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24 Jun. 2014

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Months later, picking my son up from school, walking with the phone in my hand, my hand brushed up against my leg, knocking the phone from my hand, to the pavement. Thank God I purchase my phones at Best Buy and get the 2 year insurance plan, which allows me to return the phone for full retail value, towards the purchase of a new phone. The only complaint is the when I unlock the phone it takes several seconds for all the home screen icons to appear. I received this phone for free with a 2 year contract, and it's worth exactly as much as I paid for it. From what I can tell, some of these issues can be fixed by purchasing various fixes and workarounds, but I definitely feel that the phone should be able to work on its own without having to pay for more items.
I dread making phone calls because 95% of the time others can't hear me and then my phone all of a sudden just drops the call.
I have no storage anymore for pictures or music and I don't even have enough because this phone stores apps and stuff on it, which should be on the internal. I've had this phone for a bit over 22 months now, so I'm nearing the end of the 2-year contract, and let's just say, I am eagerly anticipating scrapping this fella.

Don't really know how long it was before things went downhill, but believe me, it is very frustrating to use this phone now. I needed a simple phone to replace my much older LG Vortex and the Lucid fit the bill perfectly. The phone landed on the bottom left corner of the phone, not only cracking the glass from the bottom up to where the first cracks were, as well as the bottom remainder of the undamaged glass, the glass actually chipped into small shards, causing a sort of divit in the glass. The phone will restart itself at random, and any text messages I receive during that time are eaten by the void and I never see them. It started out with fair performance (especially for a budget phone); you can't run intensive games, and it stuttered every now and then, but that's to be expected.
The build quality of the phone is decent; I've been carrying this phone naked and despite countless drops from hand or pocket height, it just looks a little beat-up on the back but the screen is completely fine. If all you'll be doing with this phone is super simple stuff like messaging, email, and phone calls, then this is all right (not the best, but it'll certainly get the job done). Sometimes the keyboard just randomly crashes while I'm composing a text message or doing a Google search, and then I just have to put my phone away for usually at least a few minutes before being able to use it again.

The expandable storage is a plus for media consumption, although it's important to note that apps can't be stored on an external SD card, so there's actually pretty limited space on this phone for apps. But if you want to take advantage of everything that smartphones have to offer (all of the above plus games, productivity stuff, maybe connecting to Android Wear or something of that nature), then I would suggest investing a bit more in a different phone that you can actually rely on. It has all the features of the more upscale phones in the LG family as well as comparable performance at a fraction of the cost. I dropped it like twice and on both of the phones the microphone doesn't work, so in order to talk on the phone it has to be on speaker phone, real personal..
I'm not a super heavy phone user, but I'll usually sporadically be responding to texts, reading emails, and reading stuff on Feedly, and, yes, the occasional phone call. I will probably never get another lg phone, which is unfortunate bc they are actually decent, but this left was too terrible of a taste in my mouth.

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