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15 Jul. 2015

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There are times when we want to know that the number from which we just got a missed call or a text message belongs to which circle or which operator (cellular company), as long as the phone number is that of a landline phone, one can easily make out the location of the phone by looking at the STD code.
This one is the most basic type of mobile number tracer app, comes with a simple interface, simply start entering a mobile phone number based in India, and it will show you the Area and Operator for that mobile number, in fact only first four digits of the mobile phone number are sufficient, you don’t need to enter the full number.
Also on the bottom of the app screen, you see the button which reads ‘Call Log’, tapping this buttons makes the app access your call log, and hence this app now can tell you the Area and Operator for any mobile phone number present in your call log (check the second part of the above snapshot).
Allows you to find out the Area and Operator for any mobile number across India, just by entering the first four digits of the mobile number. Scans your call log, and finds out the Area and Operator for different mobile numbers appearing with in your call log.
So, this was the list of the Free Android apps which can help you in scenarios where you are getting some missed calls or SMSs from some unknown mobile phone number, though these apps are not the solution to this problem, but at least can help you so that you can easily guess the person behind these unknown calls and SMSs. You can search for the Location and Operator info based upon the first four digits of the mobile phone number. You get to know the same info for all the incoming and outgoing calls to any mobile phone number in India. Since the recent smartphones have become a prime target for theft around the world, do not underestimate the significance of IMEI numbers. If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, and you report it to your mobile service provider, they will block the device to access their network and can even block access to other networks and the use of other regions.

In case you need to get info about your phone using IMEI # you can check it using free network checker and get information like the mobile operator to which your phone is locked, warranty status, SIMLock status, contact number (CTN), etc.
For example, the current iPhone 5 has a TAC with numbers 01-332700, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 uses 35-853704. So, as you see, IMEI number of mobile devices is important and unique ID that you need to know and backup right now.
If your phone is stolen, this identifier does not help you to get it back, but you will get some comfort knowing that the mobile operator will restrict the possibility to use any Sim card. Here are some Free Android Apps which can help you to trace a mobile phone number in India, in other words any of these apps once installed on your Android device allow you to easily discover the Region (Area) and the Operator of a mobile phone number in India. Though these apps might not correctly report the operator info, because if the user has changed the operator using the MNP service, the apps will still show you the first operator for the mobile phone number, that means, if somebody got a number from Idea Cellular, and switched to Vodafone using MNP, these apps will show you the Idea Cellular as the operator, but never mind, at least you get the correct location using these apps, because MNP doesn’t allow you to switch circles. Well, if you don’t have an Android device, you might like to have a look at this list of Four ways to trace a Mobile Phone number in India.
Each new phone (including iPhone) must have a unique number IMEI, which remains at the device throughout its lifetime.
The police maintain a record of all stolen phones and uses the IMEI numbers to identify the devices. The section of code marked as the letter C is a unique serial number and the number is affixed only by the manufacturer.

If your phone is stolen, the settings are reset and SIM-card is replaced, the IMEI number will not change without outside interference. In some regions, changing these numbers is illegal and this usually requires a very good reason. Thieves use numbers that are not in the black list, and install them on the stolen device to use it again. In this article, we will explain why our mobile devices must have IMEI and list of the basic techniques that will allow you to find and record your unique number. The main objective of IMEI goes beyond simple identification, this number can be used to block the device access to the network provider. If your phone is stolen and you want to block it with the IMEI, be sure to ask your service provider to expand the lock to other networks as well. If you ever bear mobile phone in for repair, there is a chance that the service center will ask your IMEI on the warranty card for identification purposes.

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