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23 Oct. 2014

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Microsoft recently published a PDF about Search Engine Optimization called Bing: New Features Relevant to Webmasters. Google has provided SEO advice for a while, both in their help center and in their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, so check those out if you’re interested in hearing the official search engine stance on SEO. Microsoft says that this new way of organizing results provides new long tail opportunities for site owners. They say this helps increase qualified traffic, but some webmasters might think that it helps searchers find the content they want without leaving the SERP at all. Microsoft says that Flash-based sites are responsible for 21% of all empty descriptions in their index. While the document encourages the use of structured data, such as microformats, Microsoft tells me that they aren’t currently using this data for crawling, indexing, or ranking.
Microsoft provides some interesting data about searcher behavior, which they tell me is based on a number of internal studies derived from analysis of their search logs and toolbar logs. They also found that searchers repeated 24% of their queries during a session (which led to the additional of search history in the left column of the search results page).

Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Thanks for this, our clients saw all of the Bing commercials airing this weekend in Orlando and are eager to know how it can benefit them. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Find the right accessories Use the filters or enter the name of your phone in the search box. Google’s document is much more instructive, providing their top guidelines for creating websites that can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.
They suggest determining what entities you most want your site to rank for and then optimizing for the long tail queries within those entities.
For now, Microsoft tells me that you can request evaluation of your data for inclusion using their support forum. For instance, they found that searchers refine their query, bounce back to the search result, or abandon the search 50% of the time. But I applaud Microsoft for understanding things like removing results 6 through 10 and replacing them with categorized results and adding a hover with additional content from the site could impact search traffic and for providing information about these features.
She built Google Webmaster Central and went on to found software and consulting company Nine By Blue and create Blueprint Search Analytics< which she later sold. Thousands of Chicagoans have discovered the best real estate service in Chicago is Dream Town. In some instance, no results other than the best match appear on the page, which Microsoft says their team chooses when they have high confidence in the result and the query volume is high.

For instance, if the site is in Flash and Microsoft has trouble extracting data, they might turn to a third-party source.
Her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, (updated edition, May 2012) provides a foundation for incorporating search strategy into organizations of all levels. Cell phone number of columbia circuit, i track the police and easy to find my own honest opinion that can help you for android users. So, for instance, if you search for [vw beetle], results 6 through 8 are for [volkswagon bettle for sale] and results 9 through 12 are for [used volkswagon beetle]. And they may use local information such as an address or phone number from an external source. Of course, Google has been using incoming anchor text as source data for missing titles for a while, and has continued to evolve its ability to extract Flash data.
The biggest change, of course, would come if Bing brings about Microsoft’s goal of increasing search share.
No word on whether Microsoft is using Adobe’s crawler API or another technology for this extraction.

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