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The exhibit entitled “Show of Hands” marks the first semester of occupational therapy school for UCA occupational therapy students.
Typical for endeavors associated with the field of occupational therapy, the process and outcome of hand casting reflects a complex blend of science and artistry.
Special thanks to the Texas Woman’s University, OT Dept in Dallas for the creation and sharing of the idea of a show of hands! On December 6th 2014 a continuing education seminar was held at the Gross Anatomy Lab located in Doyne Health Science Center. The faculty and staff would like to thank all of the Graduate Assistants for their hard work – we appreciate all of you!  We will miss Hannah Colvin, Haley Harris, Haley Henderson, Sarah Holloway, Kirby Kirkland, Robert Saviers, Jessica Sheffield, and Mikayla Tomaszewski and wish them the best on their fieldwork experiences! The exhibit entitled “Show of Hands” marks the first semester of occupational therapy school for UCA occupational therapy students.  Like the experience of hand casting, the journey toward becoming an occupational therapist is marked by periods of intense activity, excitement, frustration, pleasure, and contemplation. Plans are currently being made for CHBS students to participate in service learning in the spring to assist with the UCA Health Fair.
Please join us on Homecoming weekend, October 26, 2013 from 1-3pm on the 3rd floor of Doyne Health Science Center for our 1st annual “Show of Hands” reception and UCA Occupational Therapy Department open house.  We hope you enjoy the show!

While these self-help reflexology techniques can be performed as a general tune-up between professional sessions as a way to prolong the effects or see faster results, you should still schedule a visit to a certified reflexologist to experience the full range of health benefits offered by the practice. When people talk about hand and wrist pain, the symptoms often point to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist Stretch: Place your hands in a praying position at chest level with your fingers closed.
Get a comprehensive overview of the key product markets for children’s products and the health concerns influencing NPD. Chewing gum is an efficient and tasty system to deliver active ingredients to support health and wellness. For the Sensory Integration theory, students created sensory experiences in the Health Promotion and Wellness (HPAW) residential college.
Marc Willey, Associate Professor, has been chosen for two poster presentations at the American Society for Hand Therapists (ASHT) 36th Annual Meeting being held in Chicago, IL, October 24-27, 2103. The occupational therapy students have taken the complex process of alginate and hydrostone casting to another level through their display of expressive hand gestures and the inclusion of objects that represent who they were, are now, and someday hope to be.

Oz show, we have 5 reflexology points in each hand that we can easily access to get relief from some common health problems, including insomnia, stomach upset, sinus congestion and back pain. The seminar was approved by the Outreach & Community Engagement Department at UCA, the Occupational Therapy Department and the College of Health and Applied Sciences.
Mosley has trained others from departments within the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences.  The newest coaches (shown above) received their training during the Falls Awareness and Prevention elective course taught in the summer of 2014.
This program encompasses solution-focused learning, research seminars, clinical activities, and leadership projects combating the Autism Act and the Maternal Child Health bureau within the health resources and services administration at the Department of Health and Human Services. The video will showcase exercises for individuals with varying levels of spinal cord injuries or any individuals who prefer to exercise in a seated position.  During their community project, Ms.

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Hands Show Health

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