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In my early years of woodworking and cabinet building, I spent a lot of time assembling things on the floor. For my new shop, and especially for piano action regulation I wanted a nice assembly table, but also I wanted it to be adjustable in height.
The adjustable height will allow me to do action regulation work comfortably in both sitting and standing positions. I created the adjustable height mechanism by adapting an adjustable height cart sold by Harbor Freight. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014.
After the lower frame was done, wheels were put under each of the posts so it could be rolled around the shop.  Next I built the sliding mechanisms, which are four plywood box-like structures that hold the plastic bushings.

When I made it years ago, I outfitted it with a good face vise, an innovative sliding tail-vise and a plain trestle base.
I retrofitted my top with commercially-made adjustable legs (about $480, see Adjust-A-Bench Legs, below). When designer Joe Marrone saw an electrically adjustable workbench for sale, he set out to build his own.
Two of these were employed, located 60” apart so they could lift the work surface in tandem, thereby supporting up to 400 lbs.  I calculated that the work surface would weigh about 100-120 lbs, so that left plenty of lifting power for even the largest plane I anticipate building. I really think taht this is a well thought out design, especially the adjustable height legs with locks, since I usually have to bend over to use most benches. With a normal balanced load (workpiece) this adjustable table is going to do its job like a dream.

Designed by Charlie Kocourek, its telescoping legs are torsion boxes, and the bench is raised and lowered by an ordinary scissors jack.
A second scissors jack raises the bench off the floor and onto its mobile base, allowing the bench to be wheeled around.

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adjustable woodworking bench plans

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