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29 Jul. 2015

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In this latest installment of IFTTT Recipes, I'll show you how to use Siri to turn on your Christmas lights -- and amaze the little ones at the same time.
To perform this magic trick, you'll need a free IFTTT account, a Belkin WeMo Switch (US$49.95 from the Apple Store), the ability to send SMS text messages and a Siri-capable iPhone. Each running instance of the emulator has a simulated phone number that is shown in the title bar of the emulator window. You can affect the assigned phone numbers by choosing Edit > Preferences and selecting WMA in the left pane. If the Phone Number of Next Emulator is already in use, or if the field is blank, then the First Assigned Phone Number is used for the next emulator instance.

For example, for the Phone Number of Next Emulator, suppose you enter +6269333, and for the First Assigned Phone Number you enter +5550000. To add fun to the effect, I set up a contact for Santa Claus, entering in his mobile number as the SMS phone number from IFTTT. I've blurred out the phone numbers, but you'll see it's as easy as this: if IFTTT's SMS account receives an SMS from your chosen iPhone, then it will turn on the WeMo Switch. If you launch four emulator instances, their numbers are +6269333, +5550000, +5550001, and +5550002. Select a destination (Control-click to select multiple destinations) and enter a port number if you wish.

In this case, my device's name is Living Room Lamp, but it's actually hooked up to the Christmas tree. Subsequent instances of the emulator have unique numbers in ascending order: +5550001, +5550002, +5550003, etc.

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