a straightedge guide (or a table saw) for a clean, straight edge. You can slope your headboard as much or as little as you like, or you can position it vertically. To make your own plywood headboard, take a trip to the local home supply store and purchase a few simple items: one large sheet of plywood, sandpaper, stain and sealer. When you’ve sanded, stained and sealed your headboard, set it behind the bed and enjoy the earthy statement it creates. From whimsical and organic to geometric and contemporary, a myriad of styles suits every design sensibility. Purchase a decal designed specifically for headboards, or let inspiration take hold and create your own design by combining your favorite decal selections.Upholstered HeadboardsUpholstered Shutter HeadboardThis last upholstered headboard project has a twist–the fabric and batting are placed inside of two shutter frames! Using metallic paint on the wood and striking fabric for the middle gives the headboard a contemporary feel.

The power is in the headboard’s height, which draws the eye upward, making the room look taller.
The first idea (below, left) shows DIY enthusiasts how to refresh an upholstered headboard with new fabric. The second project (below, right) uses decorative molding to create a picture frame for the outline, then fills in the center with fabric-covered plywood. Paint a headboard of your choice, or paint directly on the wall to create a headboard effect. For stencil specifics, visit Good Housekeeping.Using two shades of the same color when painting a headboard is both unexpected and visually interesting. Below (left), the light green stencil paint makes a monochromatic statement against the pear green wall color. In fact, the headboard is actually a decal, another option for achieving the stencil look without having to buy painting supplies.
The yellow headboard (below, right) has a simple rounded top, but the curved slope and flat edge add interest. Trace the outline of your headboard of choice, cut the wallpaper to fit it perfectly, then cover the headboard in its new coat. The white-edged headboard below (left) may look like a re-purposed fireplace, but it’s really made of foam architectural trim! Designed by Sheri Sheridan, the mirrored headboard (below, right) is crafted of affordable IKEA tiles, creating a glossy shine. The magic ingredients are Luan (also spelled Lauan) plywood and metallic-sprayed painter’s tape. Staining the plywood adds contrast, and using the tape to create a geometric pattern adds a retro yet modern vibe.

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Make A Headboard From Plywood

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