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Recently I been getting more and more calls for kitchen base cabinets to be all drawers, and after doing it a few times, I've made it standard equipment for high-end cabinets. Now I just add two deep drawers below the top drawer in every bay where I have a top drawer. In my own personal kitchen, my cabinets were installed via the builder, using Thermo Foil Doors and drawer fronts (a builders standard). I made the transition to all drawers in the base cabinets, using Accuride Full Extention Slides. To contributor R: I only do this on high-end stuff where I can't just put in fixed or adjustable shelves in the base cabinets.
We build cabinets to suit the wants and needs of our customers and it is for this reason that we build mostly all drawer base cabinets.
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This will ensure when you attach your baseboard it will be flush with the faceframe above the cleat since we didn’t build the faceframe to go all the way to the floor. Pricing and practical considerations for drawers that fit the inside corner of a corner cabinet.

I have a customer who wants four drawers in the 36'' corner base cabinets (two of them in this kitchen). I haven't done any like this, but I think $600 sounds awfully low for all the goofy drawer boxes, fronts, and general screwing around - and I'm not the most expensive shop around. Each of these two drawers has about the same height clearance as each of the two eliminated shelves would have had. I really have to wonder just how much more Home Depot would charge a customer for this feature on its factory made cabinets - probably an arm and a leg. I give one 3 or 4 drawer bank as standard equipment, and the rest get a drawer over door with a full or half shelf. Otherwise you're right - drawers or pull-out shelves do add a lot of work over simple shelving. I have seen them built as diagonal, but these have the drawer built with the inside 90 degrees. My local cabinet guy hooked me up with a near perfect match for the drawer fronts, which are produced much sounder today.
Corner cabs and sinks are the only base cabs we use doors on unless they get too narrow in width, and then we will use one tall door for slide in storage.
Also, of the two, pull out or roll out shelves are what is a relatively new feature in built-in cabinetry.
Every time I see her she thanks me for suggesting all drawers because she does not have to get down on her hands and knees to see what is in the back of the bottom shelves.

We offer dividers in the really large drawers so pots and pans don't slide around in the drawers.
I normally would still have to build the shallow top drawer above a set of the doors in front of two pull-out shelves.
There seems to be a mental disconnect where people think rollouts are somehow radically different than drawers, which doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.
I guess the same could be accomplished, at a more efficient cost, by segmenting a Susan, and you wouldn't lose as much storage space by adding a drawer to it. Get this - he says "commercial grade hospital size solid core doors," and he doesn't care if the drawers are diagonal or inside corner style, just do whatever is easier for me. It is critical to have the front of the drawer where you miter it be perfect and the front middle.
We outsource the drawers and dovetailed maple drawers, and 27" Blum undermount, full-extension slides really run up the cost. Just no Lazy Susan, so I think the 30'' deep 4 drawer stack turned on a 45 as suggested will do the trick.

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Drawer Base Cabinet Plans

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