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17 May. 2013

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Verify that the information is correct and click Update Address to process the change (click Return to return to the address and phone number data entry form, or click Cancel to return to the Self Service screen).
Some spanning sync apps generate a certain phone number to many of the contacts by mistake.
It's obviously that the phone number +1 405 22 4234 repeats in many contacts,  although it is possible to delete the number manually one by one, but if the number was made to all of your contacts, it will be a tough job to delete in traditional way -  by hand. The result contacts match to the search condition will be listed in a table,  check unwanted phone numbers and go on.
For those who are new to this site, my wife is a local real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate.
She switched offices more than a year ago, but knowing the inherent risk in updating a Google Places listing, I refused to change the address.
You have to go out and update all the web content your wife has with her name, old address and old phone no(s).

However, as I mentioned in my previous comment this is all inconclusive and things might vary depending on many factors.
If you search in Mapmaker for the first Places result your wife’s highlighted name appears fourth in a list of names with the high lighted phone no fourth in a list. Google say only one entry per phone no, I have suffered from being reduced to one and having no Additional Details showing for a multiple strand business so I know the pain. It would be nice to see Cari’s Places entry content as that is the driver of what we can get to show in a blended search.
Bill – Google recognizes that doctors, dentists, lawyers, stylists and real estate agents are just some of the professions where multiple businesses share an address. She was listed with the Richland address, but it used her cellphone number so any calls would still come straight to her, not to the old office.
Her photos are showing up on the Windermere Group One Place Page, while her own Place Page no longer appears anywhere.

Real estate agents, doctors, dentists, lawyers, hair stylists and numerous other local businesses work in situations where multiple independent business owners share the same building and physical address.
Same address, same industry, partly same business name is a bit too much for the algo imho.
It’s the same address, but the business name and phone number are the brokerage, not her. I want them to make the RIGHT change, which is to separate my wife’s listing from BOTH of the brokerage addresses.

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