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03 Nov. 2013

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When you are translating a document, you can use the Look up term dialog to find entries in the term base which contain specific words.
You can also use the Look up term dialog to search for terms in external terminology databases such as the EuroTermBank online service.
Note: You can search both in the source-language and the target-language terms in the term base.
When editing a translation document, choose Look Up Term from the Translations menu, or press Ctrl+P. In the lower part of the Look up term dialog, you can modify the selected term base entry. At the top of the Look up term dialog, you can choose from the terminology services available to memoQ. The searching interface is pre-filled with the term selected in the translation grid by default.

Only exact matches: Select this radio button to search for the very same texts entered into the Search for field.
Anywhere in term: Select this radio button to search for texts containing the text entered into the Search for field. The editing interface shows the details of the term base entry that is selected in the search results pane of the searching interface. In all other respects, the editing interface is the same as the Edit term base entry dialog. Online lookup link: Click this to open the EuroTermBank portal in your default web browser. Besides that look at the other search phrases that show up in other sellers titles when you do such a search.
Also, once you do a search look below the search results at the “searches related to” to find other ideas for keywords.

If some text is selected in the source or the target cell, the Search for text box contain the selected text, and the source or target side results will automatically appear.
It has a shrinked, a medium and an extended view, similarly to the Edit term base entry dialog. Features of the Citation Tree include the ability to change the focus to a different family in either the forward or backward citation tree, search for one or more patent numbers and display the PatBase record of a selected patent. These search terms will show up when you start entering in eBay’s search field the name of your product. Using the autocomplete option also in Google’s search is even a better way to come up with exact search phrases that you can use as keywords.

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