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26 Jan. 2014

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I have two people interested in looking at the bike next weekend, but you were among the first to respond so I’d like to work with you.
I have not sold much on Craigslist and have not paid much attention to scams but I had listed a child’s rocker. I went on Craigslist looking for a personal assistant job, well I applied at a few, and this one got back to me. And you do not have to worry that they have your address or phone number, I never heard back from them.

Answer: Fed Ex was kind enough to assign a security agent to look into this and it turns out that packages presented to the Lagos Nigeria Fed Ex office are handled by hand and the first time they get an electronic scan is when they make it to the Poyle office next to Heathrow Airport.
I use the address and phone number of the local District Attorney’s office as my contact. When they got back to me eventually wondering about why i didn’t send the rest of the money to the shipper, I told them i took the check to my bank and THEY said it was a scam. I think the best we can do is alert as many as you can to this scam so that no one will get taken.

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