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13 Nov. 2014

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I collected several examples of people getting locked out of their Google accounts in the last 24 hours after criticizing nitecruzr on the Althouse support thread. The cretin who insulted her and then deleted his taunts from the support thread, nitecruzr, is still acting on Google’s behalf even today. I am convinced that Google has given this fellow nitecruzr the authority to flag accounts and require them to hand over cell phone numbers.
And in tangentially related news, I went through exactly the same verification procedure with my Gmail as Patrick reported.  I’ll post my thoughts in a comment on that thread.
I left a comment asking for anyone who experienced that to write me at patterico AT gmail DOT com. Personally I didn’t see evidence of bottles thrown at him as reported, but we are only seeing from one angle. With our Organization provide to the Online Gmail Technical Support Phone Number for the US Client. I asked for examples of people who, within the last 24 hours, were asked for their phone number.

A couple of other commenters reported being asked for a cell phone number, but have not yet answered my question as to whether they were REQUIRED to provide a cell phone number to restore their Google account. We were disabled from accessing our e-mail because we criticized this guy’s rudeness and dishonesty. But I gave in, and after getting the text message (which I still have) I was able to enter the validation code and resume logging in. Sponsored Links Gmail will send a confirmation email to your phone Open this  Oct 14, 2007. This services provided for online Gmail Password Recovery or Any Issue for Gmail Tech Support Number just Call Now Our Number : 1-866-978-6819.
Me, I went and left a support ticket with a different e-mail address, because I wasn’t thrilled about giving them a cell phone number.
And I would strongly advise people who don’t already rely on Gmail to explore different options. Dana, who didn’t criticize Google, was not required to hand over the cell phone number.

Fourth, and most important, from comments at the Althouse site, we now learn that this guy has the ability to flag your Google account for review.
Step 2: SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NAME AND HIT MAXIMIZE note: this may BUT now, you can use your Gmail Voice to call people directly on their phones!
Further, to recover my account, they would need a phone number to either send a text message or a voice message with a verification code to enter. I can tell you that, as a blogger, watching years of your life get pissed away by a big company that doesn’t seem to care is not fun.

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