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08 Aug. 2012

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Access Number Function provides a worldwide network of toll-free phone numbers for your callers to contact you at the cost of a local call. Availability of access numbers worldwide will keep changing as the telecommunication laws in different countries comes to terms with the advances in voice over internet technologies. Access Number is a very cost effective and fast way of gaining global presence rapidly and cheaply, by allowing people worldwide to contact you for the cost of a local call. With Access Numbers global scale toll-free calls are now accessible to anyone - from small businesses to teenagers.
Having a worldwide network of access numbers expands a business’s reach by offering its remote customers the ability to contact it without having to pay long distance call charges. A small business in Sydney Australia with a phone number +61 2 90112121 can now receive voice and fax toll-free calls from all around Australia from its customers using that SAME number. This also applies to callers overseas, people in Tokyo, Japan can ring their local Access Number +81 3 45802163 and reach +61 2 90112121 in Sydney, Australia without paying long distance call charges. The normal phone number +61 2 90112121 becomes effectively becomes a worldwide toll-free number.
The global network of Access Numbers is also useful for members to make outgoing calls from any network to any network.
All calls to the Access Number to initiate the Call Backs are free, they are just used to detect the member's calling phone number - the calls are never officially "answered".
Once the incoming number is detected, Access Number will then use its own call rates or the member's preferred VoIP provider call rates to call BOTH the member and the public that the member wants to speak to. Access Numbers allow the members to use their preferred phone rates from any phone carrier in any country of their choice - independent of which carrier their phone is actually on and where they are located in the world. Some of the unique features that allows the Access Number Function to offer lower costs and more coverage than others are discussed in this section. By using the Web Dialler to make its calls, Access Number allows Members to define their own call rates by using external phone networks of their choice to make calls from Access Number instead using Net2MAX's built-in call rates. With User Defined Call Rates, calls made by the Access Number Function are always at the LOWEST price possible, since the users can freely mix and match the best call rates from different phone service provider around the world for different call destinations. Besides Net2MAX's own expanding Access Number deployment (see Access Number List), members can also take advantage of each others presence around the world.
Members can easily make Access Number functionality available to other member on any phone lines or phone numbers they own, via the Web PABX Function - either for free or by charging a small connection fee (using Chargeable Call Function). An Access Number network built by the user community is much bigger than any that a single company can built. When a member calls into an Access Number from a phone with a "Verified Origination Number", no further identification (like entry of a PIN) is required.
When a non-member calls into an Access Number and then enter a "Verified Destination Number" of the member, the non-member will be transferred to the member automatically. Besides using Internet Phone (VoIP) as the voice transport internally to save call costs, the Access Number also has the ability to make and receive calls directly with external VoIP networks.
For receiving VoIP calls, members can insert their Verified Destination Numbers into the global e164.name ENUM database.

Beside calling phones on the Internet, Web Dialler also place calls to special numbers in a country (like those phone numbers that start with 1xxx which traditionally IDD calls from overseas cannot dial).
While the Net2MAX Access Number Function is expanding its list of dedicated call back numbers around the world, it will not match the coverage of the other Access Numbers e.g. On-Demand Call Back allows a member to dynamically enable Call Back just for herself when calling into those other Access Numbers. An important advanced feature of On-Demand Call Back is that the member can define a DIFFERENT call back phone number to the phone number that was used to ring into Access Number to initiate the Call Back. Some of cool features that compliments Access Number Function's major advantages above are discussed in this section.
Working with the Fax to Email Function, when set fax detection will be done when a call is first answered and when a sending fax machine is detected, Access Number becomes a fax machine itself to receive the fax in PDF format and then forward to the member's email box. Access Number is a very cheap way for individuals and small organisation to acquire a worldwide fax network instantly. The full power of the Web PABX function is available to any caller into the Access Numbers. For example, the voice prompts you hear in Access Number demonstration below are created by Net2MAX's computer speech engine inside the Web PABX Function.
Callers do not have to use different phone numbers to contact Net2MAX Members' different types of phones.
The member's EXISTING phone number (specified in international dialling format - with country code and area code preceding the phone number) can be used to contact all phones types (Normal Phone, Internet Phone, Web PABX, Fax Machine). For example, when a caller enters 61290112121, he could be connected to a normal phone (plugged into that phone line), an Internet phone (assigned to that phone number), a Fax Machine (to receive a fax on that number) or a Web PABX (for advanced call processing on that number) of the member. Unlike traditional toll-free numbers (which are very expensive and difficult to configure), at any time, the member can use the Instant Command Function to quickly change the "target" phone number for incoming call to the Access Number via the WEB, via SMS, via Instant Message, via email etc.
This is very useful for travellers who are moving around and constantly changing phone numbers. A phone number that’s short and easy to remember is extremely important for both the callers (so they can remember it easily) and yourself (so you can give it out easily). Where possible Net2MAX always attempts to use Short Codes as the National Access Numbers, so to make them easiest to use (e.g. While most people will make use of the National Access Numbers, a single International Access Number for the whole world across all countries can be very useful a world with limit boundaries. The Destination Number 61290112121 we use in this demonstration is based in Sydney Australia.
Although it is not necessary, it is recommended that you read through the Access Number Usage Instructions first before proceeding with the demonstration.
Key Pad Input Text - press 2, then you can press any digits on your phone to see whether they get picked up by the system. 138813 in Australia) are very expensive and restricted, making them out of the reach of most organisations and individuals.
This is particularly important for web-enabled businesses, since their web sites are accessible by people near and far – anywhere around the world.

Customers simply ring 138813 (the Net2MAX Access Number in Australia) and then enter the small business's phone number 61290112121. Net2MAX members can dial into any Access Number worldwide, using any phone, to make calls to any other phones (either normal or Internet phones) in the world. Access Number allows members to bypass those roaming fees with a call back feature worldwide. Once they have verified that they really own those phone numbers, they can use them as origination or destination numbers within the Access Number network worldwide. The Access Number Function trusts that it is the member who is making the call from that Verified Origination Number and the member can then access those online services which normally would require identification. All subsequence costs incurred in the call (like ringing the member's mobile phone) are borne by the member. Any VoIP provider with ENUM support can query the e164.name and all its customers can make calls to the Net2MAX Member's Verified Destination Numbers for free.
For example, entering 611300130118 as the Destination Number inside Access Number from overseas is like someone dialling 1300130118 locally in Australia. When the member calls in with a Verified Origination Number, the normal Access Number will NOT answer the call, but instead calls the member back.
This allow Call Back to set up phone calls between phones that are NOT used to initiate that Call Back.
Members can set up "Fax PABX" feature for their Access Number to allow those Access Numbers to receive fax (in additional to voice calls) on behalf of them.
This feature saves Net2MAX Members time and money in finding and paying for a live human to create voice prompts continuously. They only have to remember one number and the type of destination phone device behind that number is transparent to them. People can just ring them and they’ll be connected through to whatever phone number the traveller selects at any time. A single toll-free number is especially useful for short duration advertisements covering multiple countries on satellite TV or on the Internet.
Access Number will call her back using her preferred phone call provider and make a call out for her to her desired number - again using her a preferred phone call provider.
The Verified Destination Numbers thus functions like global personal toll-free numbers for the member. With this feature, phones that are NOT owned by the member can also benefit from Call Back. The Access Number will then call them back on their phones and ask them to enter the destination phone numbers to call, so they can then enter the real phone number they wanted to call. It’s pretty unlikely all 10 lines will be engaged every second of the day for either incoming or outgoing calls.At best, you might find that only four of those numbers are in use at any given time.

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