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30 Jan. 2013

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Home IdeasHomemade Ideas To Make A House A HomeHow To Make An Emergency USB Charger – Never Run Out Of Phone Battery Again!
Related Posts:8 DIY Projects To Get Free Energy From The SunHow To Transfer A Photo Onto WoodYou’ll Never Guess Why This Guy Is Pouring A Blue Liquid On A Diaper. Voltaic System’s battery packs will take charge from solar panels, AC adapters, USB ports, even other battery packs. If you're like me, you would immediately pull out your cell phone and start dialing every number.

Not only is it really frustrating it can be stressful too, especially if you don’t have access to a power supply and need to use your phone!
We modified one of the spare micro USB cables to connect from the dynamo and used a breadboard to make our connections easy (but not permanent).
If we do the math, 350mA into a 3000mAh battery will take about 10 hours of hand cranking to fully charge.
Label the terminals of the battery positive and negative and mark which direction you turned the shaft (CW or CCW).

If you’re trying to charge your own battery, connect the diode in series from the positive terminal of the motor to the lead that will connect to the positive terminal of your battery. Connect the negative terminal of the motor to the lead that will connect to the negative or ground terminal of the battery.

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