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This largest of the cat trees, this cat furniture plan includes a large enclosed area as well as a large rectangular cat perch at the top of the cat condo. This four level cat tree includes two steps and two resting perches.  It measures approx 58 inches tall with a 24 x 24 inch base.
I had been asking my husband to build a cat tree for a few years and he never had the time. The tube kitty condo, pictured on the right is something I purchased from WalMart for $20!! The directions were very easy to follow and I plan on making another one very soon for our barn cats. I loved the plans, they were so easy that I have been looking at the thousands of images on the internet and figuring out how I would make any of them based on the instructions from your CD.
Just thought I would send a picture of the final result of my 6 hours of work, I really enjoyed building the cat condo and it looks like she likes it too. Not being to get outside and climb trees, their cat tree is the first spot I go looking for them. It was pretty easy and actually a little fun as my children kept wanting me to get it done.

The whole purpose was to reduce the carpeting for easier maintenance (my vacuum can’t be used on the cat tree!).
We bought your cat tree plans about 4 years ago and have attached a picture of our two kittens on their first day home and playing on the tree. My cats are quite large (about 18 pounds each…and they are not fat) so I needed a custom tree. They are big cats, so we knew we needed a stable, dependable tree for them and your plans were perfect.
We have a dog who likes to help himself to the cats’ food so I feed them on these two perches. Well not only was the shipping ridiculous but my hubby, being the resourceful guy that he is, said we would be better off building it ourselves. When he built our last scratching post, he used carpet and it was hard, to say the least, to get it to wrap around the post. I also increased the size of the hole from 5 inches to 8 inches to accommodate for my cats’ large size.
My husband looked at many of the designs of pre-made cat trees and this is his version for the "Frick Kitties." My husband's version could be made smaller or larger depending on what your needs are.

I believe that my husband and I saved a great deal on making our own cat tree and we had a ball making it. Our cats love to climb so we bought a floor to ceiling cat tree, but found the shelves were to small for our cats to enjoy. So if you have cats and used chairs, with brackets from the hardware store they can have some very nice places to take those afternoon naps. I have the cardboard tube, but I cannot figure out how to get an end cap on it to attach to the wood base and ledge. The store bought one has a plastic cap that is fitted inside the tube, but I don't know how it is attached or where to buy one. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I followed your instructions and made a huge cat tree!

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How To Build A Cat Condo Easy

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