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27 Jun. 2014

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Police in Boston, Massachusetts claim to have foiled a pair of misfits who threatened to kill attendees at the Pokemon World Championships, which was held just this past weekend. It seemed to be yet another crazed gunman looking to kill as many innocent people as possible.  The venue for the attack was a movie theater known for their anti-gun policy, which would ensure plenty of helpless victims.
It was indeed a toy but some of them are made to make a fairly loud noise, which aligns with the goal of making the replica as realistic as possible.  The noise produced is not as loud as an actual firearm, but that little detail would probably be lost if one thought they were in a life-or-death situation.

This design has earned a reputation of extreme reliability and ruggedness, which sounds like just the thing if one is going to go running around in a sweltering jungle during a dinosaur hunt.  Most of the reliability comes from the bottleneck cartridge, a shape which is much less prone to jamming.
The gun fires a small .30 caliber bullet at very high speed, which has advantages and drawbacks.

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