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21 Dec. 2012

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Manipulating others online with a fake persona has been a common practice since the beginning of Internet time, and now we have a name for it, thanks to a documentary-turned-MTV reality show called Catfish: The TV Show. For my Airbnb snooping, I searched for the host’s first name and her alleged neighborhood, which led me to a LinkedIn page where I found out where she worked (it was in the same neighborhood) and where she went to college. If you have someone’s profile picture or another such photo, try using it to conduct a Google image search. If your Google search turns up some social media accounts owned by your person of interest, take a look at those accounts, and use common sense.
Megan's LawCalifornia residents can search for registered sex offenders by name or location.
Not everyone is out to get you, of course, but the Web is littered with catfish—trolls who, for various reasons, try to fool you into believing that they’re someone else.
Catfishing—the art of baiting and duping people into believing you’re someone else online—happened to the show’s host, Nev Schulman.

A sparse profile with a quiet wall, a small number of friends, and no photos with other people—mostly selfies—might be an indication of a phony profile. For example, a Google search of my personal Instagram handle also yields my Tumblr account, as I share the username between the two.
The Free Public Records Search Directory will point you in the right direction: It provides links to public institutions for you to start your search. Always let a trusted friend or family member know where you are, and use a location app or service on your mobile phone so they can track your whereabouts if need be. Some catfish steal photos from other profiles and palm them off as their own; an image search will reveal other places on the Web where that photo has appeared.
These sites do everything from finding real-world addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers to searching criminal records.
Whether you’re meeting up with an online flame, selling something on Craigslist, or finding a vacation rental, you can use a few simple Internet tools to confirm someone’s online identity and avoid getting catfished.

Look for bits of information from your previous conversations that you can use to search to construct a more complete picture—details about the person’s city, place of work, or alma mater, for example. If it shows up as a profile picture on a few different Facebook pages, for example, or if the same photo appears in multiple apartment listings or ads, consider that a red flag. Spokeo’s reverse email and phone search tools can dig up a person’s age and current and past addresses.
If you’re hiring a babysitter or selling something worth a lot of money on Craigslist, it may be worth coughing up the $8 to do a criminal records search on the person.

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