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23 Apr. 2014

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Would be nice to see this get updated or some else make a tool like this most of these Domain Reverse IP Lookup websites have a limit to how many times you can check with there website.
In order to take down a domain name, the United States Government needs to take in rem action against the domain names. Once this order is obtained, the authorities must send a request to the registrar responsible for the top level domain (TLD) in question to take specific actions against the domain names in question. Thanks to the unique view provided by the Reverse IP Lookup tool, it is possible to shed some light on the true scale of activity currently being undertaken by the DOJ to stamp out illegal activities online, as well as view a definitive list of domains now in the control of the DOJ.
Data from this tool is constantly updated and is arguably one of the best single views of the domains that have been seized by the DOJ.
When I research a domain or website, I sometimes want to find out about other websites that the company or owner maintains.
Below that is a tabbed interface that displays the contents of the reverse IP lookup, Reverse Google Analytics ID Lookup, Google Adsense ID Lookup and Whois Record.

Both the Reverse Google Adsense and Google Analytics ID lookup list websites that use the very same scripts on their sites. Ewhois’ service sets itself apart from other services by displaying all the lookups that other services are usually only offering on separate pages.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), seized over 140 domain names from sites allegedly engaged in the "illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit goods and copyrighted works" or other illegal activities.
This basically means that they are applying to seize property (the domain name) that is directly used in criminal activities.
Update the name servers of the domain to the name server specified by the relevant authority in the takedown request. Keep checking these IP addresses for new additions, you might just catch the latest seized domain before the media!
You see the domain’s IP address, Google Analytics ID, Pagerank, Alexa and Compete Rank as well as the data of the last update.

This article provides insight into the takedown process as well as providing a unique look into the DOJ’s domain name graveyard. All others with a link to the website and a link to run the lookup for that site on eWhois. With a reverse lookup I can make sure that the guy who is selling the domain is not owner of another site in the same niche.

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