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30 Jan. 2015

Lookup whois history,phone numbers in france,free white pages phone number lookup,name lookup by phone - How to DIY

Whois History is a powerful investigative tool, allowing you to "look back in time" to spot significant changes in the ownership, hosting, registration, and other information about the domain.
This will save considerable time in exploring the history of a domain and pinpointing key events. The lookup box works as before - it is where you begin your exploration of a domain's history. The timeline highlights changes in the Whois records, and allows you to navigate forward and backward in the history of the domain. Seeing what changed from one record to the next is among the most important functions of Whois History.
The right-hand portion of the screen shows the Whois record for the selected date (the default is the most recent Whois record). At the top of the Whois record are links that take you to the next or previous changed Whois record for the domain.

Use the Permalink control if you'd like to send, link, or bookmark the full URL of the page, including the context of the displayed Whois record. In addition to the usual info, you get some extra data like the server type, SEO score, HTTP response code, hosting history, registrar history, IP history and more. The Domain History tool in IP Neighborhood has a wide variety of uses across multiple industries.
When you select a date from the timeline, the Whois record for that date is shown on the right.
The name of the domain, presented as a button, takes you to the main DomainTools Whois page for that domain. Previously, I wrote about how you can find out who is hosting a website, but that only tells you where the server is located. All you have to do is enter in the web address you want to look up and presto – all the information you wanted will appear.

The history items all require you to pay a subscription fee, but even without paying, you get a great deal of info about the domain. If you want to verify the owner of a domain name or see when one expires (so that you can purchase it), performing a WHOIS lookup is the way to go. For example, if you look up the website address for the WHOIS site, you will find out some important information.

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