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01 Dec. 2012

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The National Names Index (NNI) is an index of Australian corporate and registered business names. If you want to check availability of a proposed name of a company then you have to enter a known company name then click on search option.
There are many services that provide you with easy search options and access to translated official company information but these can be expensive, and there are occasions when you need to see the original registration documents and filings.
As well as a company search you can also carry out a search for company officials in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the UK.
On the plus side this service enables you to quickly search many of the European registers through a single interface. We're here to help you find all the information you need.You'll find detailed information about what searches are available and the information they provide, samples, our terms of use and trade, answers to common questions and free links to related information here.
Shopping Cart OrdersFor any of the searches offered on the shopping cart pages, you can pay by credit card or bank account securely and at the time of your order via PayPal, or you can choose the Direct Order option to pay via internet banking or direct deposit to our account later. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the topics on this page, feel free to email us and we'll do our best to find the answer and respond within 24 hours.Stay in touch by adding the following feeds to your favourite RSS reader.

Many of the registers are on the web and allow you to search and view some of the information free of charge.
Searchfirst (including our Pro portal) is an authorised Channel Partner of GlobalX Information Pty Ltd ABN 99 073 436 414.We source all our online information exclusively from GlobalX - unquestionably Australia's leading information broker. Some information databases are available outside of business hours, and if we can, we'll complete your search request outside of normal hours aswell.Searchfirst Pro subscribers please see the next topic for your extended support. For example, if you order a title search on 1 Example Street, Anytown, and we provided 11 Example Street, Anytown (the results returned being a clearly different subject to what was ordered), we will forward you a new search over the correct subject as initially ordered at no additional cost.B)You have ordered the incorrect informationIf YOU have ordered the wrong information and we have successfully returned a result that matched what you ordered, no refund or replacement will be due in this circumstance.
You are not charged for a list of results but as soon as you click on an entry in the list your search is deemed to be successful and you are charged for it. You may also end up paying for information that is available free of charge direct from the national registry. It includes tangible assets such as goods, crops and livestock, and intangibles such as licenses, investment instruments and accounts.A personal loan that is secured against motor vehicle is a common example of such a security interest, and therefore, the separate state based REVS registers will be replaced with a search of the PPSR.
For example, if you order a title search on 1 Example Street, Anytown, but you meant to order 11 Example Street, Anytown, and we return a result on 1 Example Street, Anytown because that property actually existed and returned a valid search result, then you will need to re-order with the correct details at your own cost.

GBRDirect is an excellent way of searching the EBR but you still need to know the location of the individual country registries in case the service is down and you need documents urgently. As we have returned valid results that matched your order, the initial search fees will stand in this circumstance.If we detect any contentious or ambiguous results before we process your order, we will contact you for further instructions, before we incur any third party provider fees.
On 1 July 1998, it became the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) so it became responsible for consumer protection in superannuation, insurance, and deposit taking. Even if you manage to work your way through the navigation and search options you will usually find that the data is in the local language.
If buying property or using a property as security, this search is a must to confirm that the subject property is one-and-the-same as detailed in any documentation.
These searches are a useful tool for property investors and owners to investigate and evaluate property values and ascertain the sales history of a property.

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