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16 Aug. 2015

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No more wondering about a number that you do not recognize showing up on your spouses or child’s cell phone bill. The telephone number that you dial to call somebody is basically an address, similar to the IP address of a computer or the street address of your home. How Cell-phone Viruses WorkAlthough they can't do much damage at present, in the future cell-phone viruses may be as debilitating as computer viruses. In many European countries, phone numbers are variable in length, ranging from just five or six digits in small towns to ten or more in large cities.In the United States, phone numbers are fixed-length, with a total of 10 digits.

The 3-3-4 scheme, developed by AT&T in 1947, uses three blocks of numbers arranged in two blocks of three and a single block of four digits.
Trust the professionals at Assurance Investigations Group to handle all of your reverse number look up needs. With the arrival of computerized switches, many systems now allow local number portability (LNP). This means that a customer's phone number can be moved to another switch without having to change any part of it, including the prefix, as long as the customer does not move out of the local-rate area.Line number - This is the number assigned at the switch level to the phone line that you are using.

Since the number is assigned to the line and not to the phone itself, you can easily change phones or add more phones to the same line.­Think of the three parts like a street address, where the area code is the city, the prefix is th­e street and the line number is the house.
In addition to country codes, some countries also have city codes that you dial after the country code but before the local number.Learn about area codes on the next page.

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