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01 Feb. 2015

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Description: This is a well-structured telephone area code & phone number prefix database that comes with 1,668,040 NPA NXX codes & 170,804 phone number prefixes from all over the world. In table NPA_NXX, there are 1,668,080 records that have a NPA-NXX-X, a location & a phone company.
This database is being constantly updated with regards to the volume and structure, once every 0.5 - 5 years depending on niche, and you will be notified via our Blog or Twitter when new versions come out.

Be notified when new data sets are released!You would also receive running promo discounts and updates to current databases.
In the table of NPA_NXX, each record is comprised of NPA-NXX-X, location and phone company.

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