How to stop puppy from biting leash

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I ended up installing a 6-foot metal gate in the doorway of my bathroom to keep her away from the kitty litter.
If your dog is not getting the proper nutrition from his food, he may be more likely to ingest feces because he is looking to instinctively replace those nutrients his body is lacking. When a dog gives birth and is raising her puppies, she will lick them around the anal area to encourage them to poop. Just as stress and poor diet can contribute to a dog eating poop, the availability and high amount of it certainly does not discourage the behavior. I think the most likely reason is that some dogs do not completely digest their food and there is some nutritional value (especially in puppy foods when this is often learned) remaining in the waste product.
You should also make sure that all your worming is up to date to help reduce cross-contamination of parasites. Puppies need puppy food, adult dogs need adult food, senior dogs need senior food, and many dogs have various health conditions or breed requirements that necessitate adding or adjusting types of food.

Sure, no wolf or bear is going to come strolling into your house, so she is perfectly safe with her pups. You will want to start her on medication to treat the infestation right away if she does have worms or parasites. Leaving him alone for the better part of the day could be a reason for his sudden fascination with feces. Dogs may have different reasons for starting this and things that will work in one set of circumstances may not in others. I think you either need to be outside with her or else use a Baskerville muzzle to try to break the habit. It may be that the food, while perfectly satisfactory for most dogs, is not suiting her and it might be worth experimenting with one that produces a smaller, more easily held stool.
Yelling at or punishing your dog for instinctive behavior is likely going to upset her and the puppies, and she may not be able to overcome the drive to lick.

She is fine through the day and I can stop her most times, but she cannot go through the night without toileting in the kitchen. It might also be worth experimenting with feeding times — earlier or later — to see if that helps her to hold out until she can go outside.
Dogs confined to a smaller area, such as an indoor kennel, are less likely to foul the space near their beds, so this might be worth a try.

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