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28 Mar. 2015

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One of the many examples that we can give you for cheap Verizon cell phones is the LG Cosmos which is available for a price of merely $29.99 with a 2 year contract from Verizon Wireless.
The phone also comes with a 1.3 mp camera which comes with 3 different resolutions, 2X zoom, noise reduction (which is a feature commonly found on regular digital cameras, not on cell phones),an image editor, an instant uploader so your new photos can be uploaded to Facebook in a matter of seconds and also regular camera features like the adjusting of white balance, brightness, color effects, self timer and even night mode shooting. You will either buy a very good cell phone with a lot of high end technology features but you are going to end up with a contract and plans which are extended on the period of quite a lot years or you are going to end up with a cell phone which is an older model and it is not equipped with so many cool features like these models are.

At first, this may look just like a regular cell phone but it comes with a beautiful sliding QWERTY keyboard which is going to make you fall in love with sending all kinds of messages, whether they are SMSs, MMSs or even e-mails.
The Cosmos is a friendly and elegant cell phone, with a candy bar aspect and a metallic finish. It comes with a lot of features that we all love to see in our cell phones: a micro USB charging port with the possibility to charge the phone when it is connected to your computer via USB, GPS support, voice clarity, shortcut keys for 10 of your cell phone contacts, integrated Bluetooth and even one touch speakerphone.

You can also use the camera to record videos at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240, videos which can be as long as 45 seconds if you want them to fit inside a multimedia message or you can record until the cell phone runs out of storage space.

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