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20 Feb. 2013

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The Xcelerated Telephone Resource equips staff with accurate phone numbers, suppresses do-not-call files and helps move the transaction process forward. The XTR file includes over 500 million unique phone records and is one of the largest available databases of published and non-published phone numbers. The XTR File is a continuously refreshed file that updates all directory assistance telephone numbers and validates 40 million non-directory assistance telephone numbers per month.
Note: The phone company information provided on this page is for informational purposes only. Use our reverse toll free look up tool to instantly find out all the information you want on any toll free number.

Instantly find out all the information you want to know about any toll free number with this reverse lookup tool.
We are able to access the phones binary information and determine if files were emailed and sent somewhere, even if they were deleted, which in turn will assist the organisation to take search name by mobile number of airtel where necessary. According to the national do not call list, you have until dec 15, 2004 to get on the search name by mobile number of airtel do not call list for cell phones. The XTR Phone Type Indicator segments customer lists by land, wireless and PCS device numbers to make your data-driven application more efficient and effective. This is the most comprehensive, fastest and easiest reverse toll free look up tool you will find and best off all it is free for you to use.

Virgin Islands, Guam, North Mariana Islands, American Samoa and toll-free numbers (500, 800, 866, 877, 880, 881, 882 and 888).

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