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08 Aug. 2015

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Mobile phone websites are the fastest growing online sector in terms of visits, followed by food and coupon sites, according to new research. The sector has also been boosted by services enabling consumers to recycle their mobile phone for cash. One of the biggest contributors to the sector in terms of traffic growth is 118-800, the controversial directory service containing millions of UK mobile phone numbers.
Burmaster concludes, “Although saving money is a major theme across the fastest growing online sectors, the variety of sectors – from mobile phones to food and cooking, from automotive and health to technology and parenting – shows the diminishing areas of daily life that aren’t significantly being impacted or enhanced by the Internet. Windows Phone Apps Facebook:  The world's biggest social network, available in the palm of your hand. Viber works exactly like an ordinary phone call but instead of using your network minutes up, the call is sent via the internet. Not only that, but the app also includes a built in photo editor, as well as a sharing community so you can share your snaps with the world. Since this wasn't an official version (like far too many Windows Phone apps), it was never pulled.

Luckily if you have Tonido installed on your phone and your computer, you can access your files remotely. Whether it's video, photos, or music, you'll be able to access it on the server from anywhere with an internet connection. Who Called Me UK has an extensive list of numbers belonging to telemarketers, debt collectors, banks, and interviewers. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the Windows Phone users have so far been ignored by developers, meaning you all have to rely on third-party developers. A number of Nokia phones can take images in RAW, and now you can edit them without loading them onto a separate device.
Send Anywhere has been available on Android and iOS for a while, and now it's available on Windows Phone.
PhotoMath is just that, functioning as a calculator-like device that can solve equations using your phone's camera.
XIM will let you share individual photos or sideshows with other people by casting the photos to their phones.

That means you can take photos, control video recording, and even copy those videos over to your phone to share with the world. Flash Video attempts to work around that, letting you stream Flash video and save them to your phone if you wish.
Sorted in a month-by-month timeline, you can throw in photos, notes, and pretty much everything else you'd need from a journaling app.
It's just been updated, and now has a new design, voice commands, and various alarm features in the top bar of your phone.
Teamviewer lets you control any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer from your phone without any set-up hassle. That's no longer the case, and it makes Windows Phone the last major system to have an official release.

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