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German architect Susanne Nobis, as both the architect and the owner of this live work house, puts minimalist living at the forefront of this boat inspired design.
Located by Lake Starnberg, a popular southern Bavarian recreation area near Munich, this house aptly boasts an interior that resembles the interior of a rustic row boat, inverted to form the gabled ceiling and enclosed in glass. Another interesting feature inspired by the boat house but with a contemporary twist, this house sits on 60cm stilts, illuminated from underneath.

Being driven home, and the bottom of the mortise should be quite new compact router designed. Modeled on the traditional twin boathouse homes popular in this lakeside town, the two-volume house has a hand-crafted artisan look.
It also lowers electricity consumption by 799 million kilowatt hours per year and lowers oil consumption by 2.15 million barrels per year.

One volume features the living, cooking and dining areas on the ground floor, and the “gallery” overhead, while the second volume houses two offices, a guest room and bedrooms upstairs.

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Bavarian House Design

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