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05 Feb. 2014

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The most comprehensive US area codes and international country calling code lookup on the net.
Zip code finder, zip code radius search, zip code search, With our free zip code finder, you have many ways of finding the information you need. A GlobalWorld International Date Planner contains all the area codes for states as welll as major cities. USA states and Canadian provinces were each asigned a 3 digit code with a 0 as the middle number.
As time passed, many area codes were realigned or split so that each region would be certain to have enough numbers to meet its needs.

Originally, there were 86 area codes, though Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean were not yet a part of NANP.
ATT and the "Baby Bells" used to give a complete area code directory in each of their publications. For a limited time, we are making our full color area code map - yes the same one found in our publications - FREE for download. Area Codes were first established in the early 1940's by AT&T and they were implemented in 1947. This is the body that manages North American telephone numbers on public switched networks in regions where the international country code is i??1i??.

Large Metropolitan areas, such as the New York area, were given numbers with the addition of the numberal 1 in the middle digit. When states realized that cellular companies had been given too many banks of numbers, the ATT publications quit publishing the area code directory.
Her number was the same as the Simpson number except that it was preceded with area code 310.

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