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03 Jul. 2013

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South Africa is continuing to grow as a mobile hungry nation as a recent study revealed that South Africans spend more time on their mobile phones than any other media channel. Our study also confirmed the study by Inmobi that South African mobile phone users are comfortable with ads via mobile phone. 4) Supporting the current concerns amongst youth in South Africa about Education 37% of the respondents indicated that they will use their mobile phone for educational services or content. The detailed report will be available towards the end of this coming week and we welcome any comments or feedback. An interesting infographic by Vision Mobile highlighted the increase of competition by handset manufacturers for being the industry leader in this growing mobile market. A new addition to our data was that 34% of mobile phone users were using multiple sim cards of which more than 60% of these using a sim card that differs from their primary service provider. A new addition to our findings also shows that the most used function according to South African mobile users is Instant Messaging with 32%. We will release the rest of the study in a few weeks with Youth Research Partners and the RLabs Research Institute giving more insight into the preferences and usage of mobile phones in South Africa. The most popular mobile phone handset is Nokia with 53% of the respondents followed by 25%. Our early study also showed that 82% of our mobile phone users are using Pre-paid accounts. Three years ago it was interesting to see that teens choice was Nokia as their preferred mobile phone compared to other device manufacturers.
The above is certainly proof that Samsung has seen massive growth amongst teens in with LG also growing in this exciting South African market. Mobile technology, particularly mobile phones with internet access, has undergone vast improvements over the past years.
Over the past few weeks I was involved with a research study in Cape Town that investigated the use of mobile phones by learners aged 13 -18.

Although Zulu has the highest number of home language speakers in South Africa in only managed 4th on the list of available languages with the English language proving to be the most popular with the current group of subscribers. 8ta system get sms tracking online cell phone and mobile spy and kwazulu natal, account, how to track a cell phone directories; sms. The focus of the report will be on the response of youth (aged 13 – 35) in South Africa to Mobile Advertising. Only 3% of the mobile users were using a Blackberry handset this could be due to large volume of Blackberry users not actively using MXit as their preferred Instant Messenger. We also noted that the number of mobile users using pre-paid to cover their cellular costs increased and currently at 87%. The survey will be served via mobile social network platform, MXit, to a few thousand users and this is one of our ongoing mobile research studies that we are doing in collaboration with our global partner the Mobile Youth Network . The age group with the highest number of users on MXit is age group 18 – 24 with 54% (See image above for age breakdown).
It was also interesting to see that Cell C was the preferred service provider with 38% of the users followed by MTN 31% and Vodacom with 30% of users.
The full paper will be presented at a conference later this year but below are some findings that will be useful to those working for organisations who are trying to reach young people via mobile phones. This supports the fact the more people in South Africa access the internet via a mobile phone than via a PC.
This project is currently be managed by Cell-Life and the idea is to give access to information on the MXit platform. The age groups for this service support the MXit demographics with 76% of the subscribers being between the ages of 15-25. Interesting observation in the above list is the MXit chat or chat language that was more popular than Afrikaans, Zulu, Sesotho combined (These languages presenting more than 45% of the South African population). Spying on mobile phone tracking a leading mobile phone numbers in south africa free spy software, android, mobile provider in south africa number tracking in the information just .

It is also interesting to note that amongst youth aged 13 – 25 the number of pre-paid users are 92%.
Other than MXit which was the most popular mobile social network used amongst the youth, Facebook numbers proved to be growing steadily with it being 20 times more than the Twitter users. These conveniences include mobile services, which have become very affordable and a viable option for many South Africans. Mobile phones are currently used effectively as a tool to empower communities in South Africa; and this job opportunity mobile service proved to be another example of how mobile phones can aid citizens to further empower their lives and community.
All the youth who have access to a mobile phone have used a Mobile Chat or Mobile Instant Messenger (MIM), such as MXit.
The most frequently (“All the time”) used mobile phone service was Multimedia and the Mobile web was the most popular service to be used over weekends. The article reports on an investigation into the use of Web 2.0 technologies to enhance the information flow within the community to assist preventing the growth and spread of gangsterism and the use of drugs among South African communities, especially those in the Cape Flats.
The user have to add the service on the MXit profile as a buddy and can view information in 4 of the official South African languages (SA have 11 official languages – See table on the right for language distribution during 2001 census) and in the text (mobile) language. Provide you track someones iphone south africa real time gps global phone number location in south africa! This is important for any developers and organisations targeting youth with services via mobile phones to realise the handsets and that most of their target audience are using.
It was interesting to see (High level observations) which of these languages are the most popular amongst our users using this service.

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